Kevin (Ex Lover)

Chapter 31: Kevin opens up more and more

This is real, not a dream. Kevin and I are in a hotel room, both naked on a huge double bed. I am on my back, his face is between my legs, hovering above my vagina. I can feel his warm breath… Is he really going to do what I have been fantasizing about? I keep watching him. He closes his eyes, sticks his tongue out and licks my clit slowly up and down. I can’t believe it, he is really going down on me for the first time. Pushing my legs more open with his hands and lashing his strong tongue between my pussy lips. It makes me shiver, but it also feels like he is a bit inexperienced. I can feel his insecurity. It doesn’t matter, he definitely makes me moan and crave for more.

Kevin’s tongue is slow and ticklish. He changes with his fingers now and then. I like that, and say it to him. This feels so good. I keep grinding his fingers and want him to finger fuck me harder. He can’t keep his eyes of me anymore, as I moan louder and louder. He moves his body on top of me while his hand keeps working my inner lady parts. I am locked into his eyes full of desire. His handsome face… His fingers still ramming my pussy. Harder and harder. I can’t stop moaning, my mouth is wide open. I am completely surrendering to him. I feel my orgasm coming up. Then he changes his hand. I think he got tired. I get out of my bubble and try hard to focus to get back into the zone again. But I fail. I tell him that…

“I am sorry. I was close to an orgasm, but couldn’t handle the change of your hands. Your hand must have felt numb.”

“Oh no… I thought that might happen. I am sorry too.”

He is still hard… And takes the lead. He grabs a pillow, places it under my hips and puts on a condom. With his strong hands he moves my legs up and let them rest on his shoulders. He enters me, inch… By inch. I feel his hard penis filling me up. Slowly gliding in and out of my pussy, staring at each other, feeling connected, melted together. He fucks me as deep as he can. I enjoy his big penis so much… And love his facial expression. We both are in such a sexual trance. Oh my God! He makes my eyes roll in the back of my head. He cumes hard seeing me like that. I feel him exploding inside of me. Even with a condom I can feel his orgasm. Such a sensation!

I let him rest a bit and want him to cover himself with blankets. Now, I can join him. I cuddle up against him and enjoy the moment, both being silent while he catches his breath. I tell him about my weekend with friends. He seemed to forget about it, but his eyes do show honest interest. We talk about socializing as an introvert, how shy he was as a young adolescence, the group effect and how people behave… All psychological which I love as a talking subject. This feels like we are very good friends. OK, with bonus kisses in between. So, friends with benefits. And yes, we ate some cake on the bed.

“There is a bath tub here, right?” he asks.

“Yes! Shall I fill it? Do you have time for it?”

“Only if you want it too…”

“Of course I want it!”

The sound of the tub filling itself on the background arouses both of us. Our tongues are connected again, crazy wild craving for him, feeling tingles in my stomach. Kevin notices my desire and comes on top of me. He asks me what I am hoping for. I grab his hand and place it on my vagina. His fingers gliding inside my moist little pussy. Picking up the pace, faster and harder. He is staring at my eyes… My lips… All his focus is on me… He is keeping up longer this time. I can’t hold it anymore. All kind of feelings go through my body. A bit of shame, but most of all feelings of lust.

“Yes, let yourself go sweetheart. Cum for me…”

His voice and the combination of the look in his eyes have such an effect on me. I let go… Let out a last loud moan! A wave of shivers overcome me as my body shocks into an orgasm.

I kiss him and thank him for pleasuring me. He proudly smiles and grabs a condom.

“What position do you want?”

“I want you to choose, what do you desire most?” I ask.

“OK, bend over… On your knees…”

“Hmm, doggy style?” I wink.

I eagerly bend over and offer myself to him. He pushes his penis inside of me and starts slowly going in and out. I try to keep watching him, because I want to feel connected with his eyes. We take our time to find our rhythm together. It is easy to find his flow… At that exact moment Kevin whispers to me.

“Do you feel me like I feel you?”

Saying that, drives me crazy. “Yes!” I moan.

I bounce my bum faster against him, feeling the need of some hard fucking. Kevin keeps up with me. His hands on my hips while he pounces my tight pussy harder and harder. I can’t stop moaning.

“I feel you! I feel you so good…”

“Sweetheart, I am coming. You are so sexy. I can’t hold on anymore!”

With one last thrust Kevin orgasms. It is a big explosion again and I feel impressed. I can still feel him being hard inside of me. I look at him and smile.

“What is this? You are still hard? Want to continue?”

He giggles shyly, but really needs to get some rest. I tease him a bit with moving my hips, fucking him slowly.

“You are really something… You know that?” he smiles and pulls out.

“Hey, I can always try.”

Instead of cuddling in the bed we go to the bathroom. The bathtub is more than ready. Kevin sits in the tub first. He fills up the whole thing. I climb in and sit in front of him with my back against his chest.

“This is nice…” I say.

“It is…”

Kevin hugs me and kisses me. I turn around and kiss him back. As romantic we both pictured being in a bath together, it is not when the tub is a bit too small. It gets too uncomfortable as time passes.

“Let’s go back to the bed?”

“Yup!” Kevin agrees.

We cover ourselves with blankets again and cuddle up. I decide to tell Kevin a bit more about the cuckold lifestyle, because it is important to me that he gets some knowledge and learn about the dynamics of my marriage with Bob. The second reason is that Kevin is still scared I might end up at his doorstep one day and threaten his family. I want to ensure him that Bob and I are not like that. The more I enlighten him about my relationship with Bob, the bigger his eyes turn. He sits straight on the bed now.

“Seriously, who are you?”

“Are you afraid of me now?”

“It is not that, but wow. I mean… You are pretty advanced with sex. You are a pro.”

“I am only advanced, because Bob and I are always communicating about our needs and desires. Our situation, you and me, is brand new! I am certainly not a pro with you. We still need to discover our sexual desires, this is only the start.”

“Just wow…”

Kevin opens up more and more about the sex between him and his girlfriend. He confesses even, that he had more chemistry with his ex. I try to comfort him. That he should be proud of the family life he created together with her, because that is what they are good at. They excel at raising their kids.

“Good that I am only meeting you once a month, because if we would see each other weekly, something must be really wrong in my relationship,” he says.

“OK, this is going to sound harsh. It doesn’t matter if it is weekly, monthly… You are still cheating on her. That is the truth!”

I start to tell Kevin about Wesley, my first virtual bull, that I also gave this preach to him. But I stop. I see his body shocking and hear something that sounds like crying a bit. Crap, I was too harsh, just when he was opening up to me. I hug him tight and comfort him.

“This wasn’t my intention. I am sorry.”

“It is OK.”

We kiss, cuddle and make up. I am amazed about his progression and think he is an adorable trainable puppy.

Suddenly he remembers to pay for the hotel.

“NO! I forgot to get cash from the ATM!”

Seriously? I am thinking. “You are silly! How could you forget?” I let him being in pain for a while.

“Uh, what to do.”

I had enough fun torturing him. “I am going to get dressed and walk with you to the ATM, OK?”

“Would you really do that?”

“Of course! We don’t want to displease Bob, right?” I say with a wink.

We follow my little plan and really say goodbye to each other. He kisses me… In public! Twice!? I wasn’t expecting that, but let it happen. I just hope for him nobody saw it…

This night was magical and beautiful. It was worth all the assertiveness and preparations.

To be continued. Follow me to get a notification.


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