Bob (Hubby/Cuckold/Puppy)

Special chapter written by Bob

Last week I had a day off. My wife gave me a list of chores to do while she went working. I just finished doing the dishes when I heard the front door. Anne called for me when she opened the front door.

“Bobby, come over here!”

I opened the door from the living room and there she was. She got her beautiful long hair in a knot, very classy and elegant. Wearing a nice dress, showing off her epic curves. Walking on her black high heel boots, she looks absolutely stunning in this outfit and she knows it. Beautiful brown eyes looking at me, usually her look is pretty and sweet, but now it’s severe. Still after all those years we’ve been together, my heart skips a beat when I see her like this.

“Bobby, have you been a good puppy dog today, you finished all your chores?”

I nodded.

Her hand touched my chin and she started kissing my lips, very sensual. I couldn’t resist and kissed her back. I should have known better, before I could regret it, Anne slapped my face three times.

“On your knees! I didn’t ask you to kiss me, did I?”

“No mistress”, I replied.

Anne grabbed my leash from the closet and ordered me: “Put on your leash!” She led me to the living room. “No tea? I expected my tea to be ready…”

I stood up to get her tea as soon as possible. But I didn’t get the chance to get to the kitchen for some tea. A firm kick right into my nuts landed. I fell on the ground.

“Now it’s too late for tea, but maybe it’s not too late for me to educate you how to behave.”

I quivered on the ground, I felt pain going from my nuts to my stomach. She kicks pretty hard with her boots. She knows I have a weak spot for sexy boots. I can’t take my eyes of her. Her wonderful tinted legs are teasing me. Her perfect round ass is nicely hidden by her dress, I could almost catch a glimpse from her sexy lingerie while on my knees for her.

“Strip your clothes and present yourself slave!”

I stripped my clothes and she took my leash and made me stand up. My cock was rock hard and she saw it.

“You like it, to be my puppy, huh?”

I felt humiliated and looked down to the floor. But she was true, I love to be dominated by her. I never met such a sensual, powerful but also lovely woman like my wife. She turned around and moved her perfect round ass towards me, slowly lifting her dress. I couldn’t resist following every move of her dress moving up her beautiful ass. Anne started moving slowly her ass against my cock. I started quivering, I am craving for every touch. I wanted to kiss her, to lick her, but I knew, she didn’t want me to yet, I had to control myself. But I couldn’t control my cock. It was already leaking precum.

Anne continued teasing me. She started rubbing her ass against my cock, my precum leaked on her.

Anne reacted upset, “You dirty animal, leaking on me?”

At the same time, she forced my head to her ass, commanding me: “Gently kiss and clean my ass.”

I was very happy to kiss her, so I didn’t think too much about licking my own precum, but still it felt humiliating. She forced me to bend over on the table in the living room. I got tied onto the table. Couldn’t move any more.

“How do you think you can please me?” Anne asked.

I replied, “Please let me lick you, I’ll do everything to pleasure you.”

“I’d like to unleash my frustration from this day work on you, best way to pleasure me is to take some beating!”

Anne went to our bedroom and came back with a cane and a whip. She started with the cane on my ass. She started slowly and sensual. I started trembling in fear but couldn’t stop thinking how powerful and sexy my wife is. If I wasn’t tied, I would start jerking right away, my boner is pumping precum now. But since I’m tied, I am only allowed to wait for what’s next. Suddenly Anne started to use her cane really hard. Stings of pain on my ass.

I started screaming.

Anne started smiling and replied, “I love to see you whimpering for me, but stop screaming or it will get worse.”

She started caning my ass and my upper legs. Aiming for the same spot, over and over again. I tried everything not to scream, since this is one of my wildest fantasies. So, I thought it was also not appropriate if I didn’t obey to her commands. But at this point I couldn’t control myself anymore and started screaming in agony.

She laughed and whispered in my ear. “OH, poor Bobby… Having a hard time? I will make it a little bit easier for both us, wait up.”

Anne went to our bedroom. I could hear the sound of her heels and it made me quiver again, guess I am a bit traumatized by her sexy heels. She came back with a ball gag for my mouth. I couldn’t breathe through my mouth now. I guess this is quite the same feeling when sucking cock, so I felt even more humiliated. Anne started to stroke my back really sweet, I stopped quivering and tried to breathe normal again. But then suddenly she took the cane and start hitting me with full power. I tried to scream for mercy, but I couldn’t with this gag. My ass started to sting a lot, but I had to take it. But I simply couldn’t take it anymore, so I tried to avoid her cane by moving my ass when I heard the sound of the cane coming. Her reflexes are very good, so she didn’t miss me.

Then she said: “You are trying to avoid my cane? Well… guess I must take my bullwhip then. Try to avoid that one, poor puppy.”

The bullwhip is much longer than the cane and almost impossible to avoid, and of course it causes heavier pain.

She started stroking me with the whip, slowly over my back. Then she whipped a few times on the ground just next to me. I could hear the whip moving before it hit the ground, I felt a bit scared. But I didn’t have much time to be scared, the next hit was right on my ass. Anne started to hit me faster and harder each time she hit me.

