Kevin (Ex Lover)

Chapter 20: Like an animal I remove his jeans…

It is a week before Christmas. I realize it is going to be the last date of the year. I don’t want to interrupt his holidays and my own agenda is also filled with lots of family meetings.

I have a feeling he is going to be late. So, I treat myself with some ice cream and a cup of tea. I rather wait in a cozy cafe nearby, than on a parking lot. There is his text! And yes, he is late. I text him to take his time, because I am doing the same.

I drive to the parking lot, the one close to his home. I see he is already there. He is even standing outside moving stuff around. I can’t see what he is doing, only that he enters his van from the back. Does this mean he is waiting for me in the back? I don’t know what to think.

I park next to him and wave. Seems he climbed his way to the front seats. I step outside and open his front door, but the seat is taken by a kid’s chair.

“Oh, shall I hop in the back?” I say feeling like a goof.

I enter the back and try to close the door myself as hard as I can now. I always failed closing the door. Success! I turn around and there he is already. I am a bit flabbergasted and don’t know what to do. It feels a bit out of place to greet him with a normal kiss now. Kevin is talking about work. He looks so thrilled and happy about a new project. I listen to him, absorbing all his information. It doesn’t feel natural, because it has been four weeks and I rather talk about life… Or engage in hot steamy sex right away.

I am nervous and feel tension in my body. My eyes are turning to his lips. I want to kiss him so bad! I even feel butterflies popping in my stomach, thinking… Fantasizing even about kissing him. He pauses and my body is moving on its own, giving him an unexpected kiss.

Kevin smiles. “What are you thinking? Please shut up and kiss me?”


I smile back and gently kiss him again. Why is touching his lips with mine feeling so magical? I am thinking. He strokes my lips softly with his tongue. My whole body tingles. I am so captured in the moment that I get a little scare when his hand suddenly explores underneath my sweater.

He looks at me. “Want me to stop?”

Who is he kidding, right? “No…”

He takes me into our own little world. Tongues melted, dancing erotically. He lifts me up and puts me on his lap. I love these strong manly actions. I let him watch how I undress myself in front of him. I want to remove my sweater with hands crossed, just like in the movies. It seems harder to do in real life, but I am not giving up. I keep playing the sexy role and not the goofy Anne role. The little striptease did the trick. His eyes are full of desire, like he wants to jump me. He is so wild from the show, that he grabs my breasts right away, finding his way to the hook of my bra. He pulls me closer, looks up at me, holding my unhooked bra tight to raise the tension. I am getting so turned on, he makes me desire him more and more. He drops my bra and dives in between my breasts with his face. I want to feel his naked skin and undress him as fast as I can. His bare chest is absolutely delicious. I grab him and hold him tight, kissing his neck, caressing his back with my hands… He does the exact same thing. I feel like we are in a sexual trance, together… He pushes me back and spoils my breasts, like only he can do with his fingers and saliva.

I want more… Like an animal I remove his jeans and my own jeans. He lifts me up again and puts me on the backseat, while he is sitting in front of me on his knees. This is new, most of the time it is the other way around. He is riding against my legs and feet. I wonder… Does he have a foot fetish? He keeps gazing into my eyes, removing my panties. Wow, I am melting… To see him looking at me like that. His fingers gliding towards my vagina. I am wet already and secretly long to melt with him now. I pull his boxer short down. My God, what a beautiful penis. So hard and twitching at me for attention. I lightly jerk him off while he is fingering my warm pussy. I press his love toy against my breast and let them glide against each other with my saliva. Rubbing his penis with my soft boobs.

His gentleman question. “What do you want?”

“I want to feel you inside me…”

He puts on a condom. I know it is safe that way, but it drives me crazy to not be able to feel him without. To really be connected. Maybe someday. He grabs a pillow from the front seat and puts on the backseat. He lifts me and gently lays me down, with my head on the pillow. I am impressed, he is taking the lead. I spread my legs for him, opening my pussy lips and let him glide inside me. This is so erotic… He is so hot and manly, the way he is on top of me. He is so big and hard inside me. Oh how I love this feeling. I can’t stop myself from moaning and telling him how much I love it.

