Bob (Hubby/Cuckold/Puppy) · Eric (Ex Dom) · Kevin (Ex Lover)

Chapter 29: It is about time we meet in a hotel don’t you think?

I am getting impatient. I want a date with Kevin. I tried to give him some space to text me since last Friday, it is Wednesday now. I hoped he learned something from my confrontation. I feel like I need to take the lead. It is taking too long… I know he has an important presentation, like out of the country one, next week. I fantasize about having sex just before his flight. I text Kevin when he can see me with a suggestion and a wink emoticon to meet before his plane departs. He is blushing, but leaves on Monday. I have to work that day and can’t afford to switch my day off this time. I don’t want to. Bye bye fantasy… Kevin will text me back with an alternative. He is busy with his kids now.

No text back in the evening. The next day I bluntly ask if he checked his agenda yet. He says today (Thursday) is cramped and he needs to babysit the kids Friday afternoon. Friday evening might be an option.

“Friday evening maybe, but that option is not so convenient for you I think.”

“It can be if you come to a hotel and I have to work tomorrow anyway, meaning less traveling.”

“Are you in a hotel tomorrow? Or do you mean you can arrange it.”

“No, I am not, but if you are certain that you are available in the evening, I will make sure to book one.”

“Where? Close to your work or?”

“Close to you, it is easier to travel by train for me this way.”

“Oh my God! This idea is making me feel warm.”

“Same here. It is about time we meet in a hotel don’t you think?”

“Wow… Yes! I am going to check with our agenda at home to make sure I can meet you.”

Seriously! I am glad I feel assertive and confident today. If I haven’t suggested a hotel room he would never ask me, I am thinking. Is he so shy or insecure? And of course, I am booking close to his town. I want all the precious time we can get. I tell him I will check on him tomorrow and book the room when he gives me the green light. You never know what happens during the day.

Bob knows I have been planning a hotel date. I ask him again if he is OK with it, just to be sure. He jokes around, trying to be funny and then approves. I can’t get my hopes up, but what if… Wow! I tell Eric about my optional date with Kevin, because Eric and I planned a video chat Saturday morning. I don’t want my date with Kevin to interrupt a Skype session with Eric. I am taking my toys with me and want to play in front of the camera in the hotel with Eric. Eric thinks I am a very naughty girl, but is not saying ‘No’ to the idea. I am such a slut for wanting to have sex with Kevin in a hotel and have a session with Eric the morning after. I have to cool down and repeat to myself to not get my hopes up.

I want to spend the rest of the evening with Bob. He confessed to me that he likes it when I tell him stories about my sexual fantasies. I let him lay on the bed and sit on top of him, rubbing his penis with my slit. His eyes are big and submissive as he listens to me.

“Are you going to be a good boy tomorrow?”

Bob nods.

“Remember this view of me being on top of you. I want you to save this image of me in your brain. Take it in… Because tomorrow… Kevin will be underneath me and not you. Know that this view is not only for you, but another man is going to enjoy me too.”

Bob collapses a bit hearing my words. Trying to close his eyes and turn his head away. Whimpering “No… No…”.

I grab his face and turn it to me. “Look at me!”

Bob opens his eyes again and sobs a bit.

I laugh. “Good!”

Bob whines like a dog. “Woof… woof…”

“I know you want to fuck me, but you can’t. I can’t afford to have your sperm inside me. Kevin deserves a clean fresh pussy.”

Bob can produce a lot of sperm. If he ejaculates inside of me, I would be feeling semen dripping out of my pussy all day long.

Bob sobs even harder.

“I will allow you to masturbate on me tomorrow… Make the whole room smell like sperm. Think of me having erotic chemistry with Kevin. Think of my face, my moans as I enjoy his big penis thrusting inside of me… His big hands grabbing my little body.”

Bob can’t take it anymore and barks out loud desperately for permission to cum. I let him. I hug him tight and thank him for sharing me with other men. We both fall asleep in each other arms.

It is Friday. I decided to travel a few hours later to work. Which gives me some time to chat with Eric, but it seems Bob is sleeping in too. I cancel on Eric to spend the morning hugging with Bob. Eric understands. Right now, Bob needs special attention, because he might be sleeping alone tonight…

One last hug and an ‘I love you’.

“Have fun tonight sweetheart. If Kevin cancels I will always be here to comfort you.”

Bob leaves for work.

I hop in the shower and make sure my skin is nice and smooth. I pack my toys, my toilet bag with lady stuff and a LED candle light. Yes, I am prepared! To have sex with bright lights on will never work for us. It is better to bring my own light and I think it is romantic. I can’t expect Kevin to do any preparation, except for condoms. So, it is up to me.

Hmm, what to wear? I am thinking. Normally I am casual, wearing jeans with a shirt or sweater. I want to dress up nicely for him. I want to make it special. I find a simple dark gray dress. It is elegant with long sleeves and a turtleneck. The dress ends at the top of my knees and is tight around my body, showing my hourglass shape perfectly. Too bad it is winter, because I don’t like to wear a pantyhose. Guess it is needed. As for shoes I choose my leather black boots with four-inch heels. The boots are up to my knees and make me feel sexy.

I know the date is still not secured yet, but if Kevin cancels now… I think I would be very disappointed. I am at my work now and secretly checking websites for hotels. My phone buzzes, it is Kevin. Everything is still going according plan…

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