Bob (Hubby/Cuckold/Puppy) · Kevin (Ex Lover)

Chapter 19: Can I ever go back to being monogamous again?

My husband and I are on a holiday. I am allowed to contact Kevin about it and we might have a date tonight. It depends on Kevin, he needs an excuse to leave home. I will wait patiently until I hear a ‘yes’ or ‘no’. In the meanwhile Bob is not allowed to touch me.

Bob is lying on the bed, staring at me. I am sitting in front of him on a chair, making sensual movements with slow music in the background. I tease him, looking at him with lustful eyes, caressing my skin. It is driving him crazy. My phone buzzes. Bob and I both know it is Kevin. His text will decide how this evening will play out. Will I put my sex boots on and give Bob a special treatment? Or am I driving to the parking lot to have a date with Kevin? It is the latter. I kiss Bob goodbye and allow him to masturbate while I am going out.

Twenty minutes later I am parked next to Kevin’ van. He is like always… Smiling shyly at me. I leave all my stuff in the car so I won’t forget it by accident in the van. Kevin told his girlfriend that he needed to do some grocery and visit someone. I think it is a bit weird, but I guess it worked.

“So… Here we are… in the middle of the week,” he says with a big smile.

He looks so adorable. I can only smile back and say, “it is wonderful to have this lucky moment with you.”

He gives me a passionate kiss. Looks at me and whispers, “within a few minutes you are sitting on top of me…”

I climb on top of him and say with a smile, “shall we make that one minute?” I hold his face in my hands and stare at his eyes.

“Just this… this is-”

“This is not a dream, it is real!”

Our lips connecting, it’s electrifying… Our tongues, dancing erotically. He holds my head and licks the corner of my mouth… His tongue, pressing so hard, so dominant, stroking my sensitive lips. I am so glad that he knows how much I love it. I don’t have to ask, he just knows… His hands wandering, searching for my naked skin. I want to feel him too. I want to hold him, hug him tight, and caress him. I remove his sweater, his shirt and let my fingertips glide over his chest. It makes me hunger for him, to feel his strong torso, his chest hair. He is so manly. He undresses me until he reaches my bra. He stares… At my firm breasts. Taking his time freeing my breasts, making me burn with desire. And then my favorite part… his fingers, fondling my nipples with saliva. Just this… him remembering everything that I love.

He is becoming such a well-trained lover. Sometimes our chemistry terrifies me, because it might be something I can’t live without. To need this sexual adventure as a bonus part in my life. Can I ever go back to being monogamous again? I don’t think so.

His hands are moving down, slowly. His fingertips caressing my inner thighs. Then… Suddenly, he lifts me up. Putting my head in his arm, my back on his lap. I feel small seeing him like this above me. He kisses me while his free hand removes my panties. I am completely naked in his arms now… He starts fingering me, but it is too wild and too rough. I can’t help it, but I am thinking about his girlfriend. Is he rough like that to her pussy?

I whisper to him, “a bit slower…”

He is still doing it too rough. I grab his hand to stop him. I hold his hand and gently move his hand the way I want to be fingered. I don’t want to hurt his feelings, because I can see in his eyes he truly wants to pleasure me. His fingers, slow and sexy, long and deep, inside me. He is a quick learner and I let him finger me on his own. I am totally in his control now and let myself go. I think I can stare for hours at his sensual gaze. My body is getting tenser. He looks at me, like a child on Christmas day. My head is exploding… I am coming in his arms… My whole body shivering and feeling a bit embarrassed. I wish I could hide underneath a blanket now. I feel so exposed. He saw everything…

He kisses me gently. I thank him for giving me such intense orgasm. We hug, but he pushes me in his arm and kisses me fiercely. Is he going to spoil me again? I am thinking. Yes… He is…

His fingers finding the entrance of my warm pussy again. I look at him, full disbelieve. He licks my lips, so slow… So sexy… I am losing it, this is so erotic! The look in my eyes is changing. I am so full of lust, breathing harder. He notices it and licks my lips again.

“You are so damn fine…” he says.

I blush… I can only moan and moan. His fingers in my soaking wet pussy. The sounds… Oh my God!

I think he loves to spoil me, so I totally surrender myself to him. I keep staring at him like a young teenager in love. I can feel it coming… Again… My body shivers… I moan loud… As an orgasm takes over…

“What do you want?” he asks.

“I want to melt with you…” I moan.

“OK, but be careful. Don’t make too much noise,” he says while looking outside.

It seems a car parked next to us. I notice he is a bit distracted and keeps watching the car. He still grabs a condom. I go sit on his lap and let his penis slide into my vagina. Gosh… This feels so good, to feel him deep inside me. We stay like this for a while without moving. I feel him twitching inside me and I tighten my pussy with my muscles. He smiles and says that this is nice too. I smile back, but I notice he is watching the car next to us. It is not working. I feel his penis slipping. We try a different position, but to do that he needs to get hard again. He is ready to go… I am not… My vagina is not wet enough anymore. We give up, since we both can’t concentrate anymore with that car next to us. It was still wonderful to feel him inside of me for a few minutes. And of course those two orgasms he gave me.

“I wish I could have made you come too…” I say with a guilty tone.

“Don’t worry about it.”

“I feel guilty.”

“Well, that is what you get for being slow,” he jokes at me.

Ouch. That wasn’t funny at all. Does he really think I am slow? I am thinking. I try to see it as a real joke, but promise him I will make it up to him next time.

We kiss and say goodbye.

Both texting each other in the evening that we enjoyed it. Good, I was worried.

Bob is still awake… Waiting for me.

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5 thoughts on “Chapter 19: Can I ever go back to being monogamous again?

  1. Your post are so sexy…love cuckold play too. I’d love to be the man waiting for you to return home. The reclaiming is such a hot experience….knowing your lover has been with another man.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I really like the way you share such intimate thoughts and experiences. It is a real skill to be able to write the way you do, honestly and with vulnerability. I was totally with you on the way so many men are too rough. I feel the excitement you are living 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Wow thank you. I didn’t realize my writing is skilled. So that’s a big compliment you gave me. I think it is because of porn… men being rough, because of the unrealistic image porn gives them :(. I find it very difficult to take the lead in a new relationship, but guess I need to if I want the pleasure of it.

      Liked by 1 person

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