Looking at his face… Then at his chest and seeing him fucking me for real.

“Oh fuck…!

This is so good!

So horny…

I feel you…

Ohhh Kevin!” I moan.

He is holding out longer than normal. Even changing position, lifting my legs and let them rest in his neck. Holy… he fucks me even deeper now. I am losing my mind, my eyes rolling in the back of my head. This is so delightful! He is so sexy… He keeps staring at me, focused on me. I don’t want to think what he is seeing, because I don’t think I look great now. But I don’t care. I am in such a sexual trance with him. I just let go…

He stops and wants me to turn around, doggy style. Like a good girl I turn around and help him enter my tight pussy. Just one deep thrust and I am instantly in the same sexual trance again. I don’t know what it is, but he is absolutely awesome today. Still holding on. His hands are everywhere… My hips, my breasts, my clit. So wild, so manly. Such a beast. I love it!

“I can’t hold it anymore, I am about to come…” he moans.

“Come! I want to feel it!”

A Few thrusts… An explosion inside me. Feeling his body shiver, hearing him come. Fuck, that’s hot. I let him sit and rest and cuddle him a bit.

“I really need to take a little break, it was such an intense and long orgasm,” he says.

I smile and enjoy resting in his arms. Both silent… Just hearing each other breathe.

He needs like fifteen minutes to come back to earth. It seems it was that intense for him. We chat and during our chat he starts to fantasize. I am fantasizing back, but what is this? He seems to be shy now. Maybe he is too sober now? He hides in my arms. I am melting, he is so cute.

“You don’t have to be shy…” I tell him while I kiss his lips.

He fiercely kisses me back, lifts me up on his lap. His tongue, his lips, what a sensation. We both stop and look at each other. We can’t stop looking… Staring… Gazing… We are both captured… In a magnetic trance. My whole body and mind belong to him now, feeling connected without even kissing each other. What is this? We have such a bizarre chemistry.

His hands are massaging my breasts and I am stroking his inner thighs. He asks me if I can touch him there. I love it when he tells me what to do. I gently jerk him off, but I am hungry for more and ask him if I can have a taste. He just nods. I go down on him and lick his shaft. I enjoy his moans so much, while I am sucking his big penis. I can do this for hours. I feel his penis is losing strength. I look up, a frown on my face.

“It takes too long for you…” he says.

Wait what? I am so surprised and tell him that I certainly will stop if I don’t want to do it anymore. “I enjoy you so much!”

“But what about your knees. They are hurting, right?”

OK, this is not working out anymore. He is totally out of his trance, so I stop. “You worry too much, you are way too sweet!”

We cuddle and have some small talk. Time to get dressed again and go home. Hopefully until next year.

I arrive home and tell Bob all about it. I even tell him about the part where Kevin was worrying so much.

Bob smiles, “it reminds me of someone I know!”

I look back at him and then realize he means me. “You are so right!”

Now I know how it felt for Bob, dealing with a shy and caring person. Kevin is in a stage where I was five years ago… He has so much to learn still.

To be continued. Follow me to get a notification!




7 thoughts on “Chapter 20: Like an animal I remove his jeans…

  1. Very well written story, Anne. I was turned on the entire time your sexy scene played out. Sounds like the sex with Kevin was really good for you. You mention Kevin’s cock size a few times…do you think he is larger than Bob and does Kevin’s size add to your excitement?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you Michael. Kevin is a bit larger than Bob, but Bob’s penis is thick. Feeling Kevin’s full size inside of me definitely adds to my excitement! This date was one of the best we had so far!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Mmmm, this was a sexy response. I enjoy women admitting that a large cock feels good. I wonder if Bob is into the kink known as “small penis teasing”? You may already be aware of it…but it is when our lover teases us about having a small cock and having a desire to experience something more filling. It can be true or just a mind game but it is hot if the guy is into it.

        Liked by 1 person

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