Kevin (Ex Lover)

Chapter 9: I want to pleasure him, I want to taste his…

I step into his van and go sit on the passenger’s seat. I observe him. His hair looks wild, he has a stubble beard and a normal shirt. So much more attractive than our first date. He looks more real to me now and far more relaxed.

“This is crazy, right?” he says with a big smile on his face.

“Yes, it is!” I say while I stare into his eyes.

We both giggle about the fact that we are seeing each other again in such short amount of time.

“Shall we go to the backseat?” he asks.

I just smile and say, “yes!”

He brought a blanket and puts it over the front seats. I am impressed that he thought about that. Thinking about the little things, to prevent prying eyes. He is just like me!

His face is coming close to mine. He is going to kiss me. I want him to kiss me! I want to continue where we left off. His lips are gently touching mine. A Shiver goes through my body. His tongue… Oh how I love his tongue entering my mouth. He is such a good kisser. He turns me on. Especially when his tongue licks the corner of my mouth. I can’t help myself and go sit on his lap, kissing him more and more intense. Our hands exploring, wandering underneath our clothes. Both breathing harder. We have never seen each other naked, so the tension is high. We kiss, we undress, kiss again and undress a bit more. I am sitting with my bare chest in front of him. Feeling vulnerable. He is slowly touching my breasts, admiring them, kissing them, licking them. His fingers playing with my nipples.

“You don’t have to be careful, they can handle a firm grip,” I say.

He grabs my breasts a bit harder. He looks dreamy at me and wet his fingers with saliva. What is he going to do? I am thinking. From his mouth to my nipples, he let his fingers glide. I don’t know what is happening to me. This feels so erotic and it makes me so aroused. Nobody ever did that to me. My hips are moving on their own, riding his lap. I still have my panties on, because my period is not over yet. But his hands are not stopping going down between my legs. I am afraid and a bit ashamed.

“Watch out, I still have my period and I am wearing a tampon,” I warn him.

It doesn’t matter to him, he keeps on caressing me there. I fiercely kiss him and take the lead. Kissing his neck, his fine chest… I admire every part of his body. Smell him, taste him, finding my way to his most sensitive part. I want to pleasure him, I want to taste his penis.

“May I give you oral pleasure?” I ask.

He nods and takes off his shorts.

This is the very first time I see him like this. His penis is long and big. I wonder if he is ever going to fit inside of me one day…

I feel insecure. I have no idea what he likes and I feel a bit shy to ask. I start with licking his shaft and explore from there. My hand is softly caressing his balls, but it seems it is too sensitive for him. I move my hand to his shaft and start jerking his penis. I crave to taste his tip. My lips embracing his tip. He tastes so good… I automatically start to suck him. He helps me a bit, pointing out where he wants to be licked, just right under his big tip. I press my tongue against his sensitive spot, harder and harder while my lips are still embracing his tip and sucking him. Feeling his shape with my tongue, he is so delicious. I see he enjoys my oral treatment. This is a sign for me that I am doing good. I pick up the pace and feel his arousal increasing. His body is getting more and more tense, I feel him. He is going to have his orgasm, but there is doubt. He doubts if he can come in my mouth. But I want him to come in my mouth, I want to taste it, his sperm, his lovemaking seeds. He sees I am signing him that it is all right.

“Really?” he says.

It just takes a minute and he explodes inside my mouth. Oh my… I love it. He is still shaking and looks at me. The look in his eyes is saying, I can’t believe what just happened.

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