Bob (Hubby/Cuckold/Puppy) · Eric (Ex Dom)

Chapter 43: About Bob’s penis…

Eric gave me a simple assignment in chapter 41. To seduce Bob without him knowing I have the butt plug inside me, letting him discover what a slut I am. Yesterday (Sunday) I accomplished my task and even more…

I was in my bed, all washed and fresh. I had myself covered up with a blanket, secretly playing with my plug, stimulating my clit. Bob joined me in bed when he discovered I was masturbating. I let the plug glide into my ass without telling him. I grabbed the small dildo and uncovered myself. I showed Bob the dildo going up and down against my slit. I asked him if he wanted to see the dildo going inside of me, but then he needed to be on his knees, next to the bed, kissing my feet. He did as told and then saw the plug. He said nothing, only kissed my feet, while watching up to see the plug shining and the small dildo entering me. I fucked myself slowly and after a while I surprised him that I wanted the dildo in my ass. I lubed it in front of him as he watched me pushing the dildo inside me, inch by inch. It was hurting a bit at first, but felt so good once inside. Bob got a good view of it and came already. I wasn’t far from ready. I grabbed the big dildo to fuck my pussy and oh my God! This felt so submissive to be filled up like that. I commanded Bob to make a picture of it. He felt even smaller. I couldn’t come this way though, because it was too intense. I switched the big dildo with the vibrator and the pink dildo attachment. Bob came two times in the meanwhile. I found that very naughty and pushed his face down in the mattress with my feet while fucking my pussy and ass. I came hard and long, calling Eric’s name. Bob came too.

Eric was very pleased the way I handled the assignment and surprised I did even more. He wondered when I would be ready for double penetration.

Eric wants to punish me in our next session for moving so fast. I can’t wait for that. Last session was so wonderful and intense. The connection between us is only virtual, but very deep. I can’t control my body if I think about really meeting him. He is so special to me. I have warm and fuzzy feelings in my belly and my face is warm. My heart is racing when I imagine being with Eric in one room. Eric loves that I feel so intensely and that I am excited to meet him too.

Before going to bed, Bob and I have some pillow talk. We are laughing and cuddling. I can’t resist kissing him. So, I do. Our bodies are curled up and we are caressing each other. It is so soft and sweet. I want more. I ask Bob if we should try having sex.

He hasn’t been inside me for a while now. About Bob’s penis… I think I haven’t shared this before. Well dear reader, you deserve to know. His penis is average size, around 6-inch with a very wide shaft. He is not circumcized, which I don’t mind at all. Bob keeps my ‘little friend’ very clean. In our twenties we had a lot of vanilla sex. The more we ventured in dominance and submission, the more sensitive Bob’s penis got. He can’t pull his foreskin down, because his frenulum (the elastic skin between the foreskin and tip) is short. It hurts so much that he loses his erection. This was always the case, but being so extremely submissive nowadays makes him lose his hard-on faster. Which is not a good combination with my tight vagina. The benefits of having a sensitive penis, is that he can cum an abnormal number of times. For example… He came ten times while listening to a session in the other room. Which is very impressive compared to the other men I have been with. For me it means I can’t always be penetrated, because it hurts him too much entering me. Back to the present.

Bob agrees to have sex with me. We try to do doggy style since this is the position he can do without hurting his back, he has a hernia. I am wet enough, but use some lube just in case. It might help Bob enter me smoother. No success this time. I help him to get hard again and try to sit on top of him. His penis keeps on hurting. Bob says there is air in my vagina which makes it hard for him to enter and he doesn’t like the lube. I am not giving up and try to let air out with my fingers, but there is no air. One more attempt. It fails.

Bob starts whining, “I deserve to be a cuckold. I am so handicapped!”

“Sweetheart, don’t worry. Sometimes it works out, sometimes it doesn’t.”

Bob whines even more. I carefully ask if he wants to do something about his penis, maybe a little cut in the frenulum. I have read on forums that it helped a lot of men. Bob refuses. He is too afraid it might do more damage. He doesn’t want to lose his level of sensitivity. He explains that the short frenulum is keeping his foreskin in check, to cover the top of his penis. He doesn’t like the idea of having his foreskin retracted all the time in his boxers, thinking that it would hurt his penis even more. I understand Bob and this is not the first time I asked him to take action.

I ask him, “Do you choose not cutting your frenulum and living the hotwife lifestyle over penetrating? Could you live without it?”

“Yes, I can.”

I panic for a second in my mind and literally swallow my emotion. Bob needs my comfort now. He must feel devastated. I can’t imagine how it feels to him. To not be able to penetrate your own wife, but that you are so loving and giving that you share her with other men. I feel grateful, but in a different world I wish I wouldn’t need other men. I guess we can’t have it all. I feel lucky and blessed to have Eric and Kevin as the extra men in my life.

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