Kevin (Ex Lover)

Chapter 17: Of course I know this is date six…

I am so happy that Bob and I are not fighting anymore. I was quite shocked when he didn’t want to speak with me for three days. Three days were only thirty minutes in the end. I haven’t told Kevin about my fight with Bob. It just doesn’t concern him and I know that he would worry too much.

Bob still approves my dates with Kevin.

It has been a month now. It is the longest period between our dates. Kevin finally has an option. His girlfriend and kids are going to sleep somewhere else for a few days. This would have been perfect for a night with him, but he still has a busy agenda. And… I am on my period… I ask him if it is still OK to meet, because of my lady trouble. It is OK. He just wants to see me, even if it would mean just kissing. It is soothing that he is not expecting sex.

We meet close to my work. He doesn’t have to be home for dinner. Which is kind of nice to not drive all the way to him. The parking lot is immense. We have to be very specific in explaining where we are parked. I found him! It feels like my heart is bouncing in my throat. I park next to him, next to his passenger side. Just like he told me to.

I brought my blankets again. I don’t know why… But let me just greet him first.



“I brought my blankets again.”

“Oh, you can put them on the passenger’ seat. Meet you in the back?”


I open the door of the backseats and try to close it, but I am not doing it right. The door stays open. Kevin hovers over me to close the door with some brute power. Him being so close to me, smelling his scent… It drives me crazy.

He tells me about his day. I can see that he is tired.

“You can always cancel on me if you are too tired! It is not wise to be behind the wheel like that.”

“That is so sweet of you, but I really wanted to see you!”

He lifts my chin with one hand and enters my mouth with his tongue. Feeling the magnetic shock going through my body. It feels like a first time experience, every time we kiss.

“Hey,” he smiles shyly.

“Hey you…”

I am melting when he smiles like that. My hunger for him needs to be satisfied. I kiss him fiercely. Our tongues exploring, licking every part of our mouths, tasting… It is so erotic. I am feeling so horny, so aroused. Our hands automatically finding our naked skin, both burning with desire.

We stop kissing and look at each other. I am checking him out. His eyes full of lust, his mouth a bit open, so kissable. His delicious lips, glistening with a bit saliva, so inviting. He removes my shirt. I remove his shirt. We both breathe harder and harder. He takes his time for my bra, unhooks it slowly, but keeps the hook together with his hands. He circles a bit and then drops it. I feel like I am losing it and embrace his body, putting my hands around him, pressing my breasts against his chest. I caress his back with my fingers, sniffing his neck… I feel his hands exploring my body too. This feels so good…

He pushes me back and grabs my breasts, my nipples. Playing with his saliva… He surprises me with a long lick from my belly, between my breasts up to my chin. Oh my God! What a sensation. I feel his erect penis and remove his jeans. I remove my jeans too. I know I always sit on his lap and see that he is expecting that, but I turn my back to him. My back is against his chest now, my buns are on his penis… I see the surprised look in his eyes. He holds me tight while I ride his penis with my butt cheeks. I still have my panties on and I don’t want them off. It is not that I don’t want too. I long to be completely naked in front of him, but it is my period that is withholding me. His hands are massaging my whole body, while he keeps watching my reactions. His fingers stop between my legs. With force, he pushes my legs more open. I got a little bit scared, but allow him to continue.

He wets his fingers and caresses my inner thighs. The way he explores my skin with saliva, feeling his fingers gliding… it is so erotic. I am captured in his gaze, we keep staring at each other. I can’t look anywhere else, he keeps looking me in the eyes. His fingers are coming closer to my clit. His eyes are not losing sight of my facial expressions, my moans. I warn him about my tampon, but he kisses me so sweet and let’s his finger glide towards the entrance of my warm pussy. I guess he just cares about giving me pleasure. I finally let my worried mind go blank, surrendering to him.

I do think of Bob, because… This… This is so wrong. I am sitting here, on top of another man, a man who already has a girlfriend. And… My husband is waiting for me at home. It turns me on even more. I am in a sexual trance, so is Kevin. He feels my body is getting more tense.

“Come sweetheart, you can let go…” he says.

My whole body shivers and shocks when I come in his arms. Wow, what was that? I am thinking.

“Thank you…” I sigh to him.

He just smiles at me.

I want to give him his climax too. Not because he just spoiled me, but because I want to! I need him. I slowly remove his boxers. I admire his beautiful penis. He is still very hard and pulsating with desire. I French kiss him, soft and erotic, while I am caressing his inner thighs. I feel little shocks of pleasure running through his body. It is a sign for me that he likes it. I wet my fingers with saliva and let them stroke his belly, all the way to his inner thighs. I had no idea this feels erotic too, to be at the giving side and not the receiving. Gently I stroke his balls and the shaft of his penis. I kiss and lick his inner thighs, almost reaching his genitals. My tongue is teasing his balls, gliding on his shaft, all the way to his sensitive tip. I stay and keep licking him there. Pointing my tongue, so I can press extra hard, right under his tip. His favorite spot. I can’t resist anymore. I want to feel his tip in my mouth. My warm lips embracing his penis, gently sucking him. I stop after a while and look at him while jerking off, just reading his movements, to see if he is still enjoying… I repeat this, over and over… I am trying something out, something I have never done before. With my mouth I hover over his tip and let some of my saliva drip on his penis. He looks at me… His eyes turning big…

“Wow, you even do that?”

It was a guess and I was right. He loves it. My saliva makes jerking him off more erotic. My hands glide over his shaft, while my lips are wrapped around his tip. I repeat it, again and again. He is in total ecstasy. I love doing this to him. I love our flow of reading each other.

He moans, “You are so hot, so fine… It’s not normal!”

My God, this is sign for me to suck him even harder, faster…

I beg him, “come inside my mouth…”

He explodes inside my mouth, his body shaking… like for minutes…

I wipe my mouth and look at him, quite content. This was super-hot and intense. I let him rest, while I find a place in his arms.

Even Though, we have time, we still get dressed. We need to work tomorrow.

“What is our date count?” he asks with his cutest face.

Of course I know this is date six, but I don’t want to sound like a stalker. I play the game and start counting with him. I want to find out how good his memory is.

He suddenly kisses me. Instant arousal from my side again. I ask him to stop, else I will get to the point I am too aroused to stop…

“Let’s save it for next time, OK?” I say.

He agrees.

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