Eric (Ex Dom)

Chapter 36: I am frightened for the pain, but I will do it!

After last session with Eric, I decided to buy a smaller dildo. That was before the doctor told me the bleeding is caused by my period. Anyway, it doesn’t hurt to have another dildo. The big one (9 inches) hardly fits my mouth, this one looks perfect (6 to 7 inches). Eric wants to test out the new dildo in our session. I also get to use the nipple clamps. I think I never had so many toys before. The ones I have are for my little Bobby.

My hair needs to be tied for today’s session. I please Eric with putting my hair up in two pigtails in front of the camera. Eric loves it, which makes me happy.

Sir wants me naked with nipple clamps in position one. I must listen to his instructions while being on my knees like a good girl. I playfully strip in front of the camera and put on the clamps. I am curious what Sir is going to make me do today.

“I want you on your back, with your head dangling over the side of the bed.

You will use the new toy in your mouth.

Because in person, I will do this with you…

Pushing my cock into your mouth and throat.

While you do this, you will play with your pussy.”

Sir wants the camera focused on my face. It is a bit of a challenge, but I manage to give my Sir a perfect view. Another challenge is working my mouth with the dildo. I remembered the session I had in the hotel (chapter 32), where Sir told me it was OK to drool or to gag. I find it hard to relax my mouth and my throat. I am used to just suck and be gentle with the penis. I am always protecting my throat with the end of my tongue. As soon as I put the dildo deep in my throat I start to gag, which I am afraid of. But I do it anyway to please my Sir. Sir wants me to imagine he is pushing his cock in my mouth and wants me to relax. I can’t get used to the dildo. I dislike the taste of silicon… I rather taste Sir’s real penis. Scent and taste can drive me crazy, not to mention the taste of precum. Right now, I feel like a troubled girl with running eyes and gagging like a newbie.

Sir asks me if I want to continue or if I want the next thing. I guess he saw me struggling. I should have asked Sir to continue, because my mouth and throat could definitely use more training. But I chicken out and ask Sir for the next thing.

I need to spread my legs for my new dildo. I turn around and open my pussy for Sir. I must keep my mouth open while pushing the toy inside me. Sir wants me to remove the first nipple clamp, keep my mouth open and fuck myself with the dildo, imagining it is Sir fucking me. Yikes! Removing the nipple clamp hurts so much. And now… I follow Sir’s instruction to remove the second nipple clamp. I must put my fingers in my mouth at the same time. I am frightened for the pain, but I will do it! Ouch… So much pain.

“Put your fingers in your mouth…

You need to keep it open.

Two fingers… Fuck that mouth!

My little slut needs to learn how to satisfy two men.

To let us use her holes.

Fill her up.

Teaching my little one what she is meant for.

How she can best be used…

Our little fucktoy!”

Reading Sir’s words drive me wild. I can hardly keep it together. I have to squeeze my legs to not orgasm, but Sir notices it! Sir commands me to keep my legs open. I try my best to keep them open and really have to focus my mind to not come a second time.

The next thing Sir wants is for me to work the big dildo. Sir wants me to push it inside and then present it to him in position two. My ass pointed up in the air, my pussy filled with the dildo and my back arched. I sway my hips to please my Sir.

“Such a naughty little slut!

Cock hanging from her hungry pussy.

Now, just using your right hand…

Spank that ass for me.

Nice and hard.

Spank that naughty little ass.

The slut that couldn’t keep her legs apart.”

I spank my ass hard. I know I deserve this punishment. I haven’t been a good girl. I just hope Sir will reward me in the end.


Now, show me your face…

Keep the dildo in.

Are you my naughty little slut?”

“Yes Sir.”

“Are you ready to cum for me?”

I nod. I am happy. I get comfortable and work my pussy with the big dildo. It doesn’t take long before I cum. I edged so long… I squirt as I orgasm, while watching Sir cum. My eyes rolling in the back of my head, feeling warm all over my body. I am amazed. Amazed that Sir can get me to squirt every time. Squirting was rare for me and now it seems a fact every session with my Sir. It is proof he can get to me mentally. I only squirt when my whole body and mind are into it. Can I live without this? Without being Sir’s Sub? I don’t know… I don’t think so…

To be continued. Follow me to receive a notification!

7 thoughts on “Chapter 36: I am frightened for the pain, but I will do it!

  1. I like the fuck doll theme being played out there. As a man that enjoys cuckolding (a more dominant than submissive cuckold), it is interesting to see how frequently Doms tap into the multiple male partner fantasy.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Be careful with the giant dildos and make sure you’re wet enough and relaxed to take it. A 7 or 8 inch one is good as it’s larger than most guys and will fill you up and stretch you out without being too large. But there’s the visual of being stuffed full that’s such a turn on. 🙂

    If you don’t like the taste of silicone try putting a rubber on it to change the taste. You’re probably like my wife when she has something in her throat it should taste like dick!

    Liked by 1 person

      1. It’s just if you like the taste of a rubber better than the taste of your dildo. How about an old-fashioned plastic vibrator? That might be a little more neutral taste. Make sure you use it on yourself before sticking it in your mouth. That way it should taste more like you than plastic. Plus then you can fantasize about cleaning it up after being stuck in you or one of your girlfriends.

        Maybe Sir can make you fuck one of your “girlfriends” with it before cleaning it up. That to me is how vivid your imagination is to picture pulling it out of some slut’s hole and then sucking it clean! Or pretending that Sir just fucked you or one of your other girlfriends with his big cock before making you degrade yourself and cleaning up his dirty cock (the messy toy).

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Ah! I understand. I wish I had a girlfriend, or a girl that I am attracted to. If Sir only lived closer… Thank you again for your advice. I need more mental training for sure and think it is all my head still. If Sir wants me to suck it, I should suck it.

        Liked by 1 person

  3. Certainly, if he orders you to suck his cock then you have to do what he tells you. Your duty is to satisfy him and if it’s on your knees getting your tonsils poked out, then that’s your place.

    Liked by 1 person

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