Kevin (Ex Lover)

Chapter 14: I am very flexible

Two weeks passed since we melted together for the very first time. I have a chance of meeting him tonight.

I hop in my car to pick up a friend from the station, which is an hour drive from my home. If I leave now I am an hour too early. I can cross roads with Kevin and steal a kiss. As soon as I start the engine I get a message that he can meet me. Well, that was a last-minute text. Nonetheless, I am still happy and thrilled. I won’t allow myself to hope, until I know for sure that the date is a fact. Expectations are a guarantee to disappointment.

I see his van at the parking lot. It is a weird place, giving shady vibes. I park next to him and enter his van. We don’t have a lot of time, because his girlfriend is waiting for him at home and my friend at the station. He looks a bit weary. That is because he helped rebuilding at his friend’s place. I smell a lot of deodorant. He used it to mask his sweat from all the rebuilding. I don’t think he smells though.

Well, you have been working out,” I say.

He flexes his arm and we both have a laugh about it. Now he looks at me… Scanning me from head to toe.

He points at my clothes and says, “what is this?”

“Just a shirt…” I say shyly.

I wouldn’t dare to say I dressed up a bit for him and in my opinion, it is not that special. I braided my hair, wearing one of my favorite shirts, a long black skirt with a split on the side and sneakers.

He looks outside, distrusting his surroundings. I promise him that I will look for a better meeting point next time.

“And I want you to park on the side of the passenger seat next time,” he says with a teaching tone.

He thinks it is safer that way. Why didn’t I think about it myself? Enough with the chitchat, we don’t have so much time. I told him yesterday that I would already be happy with just a kiss…

I am instant aroused when his lips are kissing mine. Our tongues are melting with such passion, it is fireworks. Impatiently undressing each other, almost ripping each other’s clothes off. I longed so much for his tongue, his hands on my body, the way he caresses my breasts. He is the only man who can make me weak in the knees when he touches my breasts with his saliva.

“I want to let our bodies melt together,” I say while breathing heavy.

He wants it too and grabs a condom. I want to offer him a bit of variation. I lay down on the backseat and spread my legs with one leg up, resting on his shoulder.

“Is this okay for you?” he asks me.

“Yes, I am very flexible,” I answer.

I look at him full of desire and help his penis slide inside of my vagina. I feel a shiver of lust going through my veins when he splits me open. We are melted together. Oh my God, how I love the look in his eyes. He is totally surrendering himself to me. He starts to thrust in me harder… And harder… His eyes are feasting over my naked body. He comes already. I wasn’t expecting that. Still, I loved to feel him inside of me, physically and mentally.

We change position and sit next to each other now, both out of breath. My head resting on his chest and his arm around me. Together we enjoy the moment without saying anything. Just being, here and now, holding each other.

“Are you addicted?” he says after some minutes.

“Yes! You?” I respond.

“I am afraid to say it,” he says.

I feel tricked. Why did I answer so fast without thinking? I calm myself and convince myself that it doesn’t mean he is not liking me. Maybe it is too early to admit his feelings for me or maybe he is afraid of his feelings. Sigh, I need to stop filling in the blanks and let go.

We talk a little and then say goodbye. It was short, but passionate. This date will give me flashbacks… It is time to pick up my friend.

The next day we chat about our date.

“I want to enjoy you as long as possible,” I text with a blushing emoticon. “Until we can no longer take it.”

“I really have to do my best to delay my orgasm, because… It is so fucking hot and horny with you!”

“It is?”

“I don’t want to compare, but most of the time I can hold on longer, but with you it feels like I lose control and give it to you. Sounds crazy?”

“No, it is not crazy! I see it as a compliment and I do want you to lose control with me…”

Wow, does he really think I am that hot? I am thinking.

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