Eric (Ex Dom)

Chapter 28: I must be naked in front of the camera

It’s the weekend! And I am on a trip with my friends. The plan is to sleep in a cabin on Saturday night and go back on the next day. I wake up early in the morning on Sunday. Everyone is still asleep. I sneak out of the bed to the living room and log in to Skype on my mobile. I check if Eric is online. He is! He also hoped that I would be online. Eric and I are both surprised, because we didn’t expect to talk to each other this weekend.

We can’t video chat, because the stupid Wi-Fi is not working. The feeling to get busted, would add some more excitement for me and is a bit naughty. I like to be a naughty girl, but you know that already. Eric and I exchange cute pictures of ourselves in pajamas’ and chat. I missed talking to him. He says he missed me too and that I am on his mind all day. I know Bob is still sleeping and then again… Who wakes up at five in the morning when it’s the weekend? I am just happy to have this secret little moment with Eric.

The weekend flew by. I had lots of fun with my friends. For an introvert I impressed myself. Bob is a bit jealous of my trip, but is glad I had fun. I shocked myself, because on Sunday I only thought about texting Bob during lunch. On the positive side, this also means I wasn’t bored. Which I normally am with groups.

It is my day off this Monday, because I switched it with my usual Friday. I make myself comfortable with blankets and fluffies and log into Skype. Eric is online! We can’t talk out loud, because just like Kevin, Eric is ‘seeing’ me in secret. So, we text chat and gaze at each other with the camera of our phones. Looking at Eric and chatting about erotic things makes me tingle all over my body. I love it when I type something funny and he smiles. It feels like we really match well. Eric is wondering if I have enough time for a session to learn about his BDSM positions. I have… He wants to teach me four positions and it seems I learned position two in chapter 26 already. So, I have three more positions to learn.

First, I must be naked in front of the camera. I am still wearing a sweater and my panties. I realize I never been completely naked in front of Eric like this. The crazy thing is… I am not hesitant to strip off my clothes. Here I am, my naked self, ready for Eric to tell me what to do. I can’t help but giggle a bit, sitting naked on my knees in front of the camera. Eric thinks I am hot! Which makes me blush.

Position one is on my knees, with my legs spread and the palm of my hands up resting on my upper legs. Eric corrects me. I have to be proud, showing my breasts and arcing my back more. I gladly take in his feedback and do my best to perfect position one. When he finally approves I must sit like that for a while. It makes me feel small, submissive, but also… Turns me on. Eric calls it the ‘Waiting position’. I can feel my heart pumping harder.

As for position two. I have to show Eric that I remembered the posture. I proudly present myself in the position. He gets to see my back and then the front. I feel confident that I already know something and Eric thinks I did it perfectly. Position three is almost the same as one, but my hands need to be interlocked behind my head. Eric corrects my arms. My elbows need to point sideways and my under arms parallel with the floor. The position might be used in the future to punish my breasts. He says he is hard just looking at me. The last position is like position three, but standing up, with legs spread a bit wider than shoulder width. I felt very comfortable learning these positions with Eric. The four positions are the basics, Eric can modify them the way he wants. As his ‘little one’ I did a great job, but… He still wants to punish me.

He asks me if I have a paddle-like wooden spoon. I have… I almost run to the kitchen and proudly return to my ‘Sir’ with the fetched spoon. He wants me to present the paddle in my mouth in position one and within seconds I am blindly following his orders. It feels erotic and submissive. I eagerly await his next orders. He wants me in position two and to slap my right ass cheek, wait a bit and then my slap my left, repeat it five times. I do as I am told, bending over and slapping myself. I did not expect it to have effect on me, but it does! Giving Eric a full view of my ass getting slapped makes me desire him more and more. He asks me to do it again, but harder this time. Eric wants to see my face after the second round and what he sees are eyes full of hunger for him. I get ordered to touch my breasts in position one, before I move to the last round… With the paddle in position two. I slap myself as hard as I can. I feel something dropping from my ass, which confuses me a bit. It is a part of the paddle! I slapped so hard that it broke. Oh my God! I continue anyway to keep myself in this lustful mood. I am finished now. I grab my phone and show my red ass cheeks in front of the camera to him. He thinks it is hot.

My mind is still in such a sexual trance and my biggest wish is to let Eric fuck me, as rough as he can. It doesn’t matter to me if I am on my period. I just want to rip that tampon out of my pussy and grab a dildo to masturbate. Eric sees the masturbation as a reward and asks me if I want to masturbate on my own or together. I want him to watch me and I want to watch him, but his battery (yes, it is connected) of his phone is dying. We both use the camera of our phone and type on the computer/laptop. We decide to continue anyway. If his phone dies, it dies.

I am naked on the floor now, just in case I might squirt. My dildo is rubbing against my slit. Eric can see everything. My face with eyes full of lust for him, my breasts, my hard nipples and my legs spread wide open. I can just see his face, his expression, but I know he is masturbating too. I fuck myself, plunging the dildo in my pussy, thinking it is Eric. Being this exposed overwhelms me and makes me feel so horny. I want him so much right now. With that thought he stands up and jerks himself off in front of the camera. My God! What is happening to me. I feel like such a slut, moaning his name… I am so close to an orgasm, when I pull out my dildo a bit of fluid escapes, but it is not the fountain of squirt I normally have. I let the dildo enter my pussy and screw myself again and again. I am coming, my body shivers… I look at Eric and see him coming too. Wow! A big load of sperm is on his desk. So fucking hot. I feel relaxed and spoiled. This was so naughty and sexy. We had a lot of ‘first times’ today.

I wish my ‘Sir’ goodnight and he wishes his ‘little one’ a good day.

I am still aroused and play one more time. This time it is my fairy vibrator with the dildo attachment. The orgasm I have is so intense and good. I feel satisfied. A soothing calmness overcomes me, like a soft satin blanket is covering every part of my body. I fall asleep…

To be continued. Follow me to get a notification.

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