Kevin (Ex Lover)

Chapter 39: So… You didn’t want a hotel this time?

Last date with Kevin was our long-awaited hotel date. I have no clue if it was a onetime special thing and I am afraid of asking for another rendezvous between the sheets. What is wrong with me? I am thinking. Sometimes I am assertive and sometimes I feel insecure and shy. The worries in my mind are blocking possibilities to have better sex with Kevin. Where is the confident and well communicating Anne? I wonder.

I text Kevin anyway, that I am in the neighborhood again in a hotel with Bob. I don’t bring up if we should meet in a hotel. I will only act if he hints me. Another thing which prevents me to ask, is that I am with Bob. I find it a bit too much to make a reservation for two hotels, not to mention expensive.

Bob and I finished our workout. I realize I only gave Kevin a notice that I would be in the neighborhood, but he never confirmed to meet me.

“It is funny that I am nearby, but I have never asked you if you are available and would like to see me tonight?” I feel like such a foolish teenager for sending this text to Kevin.

“Ha-ha. Yes, of course I would love to see you! I will let you know as soon as possible. There is a 95% chance we can meet.”

I am happy with his response and wait patiently. In the meanwhile, I have dinner with Bob in the restaurant. We are chatting about tons of things, like always. Part of me wants to drink a beer with him too, but if I drink I can’t drive and that means no date.

“Did Kevin confirm already?” Bob asks.

I check my phone and read that the date is on…

A little smile curls on my face. “Yes, I have a date tonight.”

Bob and I go upstairs to our room again. He looks very tired. I was planning on giving him a bit of sexual attention before leaving, but instead I am tucking him into bed like a little baby. I kiss him goodnight and drive to the usual parking lot.

Kevin is not there yet. I think I drove way too fast, thinking I might be late. I see his big van now. Waiting for him and entering his van always stays exciting!

Our lips meet in an instant, kissing passionately.

“We should move to the backseats, don’t you think?” I say a bit out of breath.

“I couldn’t agree more.”

Kevin covers the front window of the van. No prying eyes allowed! It feels kind of comfortable to be back in his van again, like this is our secret hideout. Kevin continues kissing me. I am not used to it. Normally he wants to chat first. What does this mean? I am thinking.

“How are you?” I ask in between the kisses.

“Fine. You? You look very good.” He continues kissing me.

“I am fine and thank you,” I say while searching hungry for his tongue with my tongue.

Kevin stops. “So… You didn’t want a hotel this time?”

What kind of question is that? I wonder. One part of me is annoyed, because he should have said that he wanted a hotel. The other part finds it adorable, that he might be too shy to ask. Or maybe he is still insecure and doubting if I still like him. He mentioned that before, that he finds it hard to believe that I am attracted to him.

“Does it mean you really liked last time?”

“Uh… YES!” He looks shyly away.

I follow his gaze, so his eyes are looking at me again. “OK, I liked it too. I can arrange a hotel for our next date if you want it?”

“I would love that.”

Sometimes… I just don’t know what to do with Kevin. Kevin comes closer to my face and kisses me passionately. He is such a good kisser. I am melting. We cuddle and kiss, it is sweet, erotic and adorable. I take the lead and unbutton his shirt, while sitting on his lap. He really looks great too. Seems he is taking better care of himself. He was a bit fat last time.

I want to feel his skin on my skin and undo myself of my shirt. Pressing my upper body against his, both breathing heavy. My hands wandering his back as he mirrors me. I can’t help to grind against him with my hips, feeling his erect penis twitching through his jeans. I start touching his chest and ask him if he has sensitive nipples. I know Bob really hates it, so I wonder how Kevin will respond. Kevin says he doesn’t know. I start to rub his nipples with my fingers and lick them, but it seems that his response is quite neutral to that. He is not moaning louder or saying that he likes it. I move a bit lower, kissing his belly and opening his belt. And that… That does makes him crazy. I am happy that I ventured a bit more of Kevin’s body. Kevin is getting all worked up and removes his jeans. I am standing up and remove my jeans too. I wait until he is done and watches me in my sexy underwear.

