Eric (Ex Dom) · Kevin (Ex Lover)

Chapter 26: A New assignment from Eric

It is Tuesday. The day of Kevin’s important deadline arrived. In chapter 24 I said I won’t be texting anymore and I still haven’t. I am at home with Bob talking about Kevin.

“If he doesn’t text me within three days… I will confront him! Today is his deadline.”

My phone vibrates, it is Kevin!

“I told you to wait. It is just as you predicted. He is finally done with his deadline and the first thing he does is texting you. Isn’t that sweet of him?”

“I feel relieved!”

“It feels so unnatural to defend Kevin.”

“I can imagine that, but I am happy you did!”

I can’t stop smiling. I tell Kevin I am proud of him. I listen to his stories about work and how he is picking up working out again. He also asks how I am doing, but as soon as I tell him about myself, he is not responding anymore. He must be busy again, I am thinking. I leave it and put my phone away. Still… I feel happy that he texted me as soon as his deadline passed.

In the meanwhile, I received a new assignment from Eric. For this task I need to be alone again. I wait impatiently till Friday, my day off.

It is Friday. I feel a bit disappointed that my period isn’t over yet. So, I take a shower to feel fresh and clean before I start. The positive thing about PMS is that I feel more lustful than usual. OK, let’s begin. Eric wants me to arouse myself without touching. The fastest way for me is to watch porn and put on some erotic music. I search for erotica first, but it doesn’t do the trick. It is too soft. Then a video of an orgy, starring six men and one girl. Yes! This is my mood. My hands automatically want to caress myself. I have enough self-control to not touch my skin. I don’t feel frustrated at all. I find it more troublesome to start the next step. Should I watch until I can’t resist touching anymore or as soon as I am aroused? I am thinking. I decide to choose the latter.

The next phase is to set a timer with an alarm. I need a countdown of two minutes. Last week I used my camera to record myself. It really turned me on. So, I am using it again. I want to feel like Eric is watching me. I remove my panties and follow the instructions Eric mailed me. The position I need to take is on my knees, my forehead on the bed, ass up in the air and palms flat on the bed in front of me. I must remain in this position for two minutes, that’s why I need my mobile to set a timer. I need to close my eyes and imagine I am offering myself to Eric to do as he pleases. I find it easy to present myself like this. The camera is focused on my ass. My hips are moving on their own, trying to lure Eric to grab me. My mind goes to earlier this morning when he told me he would be on top of me and tease me with his penis rubbing on my panties – The alarm of my timer goes off before I know it. My task is finished and I can reward myself now.

I leave the camera on while I am preparing my fairy vibrator with a dildo attachment. I spread my legs and let the toy glide in my moist little pussy. I am thinking about Eric, how he would fuck me to his heart’s content. I start to choke myself with one hand, while fucking myself. I don’t know why I am choking myself. I never did this… I call out Eric’s name. I am grabbing my neck tight, imagining Eric is doing this to me. Within a few seconds an overwhelming orgasm overcomes me.

I stop the camera and check out the result. I feel comfortable with the video of the task and send it to Eric with a summary of what I was thinking and feeling. But… I am doubting to send him the part where I masturbate. I don’t like to see myself from that point of view (camera on top of me) and I think I look fat. I decided to not send it.

I eagerly wait for him to come online. Curious about his response…

To be continued. Follow me to get a notification.



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