Kevin (Ex Lover)

Chapter 30: I feel shady for checking in alone into the hotel

Time passes by. I am getting nervous. Before noon Kevin said everything is still going according plan. It is almost dinner time now. I check on him again, if it is safe for me to travel. His response is positive and makes both of us silent for a few seconds, like we both feel our excitement.

“I will book a hotel.”

“OK,” Kevin says with a blushing emoticon.

I already picked one and only need to confirm with my credit card. I get lucky with a last-minute deal. I want to be upfront to Kevin about it and say to him what price I paid. He knows he must pay half, it is one of Bob’s rules.

“Meet you there. I will text you the room number as soon as possible.”

“Wow… See you soon!”

I message Eric that I booked a hotel. He wants me to enjoy myself.

It is 7PM. I feel shady for checking in alone into the hotel. I try to act like everything is normal, but in the back of my head I know the receptionist can see I booked for two people. I expected that Kevin could come up with the elevator, but the buttons of the floors can only be accessed by hotel keycard. I let Kevin know that I am going to pick him up at a café nearby. I certainly don’t want him to wait in the lobby, since it is small with prying eyes.

The room is way too fancy. It even has a Nespresso machine. There is a huge double bed and a bathtub. I wonder if I should fill it before Kevin is here. I decide not to and just go with the flow. I don’t want him to feel pressured.

I still have some time to eat dinner at one of my favorite restaurants. I look outside. Crap, it is raining cats and dogs. I walk out of the hotel anyway. Good that I am going to meet Kevin at half past eight. It gives me some time to freshen up. I text Bob what I am eating and make sure he eats his dinner too. Those are the last texts I send to my puppy dog.

I am going to spend quite some time in the hotel with Kevin and think that buying some cake is a good idea. Can’t have an erection on an empty stomach, I am thinking.

8PM, I am walking back to the hotel on my high heels and the cake. I receive a text from Kevin, he is already on his way. Oops, it is way sooner than I expected. I text him back to meet at the café within fifteen minutes. That is just enough time for a fast walk to the hotel and freshen up.

Oh my God, oh my God! Is this really happening? My mind is not thinking straight anymore. The hotel fantasy is going to become reality! I check from a distance if Kevin is at the café. He is not. I sneak to the entrance and look inside, but no Kevin. I grab my phone to text him, but a shade of a tall man tells me it is not needed. I look up, it is Kevin! I naturally want to kiss him and I can see in his eyes he wants it too, but we can’t. This is dangerous public territory.

It thrills me to see him again, to see his face and feel his presence. We step in the elevator and stand shyly next to each other. There are other people in the elevator. I guide him to the room… This feels unreal.

He smiles and asks: “so you really wanted to meet in a hotel!?”

“Yes, because I had a feeling you wouldn’t dare to ask me. Quite assertive of me, don’t you think?”

He smiles again and agrees. “Have we ever kissed while standing up?”

“No, we certainly have not!”

Kevin kills the desk light. “Oh! This is too dark.”

“I have a solution!” I proudly present my LED candle light and turn it on.

“Wow! You brought that? No fire needed? It is nice indeed!”

He closes me in and kisses me. I kiss him back and hold him tight against me.

He whispers: “I missed you…”

“I missed you too.”

We keep hugging each other, followed by a kiss and a hug again. He feels bigger. He gained a lot of weight these last months, maybe twenty pounds or so. This is also proof he had no time at all to take care of himself. It does bug me a bit, but hey, the body can always get back in shape again. His cute face, beautiful mind, the chemistry we have… And uh… his penis are way more important.

His tongue is exploring my mouth. Our tongues are erotic dancing together. I feel his hands grabbing my bum, which makes me moan a bit. I can’t stop kissing him. He is like a magnet to me; our lips are drawn to each other. He takes off his shoes. I do the same. He pushes me on the bed and gently kisses me again. Time freezes for me, seeing him on top of me. But… I get back to reality again and remind him to take off his shirt before it gets wrinkled. We both undress until he is only wearing his boxers and I am in my lingerie. Now it is me who pushes him on the bed and sit on top of him. That image of me drives him wild, kissing me more and more intense.

He gently removes my bra and dives with his face between my breasts. My nipples are erect from excitement. He pinches them hard, which makes me collapse on his chest. He asks me how it feels. I confess it makes me feel small. He wants me to repeat saying it again. I think because he thought he was not hearing it correct. I confess the same thing again, a bit louder this time. He responds with a softer approach, caressing my breasts. I lick my fingers and wet them with saliva, rubbing my nipples in front of him. His eyes turn bigger and he rushes his fingers to his mouth to do the same and takes over. I can’t stop moaning, feeling this, is such a sensation.

“You really love breasts, don’t you?” I smile to him.

“Uh, yes… Is it obvious, right?”

I grab his hands and put them on my breasts and help him squeeze them. I leave his hands and start exploring his body, from his chest to his inner thighs. I take off his boxers and see a semi-hard penis. He shaved everything, he always does. I start to jerk him off, I want him hard. I wet my hand with saliva and gently go up and down his shaft. He corrects me, to do it rougher. I am used to Bob, since Bob’s foreskin can’t be pulled back. Kevin is different of course and grabs my hand to pull his foreskin all the way down. I am amazed, his penis looks so delicious this way and is inviting my mouth to get involved. I lick his shaft all the way up to his beautiful pink tip, surrounding it with my lips now and sucking him. He is so hard right now! I feel him pulsating in my mouth.

Kevin suddenly stops me. I want to continue, but he is not letting me. Maybe because he doesn’t want to cum yet? Is it too erotic for him? I am thinking. He pushes me on my back and starts kissing me. He kisses my lips, my breasts, my belly… Oh my God! My mind is exploding. Is he really going down on me? He has never done that… Is he ready to be that intimate with me?

To be continued. Follow me for a notification.

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