Bob (Hubby/Cuckold/Puppy) · Kevin (Ex Lover)

Chapter 15: It is the first time I feel annoyed

It has been three weeks since we last saw each other. We had options, but he got ill. He was devastated to cancel on me. Because the meeting point was finally close to my home. Ill is ill, better next time.

Yesterday we were fantasizing about having sex in the back of the van. I told him that I would bring pillows and blankets. But when I arrive, I see that the van is modified. He fixed rails, so we wouldn’t really fit in the back. He told me it would be awkward to his girlfriend if he was suddenly disassembling the rails. I understand, but I can’t help myself feeling disappointed. He could have at least informed me about that, so I wouldn’t feel like an over prepared crazy woman with all her blankets in her arms. I felt like a joke and ashamed. I am not showing my mood, because I don’t want to ruin our date. It is the first time I feel annoyed.

He looks good today though. Did he lose weight? He looks healthy. I am too shy to compliment him. After a chat he kisses my lips softly. I see his look in his eyes changing, from cheerful to eyes with desire. I want more than just a soft kiss and jump on his lap. I answer his kiss with a French kiss. Very passionate and full of fire. He removes my sweater and giggles. He was expecting another layer, but already sees me in my dark red bra. I look at him, quite daring and put his hands on my naked skin. Our tongues are finding each other again. His tongue is so big, so dominant. Feeling his tongue glide in my mouth and dance with my tongue is instant arousal for me. My panties are getting wet.

He sensually removes my bra, looking at my breasts like he is seeing the firm ladies for the first time again. He grabs, licks and plays with my hard nipples. He is making me lose my mind. I remove my panties and let him touch me there. He strokes the mound of my Venus. His fingers are taking a path towards the entrance of my vagina, slowly disappearing inside me… I start riding his hand. I moan and moan, this feels so good. I want more. I want to melt with him.

He puts on a condom and asks me how I want it. I don’t really know, so I ask him if he could come on top of me on the backseat. I try to lay comfortable with my head resting on a pillow. I help him to enter me, but it is not a success. Somehow, we are unable to make the correct angle. And most of all I feel very insecure to be like this, underneath him in broad day light. We give up trying for this position. He goes back to sitting in the middle of the backseat. As for me? I am sitting on top of him now, kissing him. I really want to melt and become one with him. Inch by inch I am letting his penis glide into my vagina. This feeling is so ecstatic. My whole body goes into a little shock when his full size is inside of me. I am captured in his gaze. He grabs my hips to control our rhythm. He moves me faster and faster. I can’t stop moaning. I love his intense look in his eyes. He is looking like he can come anytime, but tries to delay it. I tell him to come and within minutes he explodes inside of me. His body shivering with a loud moan.

I need to catch my breath. He grabs me and takes me into his arms. He cuddles me so sweet and tight. I enjoy it so much. I close my eyes and just listen to his heartbeat.

We talk, but in the heat of the moment we start kissing each other. Again, and again. I whisper in his ear that I want to feel him inside of me… Again. He looks a bit surprised, but grabs another condom. Within a few seconds I am on his lap, but this time I am in a squat position. I want to feel him as deep as possible and want to take the lead now. His eyes are wide open and he looks at me… Full of desire, full of excitement. If only I could read his mind… I am guessing he never felt this before, feeling tightness wrapping his penis fast and strong. I can’t keep up any longer, my legs are getting tired. He notices that I can no longer endure this position. He takes me into his arms and hushes me.

“It is OK, easy there…” He whispers.

He is so sweet… He is never expecting too much and he is always patient with me.

We have a little chat and get dressed. It is time for him to go, his family is waiting. So is my husband. I told Bob to wait for me on his knees at the doorstep, wearing nothing but his dog necklace.

“What a good boy! Come here.” I pet his head. “Go to bed and let me tell you a story…”

Bob lays down on his back, eagerly awaiting my story. I tell him every detail and enjoy his jealous submissive look, his shivering body… It turns me on… I want to sit on top of him, feel his thick penis inside of me. I ride him, slowly, while telling him how much I longed for Kevin. My nails in his chest… It drives him crazy. He grabs my big hips firmly and fucks me hard. I laugh at him. So evil… He can’t take it anymore and fills my pussy up with lots of semen. Giving me a beautiful creampie. I love it! I love it!

We kiss, so romantic… And fall asleep in each other’s arms.

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8 thoughts on “Chapter 15: It is the first time I feel annoyed

      1. Did he explain why he doesn’t want bareback? Does he not trust you? I think the most intimate gift a man can give to his lover is his sperm…

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