Random thoughts

Random thoughts: Quick update!

I have been silent lately, so sorry dear readers. Between Kevin and I is not a lot of action. We still keep in contact with each other and want to continue dating, but the hotel date was the last date so far. To be honest… My need to talk and play with Eric is growing. It has become stronger than the need to talk to Kevin. I am still happy when Kevin is initiating a conversation with me, but I am not the frustrated me anymore, who wanted more of his attention. I feel secure about Kevin’s feelings for me and Eric is there for me to share my fantasies with. I can talk about anything with Eric. I don’t feel like I need to adjust myself. I love the thing we have going on. I just wish he lived closer.

What about Bob? He is still content with the situation. We just had an amazing holiday together. Was there sex? No, we were practicing our sports. Which we both love very much. I could see the sparkles in his eyes and he held me tight every night, cuddling and telling me how happy he is.

After chapter 32, I kind of lost count of the sessions I had with Eric. I hope I can make some time again soon to write them down. So far, the quick update.

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