Bob (Hubby/Cuckold/Puppy) · Eric (Ex Dom) · Kevin (Ex Lover)

Chapter 32: I wish he could fuck my mouth without mercy

It is passed midnight as I walk back to the hotel. I check my phone if Bob is still awake. The last time he was online was around ten o’clock. He must be sleeping. I enter the hotel room and stand there for a while, staring at the bed. Was it real? Was Kevin really here? I am thinking.

I check the bathroom and feel the water in the tub. The temperature is still nice and warm. I decide to take a bath and let what happened the last few hours sink in. I wash my body a bit while bathing. I don’t really want to, because I love having Kevin’s scent all over me. I lick my lips to savor his flavor. I miss his kisses already. I imagine how cruel it must be for Kevin. To make sure there is no trace of me for his girlfriend to find. I always check him out before we say goodbye, plucking my hairs from his clothes and make sure he looks all right.

Eric is online… He is curious about my night with Kevin. I tell him it was very nice and also adorable. I send him some real-time naughty pictures. One of my legs in the tub and one of my used pussy. He thinks it is marvelous and that I am a sexy naughty little hotwife.

My phone buzzes. Kevin notifies me. He is home and thanks me for the wonderful evening. I am glad and proud of him that he texted me first. I apologize to Eric for being absent, because I was giving Kevin attention. Eric mentions that Kevin is doing a good job of keeping connected. I agree. As much as Eric and I want to play with each other, we also know it is healthy to get myself some sleep. We can play in the morning.

I wake up four hours later. I check if Bob is awake yet. He is not. I text him that I am thinking about him. Eric is online and asks me if I brought my fluffy with me. He knows I need something to hug to fall asleep. I left her at home, because I thought Bob would be needing her more. The image of Bob all alone in bed and me in this hotel room, makes me feel down. I worry about Bob, since this situation is a first for both of us. I wish he was with me now, so I could hug him and hold him tight. Feel his soft skin of his back against my chest as I spoon him. I miss sniffing his scent. I want to overwhelm him with kisses in his neck and whisper how much I love and need him.

I confess to Eric that part of me just wants to go home now and the other part wants to play with him. Eric is very sweet and understanding, tells me about consent. He wants me to take my time and that he supports me in whatever decision I would make.

Knowing Bob he wants me to enjoy myself. If something was wrong he would have called me already. He would think that I am being silly and crazy for not using the opportunity to play with Eric the morning after. With that thought I decide to do a session with Eric and just see where it might lead us.

The second I see Eric’s face I feel calm. I show him around, so he can figure out how to make use of the hotel room for my next assignment. I need a wall to attach my dildo to it. I decide to use the one next to the bed, since it is close to an electricity outlet for my laptop, phone and… Vibrator. Eric wants me in position three, with my wrists on my back. I need to be on my knees, dildo in front of my face and the vibrator with the attachment in my pussy. But the vibrator can only be turned on if I have the dildo in my mouth. Eric will be watching me sideways.

Before I start, Eric wants me to show position three in front of the camera, with my hands inter-locked behind my head. I proudly show him my naked body. He thinks I am ‘fucking’ hot. I need to imagine the dildo is Eric’s penis. OK, I think I am ready for this.

I take in a few inches of the whole 9-inch dildo and turn the vibrator on. The thing is pretty big and the taste of silicon is not pleasant, but I want to please my Sir. I feel a bit ashamed of doing this in front of the camera. I am afraid to gag. I ask Sir if it is OK to gag. Sir thinks it is beautiful if I gag and drool. With that being said a switch in my mind turned. I start to get the dildo in my mouth as deep as I can, gagging and such… I feel tears running down my face. I feel small for sucking off Sir’s huge penis. I wish he could grab my head and really force me. I wish he could fuck my mouth without mercy. Sir thinks I am perfect and doing exactly what he wants. I am even allowed to leave the vibrator on. But the vibrator is hardly having effect on me. I can’t enjoy the vibes while being so focused on the dildo. My knees are hurting now and I confess it to my Sir. I also tell Sir that I am not feeling the vibrator. Sir wants me to move myself to the bed…

I am on my back on the bed now, fucking myself with the vibrator and sucking the dildo. Sir is watching me, wants me to focus on being comfortable. I feel far more relaxed on the bed. I check the expressions Sir is making, it turns me on even more. I need to feel more of him, so I ask him if I can switch the vibrator with my dildo. Sir approves. I let the dildo slide into my tight pussy. I don’t care about building up… I just want to roughly fuck my pussy, just like Sir would have done if he was here. I can hear Sir whisper. Oh my God! How I long for hearing his voice, it would have been even more intense. I plunge myself harder and harder with the thought of Sir whispering to me what a slut I am. I can’t stop moaning and saying ‘fuck me’. I cum hard and check if Sir has cum too. I can see he is on the edge of coming and grab the camera and get it close to my face. I open my mouth and lick my lips as if I ask Sir he should cum on my face. Make his ‘little one’ all dirty with all of his sperm. Sir cums too.

Eric thinks it was amazing and said I read his mind about my mouth. We clean up and have an after session. Discussing how it went. I love that about Eric. He takes such good care of me. We say goodbye for now and I will keep him up to date about Bob.

I text Bob again to say that I am going to take a little nap and then make my way home.

I wake up an hour later and see I still have no message of Bob. I text him that I am coming right away, that it wasn’t fun to wake up without him. I do get a ‘good morning’ text from Kevin. That is so adorable.

I am in the train, traveling back. I thank Kevin again for last night. I tell him it was really beautiful for opening up to me. He says the feeling is mutual. Kevin also wonders if I am on my way home already, because it might be too long for Bob. Wow, even Kevin is worried about Bob. I also confess to him that I was having a hard time in the morning, but also that it is healthy. What if I didn’t miss Bob at all? That would have been weird and not good. While I am texting with Kevin I finally receive a text from Bob. I let Kevin know. Kevin assumes the negative possibility, that Bob must be angry for staying away so long. It is the other way around. Bob says that he just slept very long and that he is looking forward to see me soon, with a heart emoticon. Kevin is pleased to know that.

I am home again and Bob is all right. I tell both Kevin and Eric about it. They are happy to know that Bob is still OK with the whole situation.

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