Eric (Ex Dom)

Chapter 25: A big YES to this new adventure!

Right after my last date with Kevin I received a mail from Eric. Eric read my diary and said he was impressed. He gave me insights into the mind of the ‘cheating man’, to understand what Kevin is going through in chapter 11.

My first impression of Eric was a kind intelligent man who wanted to help me. I thanked him for his words and before we knew it, we were mailing back and forth. At some point, I was hoping to receive a mail from him every day.

I don’t want to go into too much detail of our conversations, but we both shared a lot. There is just one thing… Eric is a Dom (dominant). The thought of me being Sub (submissive) like that? I don’t know… And my very first honest thought was: I don’t think so! Because I am dominant myself and Bob is my little puppy dog. But then again… I am curious… Every male in my life (even the virtual friend I mentioned in my preface) unlocked a different side of me. Maybe Eric is holding the key to a new side?

After ten days of exchanging mails, Eric asked me if I would be willing to do a submissive task. I said yes! Eric never pressured me. He is very loving, caring, intelligent, confident and most important, nonjudgmental. It was me, who said yes. It was me, who fantasized about him. It was me who, masturbated thinking about him. Yes, I masturbated while calling out his name, squirting… Gushing… While coming.

So… A big YES to this new adventure! I trust and believe I am safe with Eric. Bob also approves of the situation and I haven’t told Kevin. Bob believes Eric might be just the person who could help me with my mental problem during sex. And if… I don’t like it at some point, I feel comfortable being honest with Eric and tell him the truth about it.

I won’t post the actual assignment here, but I will share how I experienced it. A part of the assignment was mental. I needed to imagine Eric really being there in front of me, but that was hard for me to do when I don’t know what he looks like. I didn’t want to force Eric into sending a photo. So, I asked if he could describe himself, instead he mailed me a selfie. He is quite a handsome redhead. He looks very manly with his beard and short hair. I felt happy that he trusted me with his photo and it made me decide to respond with a picture of myself. Since I started this diary I have never send a photo of my face to anyone, but with Eric it felt natural to give it to him. Eric thinks I am beautiful. I know I am definitely prettier than the average girl, but it was special to hear it from him.

About the assignment… I needed be alone, but it was difficult to find a moment. Friday was my lucky day! I could not only do my assignment, but I could also see Eric live on Skype in the early morning. Well… Early morning for me, but late evening to him. There is a six hours gap of time zones between us. It was great to see him! I couldn’t hide my smiling face and my giggles… After our chat he wished me luck with the assignment.

I made sure I did my weekly groceries and my chores at home first. I was excited the whole time. I could feel my vagina being moist while pushing the shopping cart, while driving the car, while doing the dishes…

I took a shower to be fresh and clean and I placed a mirror in the living room. This way I could see myself while doing my assignment. I pictured Eric in front of me while standing in my panties. I imagined he kissed me, touched me… I found it hard to guide my mind, but continued to the next step, pinching my nipples. I started mild, but I knew I could handle more. I pinched as hard as I could! After a few minutes everything turned black and I let out a moan. The assignment was fulfilled when I started to moan. As a reward I was allowed to play with myself. I grabbed the camera and recorded myself with a tripod. I fucked my moist little pussy with a 9-inch dildo. Whispering Eric’s name, while thinking of him fucking me, giving me my reward. I squirted! The fluid came gushing out of my pussy. I was still so turned on… I kept masturbating. Again… A large amount of fluid came out of my pussy, like a fountain. I couldn’t believe it. I never squirted two times in a row like that. What an amazing feeling! The feeling of letting everything go.

Later that day I evaluated the assignment with Eric. I even confessed I was disappointed with myself, because I was having trouble with the mental part. I did enjoy rewarding myself and even showed him the video. He was very pleased with it.

BTW… Still no sign of Kevin.

To be continued. Follow me to receive a notification.




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