Bob (Hubby/Cuckold/Puppy) · Kevin (Ex Lover)

Chapter 22: I was afraid to suggest a hotel

The last time I saw Kevin was a week before Christmas. I wasn’t expecting any contact at all during the holidays. Maybe because I read too many diaries of other mistresses. Who knows? The day before Christmas he texted me and also on New Year’s Eve. I felt flattered and loved. I thanked him for all the wonderful moments he was willing to share with me in 2017. It made him blush. He said the feeling was mutual.

We couldn’t find a moment to date in January and when we finally did, the date got cancelled due to his work. Like you already know. We have a rule to always prioritize our normal life above our dates. In my preface I told you I was afraid to suggest a hotel. Well, I finally did! I had the perfect opportunity…

“Are we still on for tomorrow?” I text him.

“I am not sure about midday. Is the evening working out for you?”

“I could rearrange my agenda, so yes.”

“I heard last-minute that I have an important meeting at 13 o’clock and in the morning I have to go to the garage with my normal car. Meaning… I don’t have the van… Or I have to switch cars.”

I can imagine how Kevin is puzzling to make the date happen. Knowing him he would never suggest a hotel, because he doesn’t want to force me. But I know for certain he is thinking about it! I start typing to suggest the hotel, but then delete it again. I repeat this a few times. I feel shy about it.

Then I finally text: “I was typing something, but deleted it…”

“I think I know what you wanted to say. You were thinking about another option.

Am I right?

No… Never mind me.”

Why is he so insecure about it? I am thinking. “Yes, I wanted to suggest a hotel! There it is, I said it!”

“Oh my God! That is so tempting…”

“I do need to ask permission from Bob though. It would be perfect, since you don’t have to worry about me driving home in the night.”

“Don’t ask him yet, because I don’t know for sure if the evening is an option. I don’t know the plans of my girlfriend.”

“It is really no problem to ask him.”

“No, don’t. Ask him tomorrow, when I know for sure.”

“I can’t do that! That is not fair to him. He is working tomorrow and I don’t want to ask such a thing if he is at work. I don’t want to put him on the spot.”

“OK, you know what’s best. I just want to be careful.”

I tell Bob everything and smile about it. Kevin has no clue I can ask any question to Bob. Bob just has two conditions. One, split the costs. Two, Kevin needs to be sure he can show up. Bob even wants to pay full price if he can watch. Well, the latter I am leaving out for now.

“Bob is OK with it. He just has two conditions. Split costs and you have to be sure you can date.”

“Of course. Those are logical conditions!”

“Just let me know right away tomorrow?”

“I will know in the morning.”

“A Hotel can always be booked last-minute and don’t worry about cancelling on me. I don’t have expectations.”

“Yeah, I am worried about that. I don’t want you to get your hopes up.”

“You are so lucky to have me,” I text him with a wink emoticon.

“Wow, tell me about it!”

“I am lucky too!”

“Lucky together!”

“Glad we talked about this.”

“That is for sure!”

The next day I was distracting myself with chores in the house. I made a deal with myself to not text Kevin until it is 11AM. I wanted to give him a chance, because I think he finds it troublesome to cancel on me.

I was right! Again, he was delaying communication. It was me, who asked him for an update and it was almost noon. He apologized and realized he should have texted me right away. I asked him to do that in the future. That I would be thankful for it. The sooner, the better and the faster I can reset my mind and make other plans for the day. I told him that too. I want him to feel that he can tell me whatever, that I won’t go berserk on him.

So… No hotel for us. Our moment will come one day! I can’t wait for it.

As for Bob. He thinks it is strange that we always meet up in the van.

“If I were Kevin and would be lucky enough to meet a woman like you. I would have find a way to make love to you in a hotel.”

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