Bob (Hubby/Cuckold/Puppy)

Chapter 21: Worship my boots!

The Christmas holidays are wonderful. One week is about family and one week is just for the two of us. I am loving Bob more and more. I noticed changes in his behavior. He tagged along at a birthday, which he never does. He dressed up for me and he even surprised me picking me up at the gym. I thanked him so many times! I know it is hard for him to go to social events, but having him by my side makes me feel proud, happy and complete.

I want to surprise him with a new outfit and I know exactly what I want. A black corset with a suspender belt and stockings, perfect! Bob will love it for sure.

My sweetheart still doesn’t know about the surprise. I just took a shower and ordered him that he needs to take a shower too. While he is in the shower I put on some sensual music to get me in the mood. Actually… I am already in the mood because of all the secrecy. I turn on all the candles (LED candles) and turn off the other lights. I put his dog leash on the couch bed in the living room. Also, his mouth gag. I rush myself to the mirror and put on some dramatic eye make-up. I know Bob likes a pony tail and the whole mistress look. I look at my reflection. Oh man, I look very strict. I bet he likes it. The water has stopped running in the shower. Shit! He is done already and I am not dressed yet. I run to the bedroom. The corset takes some work with all the buttons and then… attaching the stockings to the suspender belt.

“Honey! Where are you?”

“Stay in the living room! Don’t come here!”

“Oh OK.”

Bob is waiting like the good boy he is, while I struggle with the suspender belt. Finally! I know how to attach it to the stockings. Just my leather boots and I am ready. My boots are black and reach up till my knees. The heels are a bit over 3 inches. Bob absolutely loves my leather boots. OK. Switch on! I am the mistress now.

I walk into the living room. Bob is lying on the couch bed, waiting for me with his dog leash on. He looks surprised and notices my new outfit. He says it is very sexy, but I don’t want to hear about it. I want him on his knees in front of me now. Bob hops off the couch bed right away and kneels in front of me.

“Worship my boots!”

Normally I wouldn’t say this kind of things to him. I am such a different person when I am in the role of a mistress.

Bob is kissing and licking my boots, even caressing them with his cute little paws. His submissive eyes looking up to me, afraid and excited to what comes next.

“That’s enough!” I kick him off me. “Go fetch my whip!”

“Woof!” He runs to my whip and presents it to me. “Woof!”

“Good boy! Go hop on the bed! Turn around. I want to see your freshly washed booty.”

I can’t resist seeing this view. He is so fresh and clean. He is just missing red whip marks. I help him to put his mouth gag on and enjoy the look in his eyes. I know it makes him feel that he is sucking a cock, but it is also to prevent him from screaming too loud. I want to whip him with all my power. My whip for today is a real bullwhip. I have different kinds.

I am standing on the right side of the bed now. This way he can still have a look at me. I want him to have a raging boner all the time. First, I like to scare him. Whipping close to his ass cheeks, let him feel the bed shake. I see him tremble in fear, but I haven’t even started yet. I stand grounded as I take out my first strike… Bull’s eye! Right on his ass! Bob is in pain, trying to scream, but the mouth gag muffles the sound. I laugh so hard and loud. Strike again! The sound the whip is making on his firm ass is so satisfying. It thrills me! I hit him again and again, picking up the pace. My eyes turn bigger and bigger seeing his flesh getting more and more red. I can’t stop laughing in a sadistic way and I won’t stop. Only if Bob makes the gesture, clap with one hand on the mattress.


Bob is in total agony. I don’t feel pity at all. I stop and let him hear how soaking wet my pussy is. I show my fingers going in and out of my pussy.

“Enough! No more break for you!”

I whip him as hard as I can now… As fast as I can! I am not stopping anymore. I feel like a mad crazy woman for hurting him and laugh about it. I love it! Bob is doing his best to endure it, but after ten more strikes he gestures me to stop. He is at his limit. What a sad dog, I am thinking. I pet him and remove his mouth gag. I reward him with a soft kiss. I sit on the bed now and watch my beautiful art work. His ass is so red!

“Wow, it is so beautiful!” I say while I caress him.

With my hands I split his ass cheeks. Bob is whining. It feels so good to be in control, feeling this power rush. Bob doesn’t like it when I fondle his cute little star, but it looks absolutely adorable. Especially with his red ass cheeks spread like this. I can’t resist to lick it. I start with gentle kisses on my red victory stripes. Bob shivers in pain. Slowly I go to his star and point my tongue, licking him. He wants to protest, but knows he has no choice. I do as I please.

I want him to turn around. Bob has a hard time doing that. Turning around with a painful ass is pure torture. Of course, I know that. Bob is turned now. His cock is shining with lots of precum and still rock hard.

“Spread your legs!”

Bob hesitates a bit and looks terrified.


Bob spreads his legs. I press one boot against his balls to punish him. It is like he is almost crying. I let go again. I position myself between his legs. This way he can’t close them when he is in pain. I put his thick cock between my boots and want him to fuck them. Bob is rubbing his erection against the leather… He follows my hands with his eyes, while I stroke my boots. He is coming within minutes. Such a bad dog! My boots are all dirty now.

“Lick it! Clean them!”

Bob does what his mistress commands. Licking all his sperm.

“Imagine you are cleaning up the sperm of someone else…”

Bob whines, but keeps on licking. My boots are clean now. I kiss him and reward him with my tongue. He thanks me and looks so grateful. I take him into my arms like the cute little puppy dog he is. This was very satisfying. With Bob I can feed the little sadistic girl inside of me. I love him and can only practice BDSM because of our long term relationship, unconditional love and complete trust in each other.

I turn back into my sweet self again.







7 thoughts on “Chapter 21: Worship my boots!

  1. The thought of him licking another man’s cum is naughty and so very hot! Maybe you will be able to bring home some of Kevin’s one day for Bob to enjoy ☺️

    Liked by 2 people

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