Bob (Hubby/Cuckold/Puppy) · Kevin (Ex Lover)

Chapter 12: Kevin is shocked about my goodbye message

Kevin is shocked about my goodbye message.

“Let’s talk about it, don’t leave me like this. If you still want to quit after, then you quit, but not like this…” Kevin says.

I am not responding anymore and give my phone to Bob to read everything. I walk away to the bathroom to freshen up for work. I look like hell, saggy small eyes, red nose and cheeks. Is this really the end? I am thinking.

Bob walks into the bathroom and gives me my phone. He looks different.

“If he really cares for you he must call me and talk with me,” Bob says.

I look surprised and don’t have time to respond. He is gone, to the living room. I start typing to Kevin.

“My husband wants you to call him,” I say.

“OK, I will call him, but only if you are present during the conversation,” Kevin says.

I walk up to Bob.

“Kevin says it is OK,” I say.

“Let us talk after work, there is no time anymore now,” Bob says.

I feel a bit hopeful and say to Kevin that he can call Bob after I finish work. He is all right with that.

Working was OK, it must have been the adrenaline rush. With my heart pounding harder than normal, I go back home. Bob still sits behind his computer. OK, this is it. My husband and lover are going to talk to each other. I text Kevin if he is there. He is. He asks if we can chat instead of calling, because he can’t talk private. That’s fine with Bob.

“I am going to give my phone to Bob now,” I say to Kevin. Bob starts the conversation with Kevin.



“My name is Bob and this feels awkward.”

“I can believe that!”

“You can continue meeting my wife, but I have some conditions.”

“OK, Is Anne sitting next to you?”

“Yes, she is. First, Anne tells me everything. She can’t be herself if she is keeping secrets.”

“But I have so much to lose. One letter with proof and my life is over…”

“I would never do that. You can trust me, us. Why would I hurt you like that? Everybody will lose if I would do that. I know this sounds strange, but I get turned on if my wife is having sex with someone else. You do realize that I had to trust you? And trust your judgment that your girlfriend is being loyal to you and both not having a weird disease. I gave you my trust twice already!”

“I understand. I trust you.”

“And you can only date Anne if I approve of it. Can you live with these conditions?”

“Yes, I can.”

“OK, I will give you back to Anne.”

“Thanks for talking with me.”

I just can’t believe the conversation. I read everything, while they talked. I love both even more. How mature the conversation went? I am surprised, especially about Bob. So good with words, without getting too emotional. I hug him and thank him for giving Kevin another chance, giving me another chance even.

“It’s OK, go talk to him again,” Bob says.

He sounds like his steady self again.

“I will make it quick,” I say.

“Hi, it is me… Anne again,” I say to Kevin.

“Hi, have you read everything?” Kevin asks.

“Yes, I have. Let us see it as a lesson learned and forgive each other?”

“Yes, let’s do that.”

“I am sorry for everything and thank you for not giving up on me.”

“It’s OK and let’s be more careful with each other, this is precious.”

“I am going to give attention to my husband now.”

“I understand.”

I can’t believe what an emotional roller coaster today was. A Few hours ago, I thought it was the end for Kevin and me, but now… I feel thankful, blessed and lucky to receive so much love and understanding from both Bob and Kevin. I guess I must be very special to them. In the end it was a good thing they talked, because Kevin was always so worried about Bob. I really believe Bob convinced Kevin to trust him.

To be continued. Follow me to get a notification!



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