Bob (Hubby/Cuckold/Puppy) · Eric (Ex Dom)

Chapter 40: I want to make some kind of agreement, like a contract

Bob and I are on our way to family, traveling by car.

“I don’t want you to meet for a week, when Eric visits.

Two or three days maximum,” Bob says out of the blue.

I need to gasp for air for a few seconds and swallow my selfish thoughts. A week is what I want, maybe even more. I try to convince Bob my needs, but Bob seems determined.

“Does this mean it is a hard limit for you?” I ask.


I kind of assumed Bob was OK with it. That was wrong of me. I don’t want this feeling again. I want to prevent it. I want to make some kind of agreement, like a contract. I look at Bob and ask patiently if it is OK to write down everything I want to do with Eric, so that he can read it and tell me his limits. Bob agrees. I share our little conversation with Eric and he totally understands. I am glad he is not someone who gets angry about it. I am so thankful for his respect towards my relationship with Bob.

I form a document on my own and ask Eric to review it. Eric is impressed with the contract and only has a few additions. Bob approves of it. The words give him some peace of mind of what to expect.

About the first meeting… Eric thought we could have dinner or drinks with the three of us to get to know each other. Bob doesn’t want to take part of the whole ‘date’ beforehand. He trusts my judgment and wants me to be alone with Eric during that time.

You can read the document below, if you are interested.

This document can be updated at any time, but needs to be approved again by all parties.
Safe word Anne is ‘Lemons”.
Wishes Anne:

  1. The main wish for Anne is to let go control.
  2. The session/meeting can include the following:
  • Anne wants to make the rape fantasy come true. This could involve:
    • Ripping of clothes
    • Making Anne cry
    • Fucking Anne rough in the mouth, pussy and ass
    • Leaving sperm in mouth, pussy, ass or somewhere else on the body
    • Biting
    • Choking
    • Pulling Anne’s hair
    • Words like “No” and “Stop” will not stop Sir, only the safe word will have effect
    • Whatever comes to Sir’s mind…
  • Anne wants to be a good submissive to Sir. This involves:
    • Using tools
      • Crop
      • Wooden spoon
      • Butt plug
      • Dildo’s
      • Vibrator
      • Handcuffs
      • Ropes
      • Nipple clamps
      • Blindfold (safe action will be rapid slapping on surface or rapidly open/closing hand)
      • Gags (safe action will be rapid slapping on surface or rapidly open/closing hand)
    • Spanking with hands, crop or wooden spoon
      • Areas of the body include: ass, thighs, pussy (not with spoon), breasts (not with spoon)
      • Face slapping, hand only
    • Having Sir watch Anne in the learned positions (chapter 28)
    • Whatever comes to Sir’s mind…
  • Anne wants to feel the contrast of rough fucking and lovemaking with Sir.
  • Anne wants Sir to treat her as his little girl. This involves her fluffy too, but also:
    • Cuddling
    • Caressing
    • Petting
    • Whatever comes to Sir’s mind…

About the future meeting:
When the meeting is planned. Bob is allowed to join and get to know Eric. If Bob approves then the next step is to let Eric and Anne have some time alone and if it still clicks, they can go to the hotel room. Bob will get a sign to enter if he wants, after Eric and Anne are used to each other. If Bob doesn’t want to join, an alternative like webcam/Skype or listening by phone will be an option.
Both parties will discuss beforehand of the meeting if a test (for diseases) needs to be done. Anne’s wish is to not use condoms.

  • Anne wants Bob to be tied up during the meeting.
  • Anne wants Bob to choose a safe word during the meeting, so Sir can have his way with Anne. (Referring to the option: whatever comes to Sir’s mind). The safe word can be used to stop the session, but also if Bob wants to leave.


2 thoughts on “Chapter 40: I want to make some kind of agreement, like a contract

  1. Hopefully, Bob will be able to watch in person but make sure that he feels he will be comfortable with his wife being taken. From experience, the first time that you watch your spouse being fucked is always somewhat of a shock. That is why I recommend that the first time you have sex with another couple, both of you do the nasty at the same time. It’s hard to be upset with your other half if you are doing the same time.

    Now in your case, where you are being taken by your Bull, it may be a shock to Bob but hopefully, he will enjoy it. A lot of swingers enjoy watching their wife/husband with another and I hope that Bob will enjoy the rape fantasy. I’m sure Eric will do it but he should restrain you while he’s “raping” you. This typically makes a rape scene more intense as holding a girl’s hands makes it easy to believe you’re being forced and nothing that happens is your fault.

    Good luck!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I asked Bob a million times if he would like to have sex with another woman, but he doesn’t want it and doesn’t need it. He seems very at ease with the way things are at the moment with both Kevin and Eric. His biggest shock until now has been with the virtual friend in my preface and he confessed that it is the shock that turns him on so much. I/we trust that we are in good hands with Eric. Thank you so much Larry.


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