Kevin looks up now. “Oh my God! How can I not touch you? I can’t keep my hands of you!”

Kevin grabs my ass cheeks and draws me closer. Kissing my belly… My legs… Removing my panties. His fingers wandering, venturing my pussy lips. Suddenly letting a finger slide inside. I let out a moan and enjoy his big hand. Fuck, I love my pussy being filled up. Standing up like this makes me more wet than usual. I am dripping as we flow in some kind of erotic dance, as he follows my hip movements while he fingers me, looking up at me, hearing me moan.

I bend over and whisper in his ear: “This is all because of you. Do you feel how wet you make me?”

Kevin gets so wild hearing my words. He growls and grabs me, lays me on the backseat while he is on his knees next to me. He licks my lips and kisses me passionately. His fingers are back inside, in my warm and slippery wet pussy as he pays close attention to my face. I know he loves to see me cum, but that thought makes me shy and a bit pressured. It takes a lot of effort for me to let my mind go, when I am in this position. I try to relax and let my worries go. I look at Kevin’s eyes, he looks like he wants to eat me alive. I love this look and it gets me back into the erotic state of mind. Also thinking about Eric helps me to feel horny, but I have to watch out to not mention his name. Kevin’s fingers are thrusting in and out me. I can’t help to moan louder and squirm my body. I am losing my mind as he finger fucks me harder. My body shrinks and trembles. Head is exploding. Kevin gives me an orgasm. I feel sensitive and shy as he kisses and cuddles me.

“Thank you.”

He smiles.

We sit next to each other and hug. It is comfortable between us and feels warm. We talk about the crazy dating website were we met. I tell him that I really liked his mail, his dainty profile and that I was surprised he was lured by my profile. The profile text I used was blunt. I wrote that I needed more sex with a man who could take the lead. He doesn’t seem to remember any of it. Sigh. He starts talking about his experiences with a few other women on the website. He thought he was sure that he shared it with me already. This is typical Kevin. And hello? You are talking to me. I would remember such things. One woman wanted to date right away without having a ‘getting to know each other’ chat first. The other was sending him pictures of a nasty operation she had, without asking if he wanted to see it. And the last one was simply too fat and not attractive. If that was his history with women, then I am like a fairy tail princess compared to them. No wonder he often asks me if I am real.

Kevin almost ruins the good vibe we have. He jokes about his low text frequency. He is saying I am obligating him to text more, else I will get sad. I don’t find it funny at all. I almost feel tears coming out and say that he is hurting me, that he doesn’t realize I have strong feelings for him. He apologizes. I accept. I don’t understand why he brings up things from the past that are already discussed. I think it is childish or his insecurity.

We kiss and make up. Kevin suddenly pinches my nipples. Not normal pinching, but pretty hard. I collapse and get turned on.

“Can you really handle pinching that hard?”

“Uh-Huh…” I moan.

He would be surprised what I can handle… I need to feel him inside me now. He looks ready and hard, so I beg him to enter me. Kevin grabs a condom and asks how I want him. Right now, anything would do as long as I am filled! I decide to come on top of him as he sits.

“I want to see your face when I enter you. Look at me…” Kevin asks me.

I love it when he tells me what to do. In squat position I lower my pussy lips on his hard cock.

“Oh my God… You feel so good,” I moan.

I lean back and let my arms rest on the front seats. I start riding him. I longed so much for his penis. His hands are on my hips guiding me. I can completely let go. I love his big penis so much. I want to look at Kevin and it makes me insane. My eyes are rolling in the back of my head, I feel so good fucking him. Kevin can’t take it anymore. Seeing me enjoying him triggers him to come. I don’t want him to, but I can’t stop him. I already feel his explosion inside of me. Kevin orgasms hard and intense. I kiss and cuddle him. He looks so cute this way. I am holding his face and observe how handsome and adorable he is. I pet his head gently and kiss him again.

This was amazing and I tell Kevin I will make sure to arrange a hotel for our next date.

About Bob? He is still deep asleep when I return at the hotel.

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