Random thoughts: The power of music

I talked to Bob about music today. It is weird I don’t really have a song which reminds me of him. A fact is that he hates music and I love music. It opens up my senses. I would love a lovemaking session with music… Whenever I tried with Bob, he got distracted and grumpy. Then it was no sex at all. It is a long time project to let Bob experience the power of music. So far I have him from hate to liking music a bit.

At the start of my adventure with Wesley I played the song ‘Outside – Ellie Goulding’. I  had it on repeat all the time. Wesley understood it, because I kind of felt on the outside of my marriage at that time, giving Wesley lots of attention. I also felt outside of myself. I suffered from a burnout during my phase with Wesley.



With Kevin I kept on playing Lust for Life – Lana Del Rey. It has the erotic vibe we have when we are together. Kevin doesn’t know about it. I am afraid he finds it silly.



Eric shared the song ‘Need it – Half Moon Run’ with me. I loved it right away and I still listen to it. At work… In the train… Now… While writing.



All the songs have and had the effect of raising my heartbeat. I say had, because the songs of Wesley and Kevin kind of lost its power to it. I think the reason is the level of intimacy I have with them at this moment. Wesley and I broke our connection and my flame for Kevin is small.

You know what I would love? A man who would take the effort to make a playlist, so we could have endless sex on it.

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