Bob (Hubby/Cuckold/Puppy) · Kevin (Ex Lover)

Chapter 8: This is the first time he is going to be alone in a hotel

So, he knows my name. I wonder… What if I didn’t want to share my name? Would he keep his discovery a secret? Anyway, it happened. It doesn’t make me want him less. To be honest, I am intrigued that he found me.

The last time I saw my lover was the day before yesterday. Tonight, I have the option to see him again. At least it depends on him, because he needs to wait for his girlfriend to come home. He can’t leave his kids alone of course. As for me, I am staying at a hotel with my husband for two days. I know for sure my lover lives close to the hotel. At most, a half hour drive.

“Is it really all right with your husband to meet again?” he asks.

“Yes, it really is! So, I hope to see you tonight?” I say.

“OK, I will let you know as soon as possible if I can leave the house.”

“And I will let you know when I finish my workout.”

I am hopeful to meet him again, but then again it is not wise to get my hopes up.

I injured my back during the work out. No, this can’t be, I am thinking. I try to man up, because I don’t want to be the one to suggest a rain check. My husband and I walk back to our car and talk about my date. I ask him again… If it is OK to meet my lover. It is. I immediately check my phone when we arrive at the car.

My lover has text me: “I still don’t know, she is not home yet.”

“OK, I am done with my workout and will take my time to go to the hotel,” I say.

At the hotel I receive another message.

“I am able to meet you!”

“Really!? Wow!”

I ask him to text me a location, because I don’t know where to meet. It is more logical for him to pick a spot, since it is still a mystery to me where he lives. My phone buzzes again, it is a text with the coordinates of a carpool spot.

“Meet you there, in half an hour! I am going to shower really quick,” I say.

While I am taking a shower, my husband is staring at me. He looks like a dog with big eyes, like a dog who is going to be left behind. This is the first time he is going to be alone in a hotel. I should feel pity for him, but I am just smiling at him, while I am washing my body. We switch places, now he is in the shower and I am outside. I grab some clothes quick, a shirt and an oversized sweater. I put my jeans and shoes on and I am ready to go. There is no time to do my hair. I look at my husband one more time. There he is… standing in the corner of the shower with an erection. His submissive eyes meet my eyes. I kiss him goodbye.

“Be a good dog,” I say.

He just barks and let me go.

My God! What am I doing. It must look suspicious, a girl leaving a hotel on her own. I can’t help it to feel excited, even with the thought that my husband is all alone at the hotel. I walk to the car and start up my navigation. It is just a fifteen minutes’ drive form here.

“I will be there in fifteen minutes,” I say.

“OK, I am leaving now, see you soon!”

It feels daring to drive alone in the night, meeting my lover. But I know my unconsciousness loves being a naughty little girl.

Crap wrong turn. This place is complex. Wait, there it is. I drive around the parking spot, looking for him, for the van. I am impressed by his pick, the lot it is not totally deserted. I see his van and start to drive slower. Oh man, do I look OK? I feel insecure. I park next to him and see he is looking at me, smiling… I shyly smile back.

“Well, well, well… You are driving a big car,” he says.

“Yeah, but it is an old one,” I say, trying not to be arrogant.

“Come inside.”

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