Random thoughts

Random thoughts: Podcasts

I am thinking about making podcasts of my diary. In my opinion a voice can create more feeling. To really feel what it is like from my perspective. Read the words to you, like you are hearing my thoughts.

What do you think?
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9 thoughts on “Random thoughts: Podcasts

  1. Sounds like someone with your voice and your interests would find an audience. I know I’d love to listen. If you make a podcast, please share what your husband feels about what you do. The relationship between you and him is at least as responsible for our interest than your relationship with your bf.

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    1. Thank you for your nice message. And how my husband feels is very important to me. He even offered me to share his side of the story for this diary, but that is going to take some time for him. Since he is not used to writing and English is not our native language. So I need to be a little patient with that. Thanks again for your message.

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