Eric (Ex Dom)

Chapter 37: Why am I following his orders blindly?

Oh my God! Eric found his webcam. Today is going to be our seventh session and he is going to see me on full screen. Up until now Eric watched me on his mobile. So I bet you can understand that I am quite nervous. I am totally prepared. I went to the toilet and have all my toys nearby and ready for Eric to use.

For today Sir wants me to gather my plug, nipple clamps, the crop, the wooden spoon and a dildo of my choice. Sir also tells me that he is going to be greedy with me today, since it is the first time he sees me on full screen.

Sir instructs me to strip down my clothes and get naked into position one. I feel like Sir is keeping me longer in this position. Longer than Sir normally would. Sir is also stricter! I must be more controlled, not moving my head and hold my body steady. I am exposed and that is what Sir wants me to imagine. To be exposed, ready for him to consume every part of my body with his eyes. I don’t know if I could hold myself together if I need to do this for real in the future. I already feel nervous and shy in front of the camera. But I do trust my Sir. I trust that I am in good hands.

“Show me position three,” Sir commands me.

I move my hands from my upper legs to the back of my head and interlock my fingers. Sir says my tits are beautiful and vulnerable. Vulnerable to be touched, pinched, tugged and even slapped.

“I want you to touch your nipples…

Lick your fingers and pinch them.

Work them until they are hard.”

Sir commands me to apply the nipple clamps, place the chain in my mouth and move back to position three. I have some trouble getting the chain in my mouth, but manage to do it. My nipples do feel stretched. I look at myself on the laptop screen. My God! Is this really me? Is this Bobby’s dominant queen? I am thinking. I feel so small… So submissive.

“Exactly what I hoped for.

Fuck that looks good.

Good girl.”

I get to touch my nipples again. Sir allows me to drop the chain from my mouth, but moves to the next thing.

“Time for the plug baby…

Put it in your mouth.

Then lay back and start touching your pussy for me.

I want you to think of my fingers touching you.

Do NOT push your fingers inside.

Outside ONLY!”

As you know, I am such an impatient girl. I mean woman. If it were me, I would finger myself already. But with Sir, I do as I am told. I want to do my best!


That pussy looks so good!

Oh my God, so tasty looking.”

I feel flattered by Sir’s words and Sir rewards me. I get to rub my clit and put the plug in my tight little ass. I gently rub it in with lube. My ass is greedy and eats up the plug right away. Sir works me up, saying he is going to make me desperate to push his cock inside my pussy.

“I would rub my cock up and down.

Teasing you.

Making you desperate for me to push inside.

Fuck, I love how wet and slippery you are.

I can’t wait to have your entire body that way.

Completely covered in slippery oil.

Feeling my cock sliding along your pussy.

I know my girl would hope I would slip inside.”

Sir drives me wild mentioning oil… It is one of my biggest fantasies. Is he for real? I am thinking. I get to remove the clamps, first one then the other. I must keep playing with my pussy at the same time. Sir says I must focus on my pussy and focus on him touching me.

“Now, I want you to take the crop.

We are going to work on your thighs…

Just a few on each thigh.

As you move from one thigh to the next, you will lightly hit your pussy.

Then you may rub your pussy again.”

I feel a bit concerned about hitting my pussy with the crop. Only for a second. My worries about pain change into eagerness to swing the crop. Sir instructs me to slap my pussy a little harder each round. Sir stops at three rounds. I must tug on the plug and keep working my pussy. I am moving the shining plug almost out past the wide part and then push it back in again.

“Yes baby! Exactly what I want.

Keep it in now. That was wonderful.

How are you feeling?”

“Very nice…” I respond.

Sir still has more orders for me to follow. I crave so much for a good fuck now. My pussy is hungry, hungry to be filled. When can I have my reward? When can I grab my dildo? Those are the selfish questions coming to my mind.

Sir orders me to take position two.

“Fuck, how sexy is that!

Pretty plug in that cute little ass.

And oh my God, that pussy.

So desperate to be filled!

All right baby girl.

Start with the crop, a few on each cheek.

Love watching my slutty little girl spank her ass for me.”

I don’t want to, but I do want to please my Sir. I know the longer I can keep up, the better the ending will be. Sir loves seeing my ass turning pink. Sir wants more! He wants me to switch the crop with the wooden spoon. Sir is not telling me how many rounds. It is a surprise for me if Sir wants another round after the round itself. After two rounds with the spoon my ass is getting a darker shade of pink. Then a third round… A fourth round. A little harder each time.

“Stop. Good girl!

Show me your face baby.

Turn to the camera.

How are you?

Is my little girl ready for her reward?”

“Still very fine…”

“You can take more?”

“I could…”

“I want a bonus round then.

Five more, each cheek.

Get to it, my brave little girl.”

Frustration… Frustration… I feel frustrated and desperate. I can only hope I can have my pussy filled up next. But with this session, I don’t really know what Sir wants. He promised me that he would be greedy and he definitely is. I submissively hit my ass with the spoon, giving my Sir his bonus round.

“Good girl.

I’m very proud of you.

Now, which dildo did you choose?”

FINALLY! I am so glad that I can satisfy my pussy. I bluntly say without thinking that I want to start with the smaller one. Not realizing I am being the greedy one now for wanting two different dildos.

“Start with? My little slut liked using both last time?”


“Wanting to cum nice and hard with the bigger one?”

I nod.

I am still in position two. Sir wants me on my back now with my legs spread. Sir is messing with my head, saying the words I want to hear.

“I want you to rub your pussy with your fingers before inserting.

I love seeing it so wet and ready.

So small and vulnerable.

So tight and wet.

OK baby, start pushing it inside.

Nice and slow.”

My plug drops. It must have been the pushing and thrusting of the dildo in my pussy. I longed so much for this. I need to be fucked and filled. I moan and feel my body close to orgasm.


You want the big one baby?

You have to earn it!

Five more smacks with the spoon.

Each cheek, quickly.”

I wasn’t expecting this… And what is this power Sir has over me? Why am I following his orders blindly, when I desperately want to cum? I guess I haven’t reached my limit yet to keep on pleasing my Sir. I was frustrated already, but the state I am in now… I can’t describe it with words…

“Big toy now.

Fuck that little pussy.

Use it.

Teach it.”

I move myself to the floor and fuck my pussy with all my might.

“Cum,” Sir commands me.

No more surprises, because Sir said I could cum. I want to cum… I need to cum. I can’t control my body anymore. If Sir commands to stop me, I couldn’t… Oh my God! Sir is showing his delicious penis. I want to lick and taste him. I want his sperm. I want him. I want my Sir! A big fountain of squirt explodes from my pussy. It doesn’t stop… I keep on flowing… It stops finally after thirty seconds or so. Everything is wet. The laptop, the camera, part of my closet and of course the whole floor. My body shakes… Trembles…

“Holy shit.

Baby, that was amazing!

Oh my God, you look so good.


“So good! Just satisfied…”

“Wish I was snuggling you…”

“Yes, I wish for that too.”

We clean up and review our session. I tell Eric everything. From the part that I was nervous about the full screen session up to the frustrations and amazing feelings at the end. I am grateful that Eric really pays attention to the after session. He is not leaving me after cumming. He is so mature and sweet. Just perfect.

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