Kevin (Ex Lover)

Chapter 18: I wouldn’t mind if he just takes the lead and uses me for his pleasure

I am at our meeting point, waiting. I receive a text from him. He will be fifteen minutes late. I smile. I was expecting that. He is getting predictable. I keep watching the rear-view mirror of my car. No van. I sniff myself, check my teeth, my hair. Everything is fine. I check the rear-view mirror again. Oh! There he is. I don’t know where to look and pretend I am watching my phone. This is so nerve-wrecking. Breathe in… Breathe out… I look up next to me and see a handsome man smiling at me. It is Kevin. I shyly smile back.

I get out of my car. My heart is pounding. I am scared to open his door, but man up and show confidence. We greet each other with a polite kiss on the lips. To feel his lips… Is just… such a great feeling. We ask how we are doing and move to the backseats of the van. I am in the middle of adjusting to my new surroundings, but he suddenly surprises me with an intense French kiss. His powerful tongue sneaked into my mouth. He stops and smiles. I look at him with eyes full of desire and kiss him back. We both missed this, the erotic melting of our tongues.

I might sound like a broken record, but no matter how many times he kisses me, undresses me and treasures my breasts… It is not from this world and a total sexual ecstasy. This a dream world we created. No thoughts about the real world, just us, enjoying the moment and our sexual energy.

I treasure his face with my hands, his beautiful chest, all the way to his inner thighs. I can hear his excitement, he is breathing harder. I slowly unbutton his jeans and feel his hard-pulsating penis. The frequency of my breath is rising too. I keep kissing him while I open his jeans. He takes over and completely removes it. I want to remove my pants too, but wait patiently for him to look up. I want him to see how I strip myself. I feel his eyes feasting on my body. I can barely stand in front of him, having my back a bit curved to not hit the ceiling of the van. He grabs me as soon as I drop my pants. He puts me on his lap with my back towards his chest. I guess he liked it last date, me being on top like this. His strong big hands opening my legs. Slowly caressing my inner thighs while observing my expressions. His fingers reaching his mouth. He wets his fingers with saliva and spreads it close to my vagina. He drives me crazy and he knows it. From my inner thighs to my clit and suddenly… His fingers inside of me. In and out, making me so wet. Wow, fuck! This is so erotic, I am thinking. He keeps on working me. Faster and faster. I surrender myself to him… Feeling my body getting tenser… It is coming. I moan and moan, I let go… A Shiver all through my body, as I orgasm on his hand… on his lap…

I kiss him, thank him. He takes me from his lap and hugs me like a little girl. He hushes me. It is a bit crazy, but it makes me calm. I feel rested.

I still crave for him. He sees the look in my eyes and before we know it… We are kissing like mad again. He asks me what I want. I want to melt with him of course, but it is sweet that he is always asking me first. Though, I wouldn’t mind if he just takes the lead and uses me for his pleasure. He grabs a condom and puts it on. I am going to sit in front of him, faces turned to each other. His penis splitting my lips open, carefully entering… Inch by inch… There it is again, feeling him all through my body, like I am struck by lightning. He feels it too. I just know it. His eyes are showing it. He looks at me as if he has never felt something like this before. I am slowly riding him, moving my hips towards him, so I can get used to his size. I am picking up the pace. He lifts my hips and helps me move. But I can’t keep up with this… He notices it.

I want to suggest another sex position, but I don’t know what. He shows signs of insecurity too. He just doesn’t want to force me. I come up with doggy style, though I feel a bit uncomfortable showing myself like that to him. I do have a firm ass, but there is still a bit cellulite. Maybe it is a turn off for him.

I don’t know what else to do… I should have been more prepared and do some digging for sex positions in a car. Anyway, I don’t want to lose the heat of the moment, so here I am, bending over with my knees on the backseat, offering my pussy to him.

I help him enter me. He moves slowly in and out. I grab his hands and put them on my hips and booty. I want him to pounce me harder. I guess he was waiting for that and I feel him harder and harder, deeper and deeper. I can’t keep my mouth shut and start to moan that I love it.

“This feels so good… Feeling you deep inside of me… So deep…

He is losing his mind and comes inside of me. I feel him exploding, even with a condom. I am a bit surprised and can’t help smiling a bit.

