Bob (Hubby/Cuckold/Puppy) · Eric (Ex Dom)

Chapter 46: Guess we had a ‘quickie’

It is like faith is toying with me. Last date with Kevin was in April, it is June already… And when I finally have a session with Eric after three weeks, an important appointment pops up. I am so frustrated when Bob tells me I have to be somewhere at eight o’clock tomorrow morning. I have been craving for a session with Eric and I don’t want to wait any longer. I need to play with him! Doesn’t matter if I have to get up in the middle of the night to steal some extra time.

Today (Thursday) I asked Kevin to chat in the evening. He agreed, but I feel so tired. I tell him I go to sleep already. He is not even online, so why wait. And! I want enough energy to get up at five o’clock. That is eleven o’clock in the evening for Eric. I am already asleep when I feel someone touching my pussy. It is Bob. He caresses me gently and starts licking me. I wake up a bit and start moaning. He licks me so sweet and careful, but I am not really in the mood and still half asleep. I let him continue. He stops after a while and climbs on top of me, putting his penis in my vagina. I am surprised he successes entering me. He fucks me. I am awake now. I can’t help to think that he is in pain with this position and he is doing it to please me. I am right, it hurts him. I don’t even feel his penis inside me. Normally my little friend is pulsating hard inside of me. I ask him to do a different position, doggy style. I look forward to it, but as soon as he tries to enter me… It fails. He is not hard enough, scared of pain and I am too dry, because I am not mentally in the mood.

“It is OK, at least I prepped you for a session with Eric,” Bob says.

What a sweet man I have. I instantly fall asleep again and Bob jerks off on me.

My alarm goes off, five o’clock already. Pfff… It feels like a truck ran over me. I am still so tired, but jump out of bed in the shower. I prep my little ass hole and get myself a coffee. Eric analyzes how much time we have and how many minutes I need, to get ready for my appointment. He is going to make sure we will be done within two hours. It sounds like a lot of time, but usually our sessions can extend to four hours or more. This is foreplay and aftercare included.

Within ten minutes our session starts. Sir wants me naked and in position one with my hair up. I can’t get used to this position. It is not comfortable, but I focus my mind on pleasing my Sir. I have to stay like this and listen to Sir’s instructions.

“We will start with your nipples…

You will lick your fingers, then work them…

Rub them gently at first.

Lick again, then rub them harder.

Pinching and pulling.

Then wet them one last time and apply the clamps.

Do you understand, little one?

Good girl, begin.”

My nipples are relaxed, not erect yet. I rub them gently and use my spit to let my fingers glide. The pinching and pulling in the second round is easy. Sometimes I feel like I was meant to be a submissive, because I can handle a lot of pain. I put the clamps on and resume to position one. Sir loves to see my nipples adorned like this. Sir wishes he could tug on them while he kisses me. I don’t get time to think about that image. Sir is greedy and wants me to move into position two, my ass to the camera. I turn around, rearrange the camera for a good view and show my ass cheeks to my Sir.

“That is a very pretty little pussy.

I can’t wait to hurt it and fuck it.

Okay, little one…

Time for the plug…

I want you to tease yourself with it before it goes all the way in.

Take your time.

Try not to let it go all the way too quickly.”

I get my plug with the blue crystal and grease it with lube. With my ass still pointing to the camera, I let some lube drop on top of my little hole. I feel the fluid running down and quickly rub it, so my ass is slippery enough for the plug. I circle the plug around and press it against the tight hole from time to time, but… I get interrupted.

Bob needs to be in the sex room. He is going to work and forgot his shirt. He feels very sorry about interrupting my session with Sir. I grab his shirt quick and say bye to him. I stay in my role as a little sub and continue teasing my ass with the plug. It pops in… So easily… Like my little hole is hungry for it. I wait eagerly for Sir now. Sir compliments me, but says he needs to punish me. His desire to see my ass red is very strong.

“We will warm you up with your hand.

Five firm spanks, each cheek.

Then switch to paddle.

Five more each cheek.


Have you ever tried to spank yourself on your ass cheeks? I find it hard to do with my hand. I often lose the strength when I finally land my smack. I feel like a failure when it happens and can only hope Sir is not punishing me for it. I am glad I can move on to the paddle and spank myself pretty hard. I love the tingling feeling of the paddle. My ass cheeks feel like they are burning.


Sir checks if I am OK.

Sir continues and teases me. I have to wait a little while to be fucked. I get instructions to lay on my back and spank my inner thighs five times. I am not allowed to touch my pussy. This is easy and I gladly do it to make Sir happy.

“Good girl.

Now with the paddle.

I want you to spank each thigh and your pussy LIGHTLY in between.

Five each thigh, and that makes five on your pussy too.”

Hitting my pussy hurts a bit. A little shock goes through my body when I hit myself, but it is nothing I can’t handle. I am finished before I know it.

“You are doing very well.