It feels very overwhelming when my lovely wife punishes me like this. She looks like a very lovely girl who only takes sweet care about people, but this naughty side is very real and I love it. You can see her self-confidence and power improving by each hit she delivers. She enjoys hurting me, it’s humiliating, but very sexy also. Tears started dropping, I didn’t really know if I was crying or just loving it so much.

Anne dropped her cane and started touching me gently, slowly and lovely, first my back, then my ass. I stopped trembling and felt very safe again, she started to untie me and took my gag off. On my knees I crawled towards her, but then she noticed my tears.

“Poor slave, had a hard time?”

I shook my head and said, “No, it was so perfect and overwhelming I loved it.”

“Well I feel like you did a good job, here is a little reward for you.”

She took me up by my leash and pressed my head towards her perfect round boobs and delicious nipples. I could smell the sweetness from her boobs, it’s amazing, I love it, and she knows it. Anne let the leash go a bit lose so I could worship her wonderful boobs.

While I was kissing her boobs, she was grabbing my balls with her sharp nails. My boner almost exploded now, it has been hard for the whole session already and my balls felt like balloons with too much air in it. All so sensitive now. She started squeezing my balls harder and harder, pinching her nails into my flesh. I searched for eye contact, Anne read the fear in my eyes and I saw she was satisfied.

Then she asked me, “Kneel for me if you want these poor full balls to be released, you want to come for me?”

I nodded shy, because I wanted to pleasure her, not myself, but on the other hand I wanted to come really bad now.

While on my knees, she turned her back to me, she bent over and ordered me to use my tongue for her secret spot. I love to lick her ass, it’s so soft, round and well trained.

Anne continued while I was licking her gently, “put your cock between my boots and fuck them.”

I had so many impulses, her wonderful ass on my tongue, my cock between her sexy legs and boots, my hands touching her sexy tits, I just couldn’t hold it any more. I think I was humping her boots for like 1 minute and then I already came. Much sperm spurted out in heavy shocks on her boots. This orgasm was really heavy.

“Oh baby, thank you so much.” I said.

She smiled and replied, “You’re not done, yet, clean my boots!”

I hesitated for a few seconds since I wasn’t that horny any more after my orgasm. The idea of eating my own sperm also disgusts me and makes me feel ashamed.

But I didn’t get the chance to hesitate as Anne pushed my head towards her boots and asked me “you want me to push your face all over it, or do you start licking?”

This wasn’t a question for me, I would do anything for her, and so I started licking the drops. Actually, I became horny again while licking my own sperm from her sexy booted legs. It felt humiliating and I was ashamed.

When I was done, I looked up to her and Anne said, “Well done Bobby, now it’s time for you to make your tongue more useful.”

“Please, allow me to undress you?” I asked shy like the puppy dog I feel.

“Start with the zipper on my back.” she replied.

Slowly I opened her zipper and removed her dress. I kissed her neck gently while removing her bra too. Kissing her tits slowly and sucking her nipples gently I went to her back. I took down her string slowly while kissing her ass cheeks. Slowly I pushed my wife on the middle of the couch bed. Anne spread her legs for me and I started kissing her legs from her knees to her upper thighs. I started kissing her lips slowly and I could smell her delicious pussy already. I became greedy and moved my tongue already on her clit. Anne corrected me by moving her boots with her heels pinching my neck, slowly moving my head in any position she wanted to. I felt so lucky to lick her delicious pussy, her juices taste and smells legendary.

She began to quiver and enjoy the licking, but then she asked me to take her position, so she could sit on my face. I was very excited, I love it when she rides my faces.

Anne took a cane first and then took place on my face. Moving her clit slowly on my tongue towards her secret spot. Every time my tongue reached her ass, she moaned a bit from pleasure. I started to lick faster, but clearly, she didn’t want me to yet. I received a hit from her cane right into my balls.

“Slowly and gentle, just keep going”, she whispered me.

My cock became rock hard, but she kept caning my balls slowly like the way I had to lick her slowly. Then I felt Anne quiver and squirt into my mouth. I tried to drink as much as I could. She is moaning and squirting her juices are all over me. Anne puts her cane away and puts my hard rock cock in her mouth.

Usually I don’t love the 69 position that much, but now, I wouldn’t love anything else more than this. She grabbed my balls and started sucking my cock. While she was riding my face, she came all over me. At the same time, I came in her mouth. It was the best feeling I ever had, but when I was still thinking about how good it was, Anne moved my cock her pussy. She was riding it know with her back to me. Squeezing my balls with her hands. My cock was exploding again. I came and spurted my last drop deep into her vagina.

I was a bit disappointed I couldn’t hold longer because Anne didn’t come this time yet. But she wasn’t finished yet, she moved her pussy back onto my head and made me clean all of our juices. I don’t like to eat my own cum, but when presented this way, I couldn’t resist it. Her perfect curved body above me, her juices leaking down into my mouth. I could feel her hips moving while she started to ride my face heavier. My tongue could feel her quiver and then she came.

6 thoughts on “Special chapter written by Bob

  1. So much goodness to comment on here. I learned much reading this, but one minor detail I found most important. If you are going to have a dominant/submissive relation with someone, never have carpeting. Otherwise, you never would have heard those heels from the luscious tall boots making their way back to you. Thank you Bob for sharing your perspective of events and being a good boy to your Mistress.


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