Eric (Ex Dom)

Chapter 41: My little one was too clumsy

Eric doesn’t mind having a session while I am on my period. I feel extra lustful and in heat during it. I want to have sex all the time. I think BDSM is beautiful and just what I need. BDSM is not only about fucking and cumming. All the unnecessary pressure I have in my mind is gone. As a Sub I can just be. I love the whole play from the start until the end and aftercare. Most important, I love BDSM with Eric, my Sir. I couldn’t do it with a random person.

I am naked and waiting in position one. Sir wants me to put the camera high up and focused on my face and dildo. The view will look like I am giving a blowjob to Sir, while Sir is watching down on me.

“I want my little girl to be gentle and teasing and loving.

Can you do that for me baby?”

I nod.

I start to make sweet love to the dildo, imagining it is Sir’s penis. I look at the camera from time to time. Little kisses, long licks and even hugging the dildo with my face. I love this side of Sir too. The sweet love making one. Sir stands up and shows how hard he is from watching me.

“I wanted you to see.

Are you proud of yourself?

Making me so hard?”

I nod and smile. I am proud indeed. Sir wants me to work the plug inside me, spreading my legs, let it slide in nice and slow. I eagerly want to turn around, but Sir wants me to wait. Seems he likes me on my tummy facing him.

“I want to see if you can reach back and put it in like this.

With my cock in your face.”

I bet he likes me looking at him. I smile again and try to put the plug inside me. It works… I keep staring at Sir, while pushing the plug inside.


I am still caressing Sir’s penis. I can’t get enough of it. Wish I could lick all his leaking precum. I am way more comfortable doing this, instead of forcing a cock inside my mouth.

“Fuck, I love looking into your eyes!”

Sir lets me play for a few more minutes.

“Baby… I could do that forever.

So fucking hot!

But… My little girl needs punishment…”

It is time for the crop. Normally Sir wants me in position two with my ass pointing towards the camera, but guess he really wants to see my face this session. I must look at the camera while spanking myself. Sir doesn’t tell me how many times, but to just do it.

“Very good.”

Sir commands me back in position one with the crop in my teeth. If Bob could only see me like this. His Queen taking orders from Sir. I wonder what it will do to him.

“I want you to use the crop on your breasts now…

Lightly at first to get a feel for it.

Two strikes each breast.”

Hitting my breasts with the crop is not really painful. But as long as it pleases my Sir, I am happy. Sir notices it and asks if I can do it harder. I must hit myself harder. It only tingles a bit. I have such insensitive breasts.

Sir wants me to move to position two, but… Sir also instructs me to place the spoon on my ass/back and try to keep it there.

“You will spank yourself with the crop, starting with medium strength.

If the spoon falls off, you will put it back and hit HARDER.

Until you complete five each cheek.

Nod if you understand.”

I nod.


Counting shouldn’t be hard, but it is when you are in this. And… Keeping the crop on my ass? How is that possible? There is no doubt Sir wants me to fail. I try my best to not drop the crop, but… It falls four times and Sir counted them.

“My little one was too clumsy.

Now it’s time for the spoon…

Four on each cheek.

But you can keep it to moderate strength.”

I feel a bit guilty towards Bob for hitting myself with the spoon. Bob doesn’t like to see my ass bruised, but it is not a hard limit for him. I do love it. I especially love the tingling feeling after the session and the next day. I think Sir is still considerate, because he tells me to use moderate strength. I do as told and spank my cheeks with the spoon. In between I rest a bit and sway my hips for Sir.

“Good girl.

I adore seeing your hips rotating.

Imagining my cock buried in your holes.

And you moving like that.”

Sir says it is time for the nipple clamps now. I must lube my nipples.

“Fuck, you know I love you slippery.

I will have you covered in oil one day.”

Sir’s words make me blush. I grab the lube and circle the fluid on my breasts. This feels good. It is amazing that my breasts are insensitive, but that lube, spit or any liquid changes the game for me. Sir rewards me, saying what a ‘Good girl’ I am.

The next step is anal training. Sir wants me on my back and ease the plug out and back in. I must focus on the edge. I will need to use the other hand on my clit and feel how tugging the plug will affect my pussy. I have trouble focusing on two things.

“Baby – Don’t stop playing with that clit.”

Sir reminds me of rubbing my pussy. I realize it and pay attention to my clit again, but can’t really enjoy it. I rather have my pussy fucked now.

“Good girl.

You’re doing so well for me today.

Are you ready to cum for me?”

This means I can fuck my pussy! I need it. Sir asks me to take the tampon out and fuck my little pussy. It is OK if the plug pops out, but then I need to switch to the big dildo. Sir gives me one more instruction.

“When you cum, I want you to pull the nipple clamps off.”

I move to the floor and start to slide the small dildo into my pussy. So good! I have been craving for a cock. My pussy is so moist and wet, hearing the soaking sounds drive me wild. The plug pops out of my little ass. Time to switch the dildo. Oh my God! This big dildo feels even better. Imagining Sir is thrusting inside me, going in and out, and plunging his cock with brute force in my tight pussy. I am cumming soon and pull the clamps off. Ouch! Such pain. Sir rewards me with showing his penis and jerks off on me. Hmm, my head is exploding, tears filling my eyes. Sperm cumming out of Sir’s penis… I cum hard, squirting… So amazing.

“What a sexy little girl!”

Eric is amazed as I am. He says he is happy that he tried the oral thing.

“Seriously – Your eyes!

It’s powerful to me.”

Eric makes me blush, but I did warn him about the effect of my eyes. They can really change, depending on the mood. It is one of my features Bob loves the most. I can seriously make Bob cum with just looking at him.

I feel spoiled with attention and apologize to Eric for my clumsiness. He confesses that he was counting on it. I love it, when he says things like that.

Eric leaves me with an assignment to train my ass. I must tease Bob with wearing my plug. The goal is to have him notice and pretend I didn’t do it on purpose. The intent besides training my ass, is to have fun.

“I will do my best Sir!” I say.

“Good girl.”

I still feel very much aroused after the session. My ass is craving to be filled. I lube my little ass and my small dildo and let it slide in slowly. I am fucking my ass and it feels so good! I feel a bit guilty for doing this without my Sir. I decide to grab my handycam and record everything for Sir. The camera has such an effect on me… I want more. I grab my vibrator with the dildo attachment and fill up my pussy too, double penetration… God! It feels submissive and so hot. I am almost cumming and point the camera on my face. Sir said he loved my expressions, so I want to give it to him. Sir can re-watch it any time that way. I cum hard, calling Sir’s name, giving Sir everything!

It is evening now and Eric is awake again. I confess… And he wants the video. I want to send it without blurring my face. I know it is tricky if you are reading this, but I trust Eric. The whole point of the video is to give my expression to Eric.

To be continued. Follow me to receive a notification!

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