Eric (Ex Dom) · Kevin (Ex Lover)

Chapter 33: I gently hit my ass cheeks and enjoy it

I forgot to mention… In the hotel Kevin told me I should never feel like a burden if I want to text him. That was very sweet. I will not take advantage of the situation and spam him. But it is soothing to know that he doesn’t find me annoying. The past weeks I was just waiting for him to text me. From now on, I don’t want to be reactive anymore. If I feel the need to text him, then I will. All the talking between the sheets have really comfort me. My mind is at peace now.

I wish him good luck with the presentation and to have a safe trip. Kevin thanks me and even notifies me during the week that he was successful. He also shows interest and asks how I am doing. I feel very happy to get his attention again. It is not daily, but enough.

It is Friday and you know what that means, a Skype session with Eric. Bob is still sleeping in, so I move myself to the other room. Eric calls it our sex room. Eric is worried that Bob might wake up, but I ensure him that Bob is fine.

Sir needs me to gather a crop, plug, lube, dildo, music and high heels to dance in. Sir tells me that he is going to be very greedy with me this morning/night and it thrills me. I know I have everything except the lube, but I will work with my saliva and moist from my vagina. I start gathering all the items my Sir requested, but can’t find my plug. I even woke up Bob to ask him where it is. I feel disappointed to come back empty handed, but I am lucky. The plug was on the bedside table… As for music I will have some Lana Del Rey on the background. I love her voice. I always find myself in an erotic and romantic mood while listening to her.

I am ready.

Before I lose my outfit, Sir wants to see it. I eagerly show Sir my girly pink shirt and my baby blue lace underwear. Sir says he is hard in an instant. I giggle a bit and free myself of my clothes. OK, our session starts. Sir wants me to be in position one with the crop between my teeth. I do as I am told and present him the crop.

“Good girl,” Sir says.

I have to turn around now, still in position one. Sir will have a view of my long hair, arched back and my big hips and ass. I must slowly stroke my butt cheeks with the crop as a warm up. Sir wants me on my back now with my legs spread. I have to use the crop lightly on my inner thighs and occasionally rub it over my pussy. I keep worrying about the camera, because I want Sir to have a good view of me. He appreciates it, but tells me not to worry. I let go and continue hitting myself with the crop until further instructions. I keep watching Sir and also the view of my own camera. I love how he keeps a focused eye on me, it arouses me.

Sir wants me to hit my pussy very lightly with the crop too. There is no hesitation in my mind and I follow his order like a good girl. Sir rewards me with a compliment that it looks hot seeing me hit my pussy and my thighs.

“How are you feeling?” Sir asks.

I admit I feel very submissive and it feels good. I have to open up my pussy with my fingers and slide a finger up and down my slit and clit. I enjoy this, the feeling of being watched and showing a close-up of my tight pussy to my Sir. I moan a bit and keep on sliding my finger.

“Do you want to continue?”

“Yes please…”

Sir thinks it is amazing and wants me to pinch my nipple with the wetness of my finger. After that I can touch my little pussy again. I don’t feel any pain when I pinch my nipple, but I still do it anyway.

“My mouth is fucking watering,” Sir tells me.

I can see the desire in his eyes. Sir wants me to put the plug in my mouth now and to continue with my fingers down there. It has been a very long time, since I had something in my ass.  I can’t even remember the last time Bob fucked me anal. I do know that it was extremely hot. So, I don’t object to it and I really want to please my Sir.

I have to lube my ass with my pussy juices and spit. I feel ready… I think. I start to ease my little ass with the plug while rubbing my clit. The plug slowly goes in, without any problem. I must continue rubbing my clit. Sir told me so. Oh my God, the plug is in my ass now. It feels good.

“Good girl! Now you are ready.”

Sir instructs me to keep the plug in my ass and wants me in position four, standing up with my hands inter-locked behind my head. I feel so submissive standing up like this. Sir feels very powerful and this is only virtual… Sir makes me blush saying how he craves to lick my nipples, bite them and run his fingers along my pussy, pushing them inside of me.

“Ready to dance for me?”

With no shame I start dancing in front of the camera on my high heels. I know how sexy I must look, because I am confident with moving my body slowly and erotic. Sir watches me for a few minutes and then orders me to get back on the bed again. It is time for me to spank my ass with the crop in position two. Yes… The plug is still inside of me. I gently hit my ass cheeks and enjoy it. Sir wants me to keep going and hit myself five more times. This time the strikes need to be harder. I hit as hard as I can and wiggle my ass a bit everytime the crop leaves my skin. I crave so much for my Sir doing this to me.

“Good girl! Is my little girl ready for her reward? Do you think that tight little pussy can take your dildo with the plug in your ass?”

“Of course!” I say eagerly.

“I want you to fuck yourself nice and hard, just as I would now.”

As fast as I can, I plunge the dildo inside my pussy. It doesn’t take much effort, because I am so wet from playing with my Sir. I am on my back now, camera pointed on my pussy and ass. Sir can still see my face, as I sit a bit up. I need to be fucked! Fucked roughly by my Sir. I feel the plug coming out. I try to push it in again, but I can’t. It seems poop is coming out of my ass. I feel so ashamed and embarrassed, because Sir is still watching me. I start to whimper and cry a bit…

I know it is not erotic to share these details with you (dear reader), but I want to give you the honest story. I want you to know what really happened.

“Are you okay baby?” Sir asks.

I confess what happened to Sir. His response is very sweet and he allows me to clean up.

“I am so sorry, Sir!”

“No apologies. Do you want to continue?”

I am surprised that Sir still wants to play with me. I thought he might be disgusted by me. My shame is completely gone now and I do want to continue. Sir tells me he is still hard. I eagerly grab the dildo again and continue fucking myself. I plunge and I plunge. I moan and let Sir hear the effect he has on me. Sir wants me to tell when I am coming, so he can cum with me. I am so close. I move myself to the floor, because… I know I am going to squirt. I warn Sir. He stands up for me and shows his erect penis in front of the camera. Seeing him jerking off makes me lose my mind and pushes me over the edge. I squirt and cum like crazy, a beautiful fountain of love juices. The whole floor is covered… I watch my laptop and see Sir coming. I love it.

“You made me cum a ridiculous amount! You are mind blowing,” Sir says.

We both clean up the mess and talk about our session. I feel very grateful for Eric. He is so patient and kind. I can’t wait for a real play with him. I have learned a lot this session and that I need to prepare myself better. Sir deserves to have a well prepared Sub. So far, Eric is very proud of me, his little one.

To be continued. Follow me to get a notification!


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