Bob (Hubby/Cuckold/Puppy) · Kevin (Ex Lover)

Chapter 23: Why am I not feeling the electricity anymore?

I can’t keep track anymore of the cancelled dates. Today… After 2 months, it seems we are finally going to meet each other. I wished we could have booked a hotel, but Kevin only has a few hours to spare between his meetings at work.

I have the day off, but suddenly an emergency at work happened. Why today? I am thinking. I text Kevin I might be a bit late. After the incident at work, I rush myself and text Kevin my time of arrival. I really need a quick toilet break, because I just recovered from cystitis. So, I need a pit stop and of course a quick check if I look all right.

It is a miracle. I am on time. Kevin was just about to text me. He wanted to clean the van, but… I am here now and I don’t care if his van is tidy or not. I brought two pillows and blankets, because I worry it might be cold. After all, it is winter!

Kevin steps out of the van and gives me a kiss. I am a bit amazed he kisses me in public. It was just a peck, but still… In public. He moves the kids’ chair to the front. I am just staring at him, while I open the doors. He still looks the same, tall and handsome, with a shy laugh.

We enter the van together and talk about work. This time he is also asking me questions. That is sweet. I wondered if he still had interest in me, because it seems he always has the urge to talk about himself. I don’t, I am a listener, an introvert.

He kisses me, but I am not feeling the electricity I am usually feeling. He tastes weird… Is it hot chocolate? I do miss kissing him, I don’t want to stop! Heck, I just want to eat him alive. I feel wilder than I have ever been with him. Is it because it has been two months? I am thinking.

Kevin is staring at me while I sit on his lap. “It is such a shame I am going to undress you, you look so beautiful like this…”

I am wearing a leather look legging. His eyes are following his hands while he is caressing my legs. Hmm, a leather fetish it seems? I am thinking.

He hugs me tight. “Sweetheart, I missed you so much, so much!”

“I missed you too, love.” I hold him, my arms embracing him. Kissing his neck as I whisper, “I want you so much…”

It triggers him, he rips my clothes off. Feeling his big hands on my tiny body makes me feel so aroused. I need him to be undressed too. I want to feel his skin, now! Feeling his warm body against mine is so sensual. He plays with my breasts for a short amount of time, but I want more and unbutton his jeans. He is so hard… I want to jerk him off, but he is pushing my hands away. His hand reaching for my vagina, his other hand also reaching but from behind… Wow, this is such a sensation, feeling his fingers from two sides. I want to let myself go, but I feel ashamed. I have a pimple there and I don’t want him to feel it. So, I ask him to melt with me. He grabs a condom. I hear him breathing hard, it is almost like an animal. Wow, am I being too sober? I never heard it before.

I am squatting before him, helping him to enter me. Holy… He still feels good inside me. I think he has the biggest penis (7 or maybe 8 inches) who has entered me. I always need to get used to his size. I embrace him with my legs, while he makes love to me. He starts lifting my bum more, picking up the pace. I want to feel him harder, so I position myself to the squat again. I can feel him so deep inside of me this way, but… Squatting is so exhausting for my legs. I see the look in his eyes that he loves this position. Seeing me enjoying, having my breasts right in front of his face. Feeling my round ass bouncing on his balls. How I wished I was stronger to keep this up. I offer a different position.

I grab my pillows and make a pile for his head. I want him to lay down. He is doing as told. We are quite clumsy at the start, because having sex in a van… Is not very practical. I climb on top of him and start to ride him. I can see in his eyes he is in an erotic trance.

“You are so beautiful. Just seeing you like this…”

“I enjoy you so much…”

I am too focused on having an orgasm and try to let go. Kevin is doing his best to hold on. I start to feel pity for him. I know, I shouldn’t, but I can’t help it. He noticed it and even mentions it. I feel busted, but it triggers me to let go. Let my mind go blank, not fighting gravity anymore and make an angle so my clit rubs against his body. I am feeling hot and sexy, but Kevin can’t take it anymore. This sight of seeing me like this must have been too much for him.

“It is OK, come inside me. I enjoy every second with you…”

I hold his face as he comes and explodes inside of my warm vagina. I kiss him gently.

I tell him that I am having a hard time to orgasm while penetrating. I am not telling him that I am the one to blame, because in the end I am. I felt ashamed of a stupid pimple. Kevin is such a sweetheart, saying he wants to give me more foreplay next time.

I grab the blankets and we both cuddle on the backseat telling stories about ourselves. This is something we haven’t done before. It felt cozy and like we are being friends in a platonic relationship. Maybe that is why I am not feeling the electricity anymore. Am I used to his presence now? Do I see him as a friend with benefits? I am thinking.

At home I find Bob on our bed masturbating. Seeing him like this is so thrilling. I tell him all about my date while I grab his balls and he jerks himself off. After he comes, I also tell him that it felt different this time. That I am starting to get used to Kevin. Bob agrees and says that dating him is getting normal now…

We are dating for six months now… Is the new relationship energy (NRE) gone? I wonder.

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2 thoughts on “Chapter 23: Why am I not feeling the electricity anymore?

    1. This was the first time I didn’t feel the electricity. It also did get better and better and pfff tell me about it. The hours together are precious. Wish so hard that we had all the time in the world for an evening. So, I could let go and don’t have to think.


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