Eric (Ex Dom)

Chapter 42: You will NEVER be a burden to me

Eric makes me need him so much. It drives me crazy when he tells me what he wants to do to me. He loves building up and I am positive that I am not the only woman craving for that. Bob and Kevin try to build up, but are giving in to my impatience. Bob just skips foreplay and eats my pussy right away, because he finds it hard to stimulate me mentally. I will get a great and intense orgasm, but it can take a while to get me there with only going down on me. Kevin is way too greedy of seeing me cum, because we don’t have a lot of time during our dates. He does do foreplay, but makes me feel pressured to cum when he fingers me. Eric is very greedy with me too, but is mentally much stronger. He has no problem with leaving me frustrated and ignoring what I want. I never knew I needed this in my life.

Eric and I did an extra little session on Sunday after last chapter. He continued training my mouth. I found it hard to put the dildo all the way in my throat. Eric was gentle with me, taking baby steps. I didn’t manage to do deep throat… But… Eric still rewarded me for my efforts. That was really sweet of him. We finished with me fucking my pussy, eyes filled with tears and begging my Sir to stop. We both came to that, which was amazing and beautiful.

It is Friday now and time for a new Skype session with my Sir.

During our chat, I start to feel emotional. I confess to Eric that I am happy with his patience. I often feel like a burden, because I take so long to warm up. Eric soothes me that warming up is the point, just as much as the rest.

“We will remember and enjoy the journey as much as the destination. You will NEVER be a burden to me.”

“I feel a bit emotional now…” I say to Eric.

I realize I can never have this with Bob. Which makes me sad sometimes. Eric comforts me by telling what I have with Bob is different and powerful. I do know that, but I can’t help it to feel the way I feel now. Unfulfilled and partly content with my sex life.

I start crying in front of the camera.

“Oh my God, baby girl. You are so beautiful when you cry for me. I truly adore you, you know that right?”

“Thank you Sir.”

It wasn’t my intention to get all emotional today. I was not expecting this at all. We continue chatting, talking about compersion and food. I know, random topics… Then Eric asks me politely if I still want to do a session with him or continue chatting. I want a session more than anything. My pussy is moist and I feel very receptive of his sexual influence. It is because I am in such an emotional state and all my walls are down.

I get myself ready and put my webcam right in front of my vagina. I can see myself too on the laptop screen. I think I have never seen myself this wet before. I am amazed. Sir starts to instruct me and works up my imagination.

“I want you to reach down and stroke that pussy nice and gently. Just as I would do…

I would be kissing you too.

I would gradually dip my finger inside to draw out your wetness.

Sliding it along your slit…

Up to your clit… And repeating.

I want to feel your pussy swelling.

Pussy lips getting puffy for me.

So, when I push my cock inside you later, I will get that wonderful tight squeezing sensation.

I would keep stroking that delicate, sensitive spot.

Occasionally raising my finger to my lips, because you know I need to taste you.

Fuck baby, once I have tasted you, I will be addicted.

I will kiss you too… Let you taste yourself on my lips.

I want to feel your breathing change…

I want you to make little soft sounds.

I will order you to lay your arms flat against the bed.

Not allowing you to move them.

Having to let me touch you, just as I wish.

My little one’s hips starting to move for me.

I bet you want me to push my finger a little deeper?”

I have only been stroking my pussy with my eyes locked to Sir’s words. I long for him so much and to finally let my finger enter inside is such a reward to me. It is a bit embarrassing to have the camera so close to my moist pussy, but I like the feeling and embrace it.

“Oh my God, I love being between your legs.

What a good girl I have…

I want you to spread those lips for me.

Open yourself for me.”

I spread my pussy lips with my fingers and show it to Sir.

“That looks so fucking delicious.

My poor baby girl, I’m going to tease you so much.

I’m going to have that pussy craving to be stretched and filled.

Until you are begging me.”

Sir is teasing me so much, it is hard for me to not grab my dildo and feed my greedy dripping wet pussy.

“Little one, I want you to picture your hands bound above your head, with me kneeling between your legs.

Holding my hard cock right at the entrance to your pussy…

Getting closer and closer…

Until you feel the warmth of my cock head touch your wet lips and I start sliding up and down.

Rubbing myself over your clit.”

To me this means I have the green light to finally grab my dildo. I show it to Sir in front of the camera and Sir nods. I am sliding the dildo with the tip up and down my pussy, feeling my body in need of it as I shiver.

“Good girl!

I can’t wait to see my precum mixing with your juices.

I want to start opening your wet lips with my cock, as I slide it up and down.

Keep doing that baby.

Nice long strokes.

Up to your clit.

So good baby!

Keep going.

That hungry little hole is desperate to take me inside.

Now as you slide up, just let the head enter a tiny bit.”

Sir wants me to imagine being a naughty girl, knowing we shouldn’t be doing this and that we are already breaking rules by even touching. Both of us knowing we shouldn’t go on, but neither of us wanting to stop and curious if the other will push further.

“Does my little one want to feel me push deeper?

Ask me nicely.”

I beg my Sir to enter me. Whining and saying ‘please’. I let the dildo finally enter my pussy, imagining it is my sweet loving Sir. It feels so good, so rewarding. I slowly move it in and out. The soaking wet sounds my pussy is making… It drives me wild, but I have to be in control, keep the dildo steady, moving slowly in and out. Sir is making me mad in my head, telling me how he would fuck me. First slowly until Sir wants to fuck me hard.

“I want to fuck that little pussy, until your pussy cream drips down your ass.”

And Sir is making me drip so good and so much. I show it to him and even watch what it looks like myself. It is not only transparent fluid, but I also see white cream coming out of my pussy. I don’t think I have ever seen it.

“So fucking hot!

I need to fuck you hard now.

I know my good girl will take it as hard as I need.

I love your pussy dripping like this.”

Sir tells me many times what a naughty little slut I am. I pound my pussy as hard as I can to please my Sir, but it would be a lie if I wouldn’t do it to please myself too. I love it. I feel so sensitive…

“Does my little girl need to cum for me?

Do you want to get on the floor?”

“Yes… I need it Sir.”


Get on the floor slut, so I can fuck you harder.

Make that little pussy gush.

I want to fucking pound you and shoot my cum so deep.

Cum for me you naughty little slut!”

Fuck, I can’t take it anymore. Sir is showing his penis in front of the camera now. Tears are running down my face, I feel my body going into a trance as I squirt a beautiful fountain. Moaning while cuming so hard, seeing Sir cuming too. My body is shaking from the intense orgasm. I came so much, it feels like I am in a pool.

“Baby, we made such a mess…

You are amazing.

What a sexy naughty girl I have!”

We both take some time to clean up. I tell Eric that I loved this session very much. Eric says he enjoyed it too. It was emotional, loving, deep and a bit rough. Just perfect. Less BDSM, more love making…

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