Bob (Hubby/Cuckold/Puppy) · Kevin (Ex Lover)

Chapter 7: Please come home

I am too late to answer the phone. I check my watch, it is not that late. I promised my husband that I would be home on time. I even set an alarm to not miss my train. I send him a text that everything is all right and that I will finish my date. He is just extremely worried. I understand.

“Please come home,” my husband begs me.

My date looks a bit confused.

“I am sorry, but I really have to go,” I say with a bit disappointed face.

My date looks at me, like he wants more, “I understand.”

I just can’t continue. That wouldn’t be fair to my husband and it is still a first date. I am already happy that we have met each other. We can take it slow this way. No rushing. He puts my bra back on. We kiss… Again… My hand accidentally touching his jeans. I see his body gets a little shock of excitement. I feel that he is hard. I see his desire in his eyes. He wants me to touch him there, but I can’t.

“Let’s save it for another time,” I say.

He looks a bit disappointed but agrees. He asks me for one last thing.

“Put your head on my lap, close your eyes and open your mouth,” he says.

I do as I am told. I feel his lips on my lips, his tongue gliding so erotically into my mouth, finding my tongue. This kiss, I can’t describe it. It all turns black in my head, I am there and I am not there. Now it is even harder to say goodbye.

“Do you want to see me again?” he asks.

“Yes!” I answer with a big smile.

I arrive home. My husband is waiting and shaking a bit.

He sniffs, “you smell like him.”

It is the first time I physically cheated.

“You know that I only called you because I was worried. It is the first date and it could have been a creep. I can’t help you if you are in trouble, you are so dear to me,” he says with a concerned face.

We hug each other. He is curious how my date went, so I tell him. His eyes are turning more and more submissive and I see that he is getting turned on by my story. We kiss each other.

“You taste like him too,” he says.

Strangely enough I don’t feel guilty at all. I do quite the opposite and smile, a sadistic smile. I am such a different person when I am with my husband. I get turned on by humiliating him and he loves it. I allow him to masturbate while I tell him how much I craved for my lover. It doesn’t take long before he reached his climax.

My phone has notifications, it is him, my lover. He is checking up on me. If everything is all right at home. He is worried that I am not allowed to date anymore, because my husband called during our meeting. I ensure him that everything is OK.

“But I did smell like you!” I say with a wink.

“Oh, I will cut down on the aftershave,” he says with a smiling emoticon.

He is pleased to hear that my husband still approves and tells me he had a good time with me. That he wants more and to continue this adventure. I was afraid that he was a bit annoyed. Maybe I was too shy or not kissing the way he likes. I am glad and let him know that I had a great time too.

“Did you feel that? That last kiss?” he asks.

My face turns red and I know exactly what he means.

“Yes… I felt that, it was not from this world…” I say carefully.

“Oh my God! You felt the same,” he says.

I can’t wait to see him again.

I wake up in the morning and decided I want to share my real name with him. I don’t care if he is not going to share his name, but I want him to know mine.

“I want to tell you something, my real name,” I say.

“I think I should confess to you Anne,” he says.

Wait a minute… What? He already knows my name. I feel a bit flabbergasted, but let him explain.

“I really didn’t want to search on Google, but the day before our date… I couldn’t resist anymore. I had to know if you were real. I feel so ashamed, but also relieved to discover that you are very real. My heart stopped beating the minute I found you, you are really gorgeous,” he explains.

I am shocked, but not angry. This means… He knew my name during our first date. I forgive him, because I had the same itch to Google him. It is just that I don’t have enough information.

“Someday… I will tell you too,” he says.

“Whenever you are ready.”

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