Eric (Ex Dom)

Chapter 38: A Blur

I have been looking forward to this session. This morning for me (and late evening for Eric) is going to be with sound. No need to be silent, because his family is not at home. I asked Eric how he wants me to get dressed. He said he really likes two ponytails and knee level socks. As for the dress I suggested one with a zipper in front, strapless and just covering my bum. So, here I am in this cute outfit presenting myself in front of the camera for him. Eric is pleased to see me like this and finds it a shame that I am going to get rid of it.

I still need to go to the toilet though. I know it is not romantic to mention, but it is part of the process. I don’t want to give readers of this diary a prettier image than what actually happened. I bought an anal shower, because I want to prevent the incident of chapter 33. Being fresh down there is a must for me and pleasing my Sir with having my ass hole available is what I want.

The anal shower is a success and I am ready for my session now.

Sir wants me to stand up against the door with my back towards the camera, my arms up and resting on the door. My back curved and my ass peaking. I have no underwear, so Sir might catch a glimpse. Sir wants me to wiggle. I follow Sir’s instructions and feel sexy about it. I love it that every step is a surprise for me. Wondering what my Sir wants from me.

I must strip now and dance while doing. I naturally sway my body and slowly pull down the zipper. Slightly showing more to my Sir. I keep my dress in place with my hands while the opened zipper shows the skin between my breasts all the way to the top of my Venus. I let the dress go, showing my erect nipples. I turn around and bend over to pull down the dress from my hips, giving my Sir a full view of my ass. I face the camera again and giggle a bit, wondering if my Sir is pleased with my little striptease.

This is the part where my mind went numb and all became a blur. Like a vivid dream and then it is gone. Normally I can remember everything, every detail of a session or a date. But this special session, with no chat history to help freshen up my memories is hard for me to dig into my brain. Next time, I will write right away.

Fractured images of lube and nipple clamps pop up. Also… Lubing my ass and feeling shocked and submissive that Sir wanted me to slowly press the small dildo in my ass. I recall it hurting and then feeling so good. I also remember Sir loving my whimpers and rewarding me with the big dildo in my pussy and how our session ends… On the cold floor… Crying…

I am thrusting my pussy with the big dildo while looking at my Sir. I love hearing that I am a good girl. I am very sensitive when it comes to sound, especially the emotion of Sir’s voice. I am overwhelmed. I start crying… Whimpering… Telling my Sir I need him so much. Tears are running down my face, I can’t control what I say. It is like word vomit coming out… One thing is for sure. I feel desperate, frustrated, emotional, needing, loved… I cry and I cry. Sir shows me his beautiful penis and it only takes me seconds to squirt a fountain. All my energy flows away as I orgasm. My body trembles and I could fall asleep in Sir’s arms like this. I feel exhausted and I wish so hard for my Sir to be here with me. His strong arms around me, cuddling me. But that is not the reality.

“You did very well today.

I want you to be proud of yourself.

I know parts were challenging, but you did not disappoint me in any way.

My desire to finally touch you, taste you, hold you…

It has all been amplified even further.

My adorable little one…

Causing you tears and then kissing them away is my biggest fantasy right now.”

Sigh… I wish I could meet Eric already, but also know that training is required. We will both benefit from all these sessions as a preparation to our future meeting.

To be continued. Follow me to get a notification!

4 thoughts on “Chapter 38: A Blur

  1. Very nice, I’m sure Sir is proud of you for being such a good girl.

    The dildo in your rear shouldn’t hurt unless you need it to. Assuming your dildo is dick shaped, what I do is slowly work my cock in, taking little short strokes and going a little deeper each time until the head pops in past your sphincter muscle. With the muscle holding the dick (dildo) just behind the head. STOP and wait for your ass to relax and accept it. Then when you become comfortable with it, slowly increase the depth and intensity until you can be fucked hard. After getting used to it, which only takes a minute or so, then you can plunge your dick in a girl’s rear anyway you want. At least that’s how I butt fuck someone.

    My wife can take a dildo and just slowly shove it in her ass because she’s doing it to herself but with either my dick or the dildo, she never complains about it hurting. Of course, pain is a natural part of a D/s relationship and I wouldn’t want you to miss that part of the experience but it shouldn’t hurt unless you want (need) it to.

    The anal cleansing is a good thing and for some people, it’s more important than others. Don’t worry about sharing that.

    I can see that your training is going well and I’d love to be able to admire you in position beside me.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hmm something went wrong. Wrote a reply and then it was gone.
      But yes the dildo is dick shaped. I just need to relax and accept indeed. It feels so good when it is deep. It has been a while since I had something in my ass. Did anal in the first years of my relationship with Bob, but we stopped at some point. I can’t remember why. The hurting is only for a few seconds. I have it with my pussy also, guess I am a bit too tight for the dildo. Or the dildo too big or I need more training hehe.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Anna,
    I have enjoyed ur journey into submission from ur very first chapter. You are a very unique person, love ur submission to Eric. I’m sure all us readers would love to see some pictures of you, is that possible? If not, i understand… either way, I for one have enjoyed ur thread.


    Liked by 1 person

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