That little pussy looks so hungry for my cock…

But you need more punishment first.

Back to position two…

Paddle once again.

Five each cheek.


I don’t want to. I feel frustrated. I need some fucking. I need penetration. I manage to be a good sub and get back into position two, grab the paddle and spank myself. I hope I will get a reward soon. Sir wants me on my tummy now. I do it without hesitation, but totally forgot about the nipple clamps. It hurts. I whimper and try to accept and embrace the pain and breathe steady. Sir asks me if my pussy needs some attention. Of course my pussy wants attention. I want it, but Sir says it will cost me. I don’t care. I am greedy and impatient and want my pussy to be touched. Sir allows me to run my fingers along my slit and tease it. I can’t push my fingers inside. I get to enjoy this for five minutes or so, before Sir announces my payment. Sir wants me to remove the right nipple clamp, which slightly hurts, but it is easy to deal with.


I want you to loosen the clamp as much as you can.

Pinch your clit…

And attach the clamp.”

Wait what? I look at Sir’s words. Is he really asking me this? I stare a few seconds at the screen and gather some courage to fulfill my task. I pinch my clit and carefully apply the clamp. I let the clamp go and feel it stinging, hurting… It is painful… For sure. I can’t help it to whimper and whine.


Hold it…

Keep holding baby.

Look at me.

Show me your face.

I know…

OK, take if off now.

You can touch your pussy again.

Soothe it.

I know it will be tender.

You did very well, little one.”

I am glad this is over, but also felt that I could handle the pain after a minute. Sir rewards me kindly and I can remove the second nipple clamp while rubbing my clit. Finally I get to use the small dildo. I must lick and suck it while I continue stroking my pussy. Sir instructs me to slide the dildo along my slit, up and down.

“Does my little one want that pushed inside? Is that what you need?”

I nod. I crave to be fucked, but… Sir wants me to move my face to the camera.

“Move your face to the camera…

Ask me nicely (I will hear you).

Beg me little one, you can do it.”

I feel uncomfortable and not at ease, almost get out of my trance. I beg once if I can please be fucked. Sir doesn’t look pleased. I beg again. I feel too shy to keep looking at the camera and want to hide behind my pillow.

“We will need to work on this.”

No! I am thinking. It was not good enough… I failed. I feel like such a failure. I feel sad for not pleasing Sir and not getting the ‘Good girl’. Sir moves on, instructs me to lay on my back again. What is this? I get to rub myself, get the plug out and push the dildo inside my pussy.

“You get 10 strokes of the cock.

Long strokes, in and out…

Then you remove it.


Hmm, this is good. I love my pussy filled.


Does my little one want to get fucked more?”

I nod.

“Mmm, such a naughty little girl…”

I thought wrong… I thought I could get fucked in my pussy, but Sir wants to use my ass. I must lube the dildo really well.

“I want you to go nice and slow – very gentle.”

I slowly enter my ass with the dildo. It goes smooth. I do whimper, because it feels good and submissive. Oh my God! I find a nice slow tempo, fucking my ass deep.

“Yes baby – your whimpers make me so hard.

Rub your clit.”

I want more. I want harder. I lift up my legs, changing the angle of my hips. I hold my legs up with one arm and fuck my little ass hole as fast and hard as I can. I moan and moan. I am so hungry for getting fucked in the ass. My clit feels explosive. This is the best anal fuck I ever had. And Sir looks so sexy. I only see his face, but seeing his expression makes me feel hot. I know he is jerking off on me.

“Yes, you little slut…

Fuck that ass…

Rape that tight little hole…


Sir wants me to get the big dildo and carefully push it into my pussy. Are we really going to do double penetration again? This will be the second time with Sir. But it feels different, because my pussy is craving for a cock and my clit is so swollen and still sensitive. Last time I couldn’t cum this way, it was way too intense. I move to the floor like always, to prevent squirting on the bed. I get right into action and plunge my pussy and ass hard at the same time. Fuck, this is so hot. How would this be with two real cocks? Never thought I would wish for this to happen. I was afraid and wanted it to be just a fantasy, but now I am fucking myself with two dildos. I secretly crave for being sandwiched in an ecstatic trance. Sir shows his penis. Come here already! I need that penis in my mouth while being double penetrated. I cum and see myself squirting on camera.

“More!” Sir says.

I keep on fucking after coming. A few seconds later I cum hard again. Again a big fountain of squirt… Where the fuck is all that fluid coming from? I feel drained, amazed and sexy. Sir shows his cum to me. Hmm, that should be in my mouth. Crave to taste his sperm! We clean up and wrap up quick. I tell Sir the hard parts of the session, especially the begging and putting the clamp on my clit. We don’t have long, because I have to get ready for my appointment. The double penetration was real great this session, but I do prefer the sessions where we have more time for foreplay and aftercare. Guess we had a ‘quickie’ now, hehe.

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