Bob (Hubby/Cuckold/Puppy) · Kevin (Ex Lover)

Chapter 4: I ask my husband if I can meet him

Saturday, our first chat. Sunday, our first erotic chat. I am still blushing. The week continues. Friday is my birthday and I don’t know if I should tell him. First, I don’t like celebrating my birthday and second I don’t want to pressure him in any way to say or do something nice. I will think about it… And decide on the day itself.

It is Friday, I am a step closer to 40. This week has been unreal. It is hard to imagine that we have become closer with this distance between us. I have not seen him in the flesh and have never heard his voice. When his family is asleep, we chat, talking about everything. He is not just amazing because we have the same sexual fantasy. He is also kind, patient and intelligent. He never claims my attention. Just a beautiful person.

“It is my birthday today,” I say.

“Sweetheart, that is great! Congratulations,” he says.

It didn’t feel right to keep it a secret from him. He has a talent for turning the conversation around. First casual and suddenly we start having erotic fantasies on this early morning. Imagining we are in a hotel together, in a warm bath.

His words are hypnotizing me: “you are sitting in front of me, with your back against my chest. I am touching you. My hands gliding over your body. I lift your chin up and let my tongue slide into your mouth. I kiss you, slowly, passionate. Suddenly you feel my fingers on your most sensitive spot. I keep caressing you there. Feeling you… Until you shiver. You open your eyes and look at me, realizing you just had an intense orgasm.”

I turn silent.

“You still there?” he asks.

I haven’t been responding, just reading his words and feeling extremely aroused.

“Yes, I am… Uh” I answer. I don’t have to explain to him what I am doing.

“Continue, sweetheart… I want you, I want you to come…”

I finger myself until I reach my climax. Wow, this is the first time I came during our chats. I type a blushing emoticon to him.

“I just had an intense orgasm.”

“Wish I could see that.”

What an amazing start of my birthday. I thank him.

I am going to the sauna with a friend, so I am not able to use my phone until late in the evening. But he is on my mind the whole time. I can’t help to feel like a very lucky girl. To be able to experience this, with approval of my husband. After my sauna date I see that I have a text from him. It is so sweet, he is thinking about me.

In the evening… A new discovery. We share another sexual fantasy. The moment he mentioned ‘oil’, I lost my mind. I couldn’t take it anymore.

“Really? Are you for real?” I say surprised.

I do watch porn and my most searched videos are the ones with oil, like massage rooms. My imagination is running wild. Him, me, sensual exploring our skin, our bodies with oil. Gliding… Oh my God. I can’t believe it. It is an unfulfilled fantasy I have. My husband doesn’t like oil. He thinks it is disgusting. So that is why I am ecstatic my lover loves to explore this erotic adventure with me. This is no coincidence anymore, there must be a reason why we are chatting with each other now. Have we met in another life? Do we somehow deserve this secret love affair?

With every inch of my body I know it for sure. I want to meet him! I want to know if we connect in real life, if it is the same as the virtual life. To see this beautiful person and maybe have our sexual fantasies come true. It is like he has been waiting for me to say it. He wants to meet me too. He even wants to plan right away. Wow, I love this about him. Not just words, but action. I am used that I am always the one to take the lead in planning things, he handles this situation like I would have done.

I ask my husband if I can meet him.

“Can you show me some pictures of him?” he asks.

I grab my phone and start searching for the best photos of course.

“This is him!” I say.

“OK. If you are going to have sex with another man, he better be good looking. You deserve that!”

I thank him.

He admitted he felt pity for me when I wanted to meet my first bull and was glad the date got cancelled. We couldn’t because I wanted to get sterilized first. Second, his new-found girlfriend wouldn’t allow it. Sex with my first bull was only virtual, but still smoking hot. The downsides? He was very chubby, not so attractive and still a virgin. So now you can understand why my husband felt pity.

Back to the planning. It is going to be a Tuesday or Thursday. My lover still needs to make up an excuse to see me, because he is not working that week. His girlfriend can’t be suspicious. I want a ‘normal’ meeting first. Have a drink and then decide if we want to continue. He agrees. Anyway… I am going to meet him and my husband approved.

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