“So… I guess this is super horny for you…” I say with a wink.

He smiles and is catching his breath from his intense orgasm.

We kiss, talk, kiss and get dressed again. He looks less insecure now and tells me stories about his work. I listen patiently, because I think he needs this. I have a feeling that he wants to impress me to make up for his fast orgasm. A real alpha male, I am thinking.

We clean up the car, say goodbye and promise each other to text when we get home. This was nice and I am thankful for my husband to have this adventure.

My sweet Bob is waiting for me at home, asking me if I had a good time. Like always I tell him everything and let him enjoy himself with my help.

“Do you want me to write down the dates for you?” I ask.

“Would you? I would love that very much!”

“Of course, I want you to experience everything through my eyes, like you have been there with me.”

“Thank you. I can’t wait. I want to masturbate on your stories when you are not with me.”

So, there you have it. The start of this diary… happened after date seven.

To be continued. Follow me to get a notification!


5 thoughts on “Chapter 18: I wouldn’t mind if he just takes the lead and uses me for his pleasure

  1. Sounds like you have a great time. When he’s hesitant, try taking the lead and see how he reacts. He might like you being the aggressor and tell him how you feel. I love it when a girl talks dirty to me and he might like that also. Just like your husband likes to hear about you and your Bull, your Bull might like it also.

    If you’re not sure how he feels about it, start slow and watch his reaction. You tell your husband how your lover’s cock feels in you, then tell your lover the same thing. Also, just because he cums doesn’t mean that you have to stop if you’re not satisfied. Use your hand or your mouth to get him going again and the second time he’ll last a lot longer.

    Positions in a car are always tough and depending on the size will sometimes determine the positions. Depending on the weather, let him take you across the hood. The possibility of getting caught is always a turn on.

    If you’re worried about your butt, how about wearing a short skirt and no underwear. That way he can just pull your skirt up and take you. Plus he’ll be thinking about you in that skirt which almost shows everything.

    I love a girl who can be a slut and maybe he will also. If you want to try a little kink, go to a fabric store and pick up some drapery rope. It’s soft and works well to tie your hands. That way you’ll be powerless to stop him from dominating you.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Thank you Larry for all the tips. I am grateful. I do want to take the lead next time. I can’t wait for it, but that will be after a few more chapters since I am a bit behind with the writing vs real-time. I want to talk to him more during sex, guiding him and telling him what I like. My goal is to at least try.

      It is pretty cold in here and fucking on the hood is a no-go. Kevin needs a safe environment, he is very easily distracted and terrified to get busted. I leave the kinky stuff with Bob. Kevin said at the start that he really wasn’t into it. I even tried playing with it a bit, but he finds it weird.

      Great tip for the skirt. I will remember that one!

      Liked by 3 people

      1. You might also consider bringing Kevin home and letting Bob watch if that’s not too big of a step for Bob. One of our best friends is a cuckold couple and the husband loves to hide in the closet and watch his wife get laid. Even when they are at our house, he often watches from the closet or bathroom as it enhances his pleasure. The idea of catching his wife is so exciting for him even though everyone knows. Just be sure Bob is ready to see you and your Bull in real life, that’s a big step.

        Plus the obvious advantage is that you don’t have to fuck in the backseat anymore. 🙂

        Liked by 2 people

      2. That sounds like a dream for Bob and me. Kevin is not into it and doesn’t have the time to come over all the way. I should have been more strict at the beginning of our adventure, because he is not taking any interest in the cuckold lifestyle at all. I let Kevin be Kevin and Bob is pleased with me keeping a diary for him. If… I ever feel the need for a new man I will definitely make sure to find one who knows about the lifestyle and doesn’t find it weird to let Bob participate or watch.

        Liked by 2 people

      3. Either that or find a place for Bob to hide and just tell your suitors that your husband is out of town/working/whatever. This needs to be a two-way street and if you’re having fun then Bob should be able to share in the excitement. For a cuckold, they like to hear about it but watching is much better. You might consider not telling Kevin but putting your cell phone on to record the audio then he can listen in rather than having you tell him about it. Or if you have an iPhone and can prop it up somewhere then he can Facetime you and maybe get to watch a little! We have several cuckold-Hotwife couples and the guys love to watch their wives.

        Liked by 2 people

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