Eric (Ex Dom)

Chapter 34: I bought some new toys

I bought some new toys, nipple clamps and a butt plug with a blue jewel. I also got lube this time. Bob doesn’t want to see or hear about tormenting my nipples, but accepts that I will during my sessions with Eric. Who knows, I might like it. I definitely want to experiment and discover how much pain and intensity my nipples can handle. As for the butt plug, Eric helped me with picking one. I wanted a bigger plug, so it would stay inside of me and not pop out.

It is Friday morning and before I start my chat with Eric, I try to go to the toilet. I have no success though. I want to be prepared this time if we are going to train my little ass. I log in to Skype anyway and feel a spark inside of me when I see that he is online. I show Eric my new toys. He explains to me the clamps are adjustable and can be used on different body parts too. The first thing that comes to my mind is my clitoris…

Almost two hours have passed before I am ready. I feel guilty, because it is very late for Eric now. I check with him if he is still OK with doing a session. He is! I guess he is eager to see the new toys on me.

I strip down and sit with my knees on the bed with my hand palms up, resting on my upper legs. I am pleasing my Sir with position one as he watches my unharmed nipples. Sir instructs me how to use the clamps, one nipple at the time. It feels ticklish. The clamps are connected with a chain. I have to hold it and tug it lightly. I am also allowed to touch myself while teasing my nipples. As I reach down, I am surprised what I feel… My clitoris is all swollen.

Sir says it is good and wants me to remove the first clamp and then the second. Sir checks if I experience the feeling when my nipples are free again and I must confess… It is a sensation! Sir explains the feeling will intensify the longer and the tighter the clamps are attached.

“I want you to wet your nipples with spit… Until they are slippery and then re-apply the clamps. Make sure they are loose.”

I do as I am told. Sir is pleased and allows me to play with my swollen clitoris. But! I have to apply constant pressure on the chain with my other hand.

“When I tell you, you will pull hard on the chain and pull the clamps off.”

For a second I feel afraid, but the overwhelming feeling of excitement totally blocks it.


I pull the clamps off with all my might, with no single doubt in my head. Fuck it hurts! The sting feeling goes from my nipples to my mind and to my toes. I collapse a bit.

“Are you OK baby?”

I am OK. I nod to my Sir. He wants me to show… I proudly show my breasts in front of the camera. Sir instructs me to sooth my nipples while telling me how good and sweet I am. That I did wonderful, which makes me feel like a good little girl.

“Feeling better?”


On to the next toy… My new butt plug. I am grateful for my Sir that he instructs me, telling me step by step what to do. How to apply the lube on the plug and to make my bottom slippery. I need this. It is so relaxing to have someone telling you what to do.

“Can’t wait to see that pretty thing inside you!”

I lay on my back now, closing my eyes, playing with my clit while getting my little ass ready. Teasing my hole feels good. I love to be licked down there, so feeling a metal plug going up and down makes me hungry for more. I push in the plug slowly. I moan while I do. The widest part enters me now… Oh my God, it is in.

“So cute baby! Shining so nicely inside you.”

Sir wants to see me in position two and I can understand why. I point my bum up to the camera and show him the sparkly blue jewel. I confess, it does look better than the other plug. Cute even, like Sir thinks it is. I am craving to be fucked. I am in need of my dildo, but Sir wants to test something first. I have to put my vibrator against my plug and do it from the side. The nipple clamps are also back in the game, but no pulling them off this time. I feel lucky and excited that I have to get my dildo ready too.

“I want you to picture me, fucking you from behind, holding the vibe on the plug.”

What a sensation, part of me wants to go numb and part of me wants to keep everything in check. I wish so hard for my Sir to be here. Then I don’t have to control the toys and can completely let go… Just give myself to my Sir. I ask Sir if I can move myself to the floor, in case I might squirt. I am allowed. My Sir is so kind. I sit on my bum now. One hand holds the vibrator against the plug and the other plunges the dildo in my soaking wet pussy. But I can’t control the toys anymore. The plug pops out and I only keep fucking myself with the dildo. Sir wants me to remove the clamps one by one, while masturbating. I feel like I can let go now. I feel free and my mind is in such an erotic state. The dildo reaching deep into my vagina, while seeing Sir staring at me on my screen. Watching me naked on the cold floor, jerking off on me. I can’t hold it anymore. I feel tears coming down and one second later I am squirting. Moaning from pleasure… From the orgasm.

We both made a mess. The whole floor is wet and Sir’s desk is covered with cum. I would have loved to taste his cum or feeling him exploding inside of me. We both clean up and discuss our session. Which makes me adore Eric even more. When will be the next session, is all I am thinking about.

To be continued. Follow me to get a notification.

2 thoughts on “Chapter 34: I bought some new toys

  1. Congratulations little one, you are really starting to get into being a subbie. Hopefully, Sir will be able to tie you up soon so that you are forced to completely submit and unable to resist having him use the toys on you.

    Good girl!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so much Larry. It is my biggest wish to meet Eric. I never imagined I would become someone’s submissive. I feel in good hands :). He is also very respectful to Bob and our marriage, which is important to me.

      Liked by 1 person

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