Bob (Hubby/Cuckold/Puppy) · Kevin (Ex Lover)

Chapter 13: My first time…

I am glad the three of us have rules now. I thought Kevin might give up on me, but he didn’t. After the emotional roller coaster weekend my desire to meet him is strong. We struggle to find a good spot to meet each other, because Kevin’s holiday is over and he needs to be present at dinner. There is only one solution, to let me drive all the way. I live on the other side of the country and it takes one hour to travel to work and an extra half hour to him. Kevin feels a bit of a burden to let me drive such a distance, just to meet him for a few hours. I tell him that he is worth it and ask if he would do the same in my situation. He agrees and finally comes to terms with it. It is sweet and manly of him that he worries. It also means he doesn’t take me for granted.

I found a parking lot at a big gym. It is perfect. It is a twenty minutes’ drive from his house and he has different options to avoid traffic.

As I arrive I drive a few circles to find a good spot where nobody can interfere. The best option is in the corner of the lot, next to some hills. I park my car and feel pleased. It is a beautiful spot. The hills are green and on top of it are some trees that make the spot very private. The only thing that might get in the way is the temperature. It is quite hot today. I even feel my jeans sticking to my skin. And… It is broad daylight. I feel shy to be naked in front of Kevin.

Kevin is not here yet, so I text him my exact location. I keep watching the rear-view mirror. Still no van. I check again and there he is. My heart starts racing, I am so nervous. He parks next to me and smiles with his sunglasses still on. I lock my car and hop into his van.

“Everything still all right at home?” he asks.

“Yes, it is all OK.”

We talk about work and after some minutes we move to the backseat. He looks a bit neat today, wearing a shirt with a collar. I guess he sees me staring at his clothes.

“I need to look this way, because of a presentation,” he says with a smile.

We both take precautions. He is taking off his shirt to prevent wrinkles and I am bundling my hair. I don’t want his girl to find traces of me in the van.

He kisses me and jokes: “if I have to wait for you to kiss me… I can wait all afternoon!”

Well there is some truth in that, I am thinking. And I am more than happy that he takes the lead and is confident in kissing me.

I don’t think I can get enough of kissing him. The way he explores my whole mouth, the variation he gives me, it is so damn fine and erotic.

“Is this a dream?” he asks me.

“No, it is real!” I tell him.

It is adorable, his trance and mumbling things like that. The kissing gets more intense and wild, the clothes left on our upper bodies are ripped off. My bra is still on. I told him in our last chat that I get turned on if he takes his time undoing my bra. He listened well, because… He is doing it now. Slowly… One bra strap while caressing my shoulder… My arm. Touching my skin so gently. Then the other strap… Finally, the hook. The hook opens, but he is keeping my bra together with one hand. Looking me in the eyes, stroking my back and then… Drops the bra, leaving my bare breasts for his eyes only. He keeps looking at my breasts, making me feel shy but burning with desire. His hands massaging them, enjoying every touch. I follow his hands with my eyes, how he wets his fingers with saliva in front of me while looking at me. Oh my God, is he going to do that again? I crave for this. I watch his fingers spread his saliva on my breasts. I can’t help moaning, feeling totally in his power. His hands are going down… Down to my panties. I stop breathing for a bit, because I have never showed myself like this to him. My vagina in broad day light…

My panties… Are on the floor now. I feel so shy for showing my naked self to him in broad day light. He just gasps. I don’t give him time to look any longer. I sit on his lap again to distract him with a kiss.

“What do you want?” he asks.

It is so sweet that he asks me, but it is hard for me to take the lead. I let a few seconds pass and gather all my courage.

I whisper: “I… I want to melt with you… I want to feel you inside me.”

He looks up and smiles, while his hand is reaching for his pocket. He gives me a condom. To be honest I don’t know how to do it, because I was always on birth control pills with Bob. Indeed ‘was’. I am sterilized now.

I confess that I am not experienced enough to put it on. It is no problem to him. I watch as he puts on the condom on his huge erect penis and gently kiss his neck. I… I… have no idea if he is going to fit inside me. My vagina is very tight, even if I am wet. Even Bob says I have the tightest one from all his girls in the past.

OK, let’s take it slow. I sit on top of him, spreading my lips. Slowly… I lower myself bit… By bit. I feel his penis gliding into my vagina. I look at him and it is like we both feel like we have been struck by lightning. I see his eyes getting bigger, like he is telling me mentally, I can’t believe this is real. I sit still and wrap my arms around him. I need to get used to his size. I am shivering. I kiss him and ask him to be gentle. He nods. With my legs I embrace him. His hands are holding my back. I lean on his strong arms. He pulls his penis almost out, to enter deeply again. Oh my God, what is this feeling? It is so erotic, so sensual. He starts to breath harder, we both are… Picking up the pace, feeling every inch of him, shaping the insides of my vagina… My hands caressing his big chest, fingers gliding as I watch our sweat dripping. His sweat, our sweat… it turns me on. More and more. I can’t believe this. I am so full of lust for him. His eyes… He is about to come. He thrusts one more time and orgasms hard. Eyes rolling to the back of his head. I hold his face with both of my hands and kiss him gently. I feel his body still shaking. Wow, he is so beautiful.

I move myself next to him and need to catch my breath. He is also gasping for air. We just made love…

The windows of the van are condensed. I giggle about it, but he feels so warm that he turns the air conditioning on.

I am lying in his arms now. What a warm feeling. I am glowing. Suddenly his phone rings. It is his girlfriend. He gestures me to be silent. Of course… I am not going to make a sound. Their conversation is very cold. She is asking where he is and then assigns him to do a little grocery on his way home. Why I think it is cold? Well… Bob and I rarely call each other. If we do call, we always say something like, hey sweetheart, bye honey, love you so much, kiss! It is sad that they are not communicating like love birds, more like colleagues raising kids.

We get dressed again and don’t speak of the call.

He looks a bit worried and tells me: “if anything ever happens at home, contact me OK?”

He is still concerned about what happened last weekend. I don’t blame him. He doesn’t know my relationship with Bob. Our fights are very emotional, but when we make up, we really make up and forgive each other with our whole heart.

He looks at me and asks: “do you want to see me again?”

“Yes, I would love that.”

“I don’t have so much time anymore to give to you. My holiday is over,” he warns me.

For now, we say goodbye and we’ll see when we date each other again.

I arrive home and park my car. My thoughts are still with Kevin. I open the door, but Bob is sitting on the door mat, waiting for me. I still feel aroused and long for a good fuck. I grab him and drag him to the bed. He is being a good boy and follows my lead. I kiss him, like an animal. I want to let him taste Kevin. He is shaking, trembling in fear even. Seeing his shivering body unlocks the dominant confident woman in me. No more shy girl. The thought that I just made love to another man drives Bob crazy.

“Go fuck me from behind!” I command him.

He barks and prepares himself for doggy style. I am so wet that it doesn’t take much effort to let him enter me.

“Fuck me! Feel his shape” I moan. “Don’t you want to punish this slut for fucking another man? You are the second today to enter my pussy. How about that?” I say with a sadistic voice.

I keep on taunting him and it works. He pounds me harder and harder. Bob has much stamina. He can fuck me like this as long as he wants. He can even continue after coming. But the thought that Kevin made love to me takes him to his edge. He begs me if he can come inside of me. I let him and can feel his explosion. His sperm keeps on flowing, leaving a massive creampie as he pulls his penis out. Wow, this is unbelievable. My first time fucking two men on the same day… Both totally different, but very lovable in their own way.

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