Eric (Ex Dom)

Chapter 47: I can’t believe no other man has ever tried to dominate me out of free will

Bob is changing. Eric calls it maturing. With my first virtual bull, Wesley, I was not allowed to play without Bob. Bob wanted to be included, listening at the door. During my last date with Kevin, Bob was deep asleep. Bob is normally wide awake and jerks off during my date. And about my sessions with Eric? Bob seems not worried at all. For example, today… He kissed me, wished me fun with Eric and then left for work.

I am alone with Eric now, but we struggle with the internet. The video is frozen again and again. We both try to solve this problem, but we can’t. It doesn’t mean we can’t have a chat. One of my favorite subjects is fantasizing about meeting each other in real life. I am afraid I might be too shy and give Eric the wrong signs. It happened with Kevin for example. I got silent and frozen, because of my nerves. Kevin thought I wasn’t interested.

“Maybe we should kiss right away…”  I propose.

“Yes, we should.

But I can assure you, once I do, I will take every chance to keep doing it.

I will have to work hard to keep control of myself.”

“Just thinking about it… My whole face is warm now and I feel funny down there.”

“If we were close, I would be trying to see you every chance I could get.”

“I would do the same.” I say without doubt.

“Even if it was a five minute chat with a kiss.”

Gosh, I feel like a little girl talking to her crush. This connection I have with Eric is growing every day. It is frustrating to live six time zones apart. To be honest… I would take a plane to Eric already, but Bob doesn’t allow it and Eric likes the idea of visiting me first. In the meanwhile he can train and prepare me for our actual meeting. Eric has another point. It would be time efficient. If he visits me, we have all the time in the world. There are no distractions. The other way around is difficult, because of his family.

Eric wants to give video chatting another try. He needs to see me. I ask him how. I hope he will get a sexy frozen image of me to stare at. What am I saying? I hope it doesn’t freeze at all.

“Tell me Sir…”

“Yes, I want you on your back.

Legs spread, knees up.

So I can picture being on top of you.”

OK, we are online again. I quickly fulfill Sir’s request. Sir’s imagination is driving wild as soon as he sees me on the bed. Sir wants to climb on top of me, sliding his cock over my pussy lips. Feeling my warm tight pussy stretching. I start to touch myself without asking, but Sir approves. Sir wishes he could tease my pussy.

“I need to be buried so deep inside that little hole.

Feel you squeezing me.

Wrapping your legs around me…”

Suddenly the video is frozen. This sucks, but is not a surprise. Sir makes the best of it and says this session could serve as a training in frustration. I am ignoring it a bit and send him pictures of me. I don’t want to be disobedient. So I ask Sir if it is OK to keep touching myself. If Sir wants me to be frustrated I will stop of course, but Sir approves again. Sir is so powerful with just words. I always do my best to follow his lead. This time I am talking back because of the lack of image.

“Accept that whatever I want is what will happen to you.

Pinching those nipples…

Slapping your face…

Choking you…

Fucking your sweet little pussy…

Fucking your tight little ass.”

“I will cry for sure.”

“Grabbing you by the hair, forcing you to flip over.

Then spanking your ass hard.

When you try to squirm away, taking you by the hair to keep you in place.

Spanking you harder.”

“I will do my best to be a good girl.”

“I know you will baby.

And when your eyes are swollen with tears and your ass is red and stinging, I may finally shoot my cum deep inside you, rewarding your dedication.”

“Oh my God! Just thinking about that. My eyes are filling.

I need to be stuffed Sir!

Wish you could see me crying now.

My pussy is so wet too.”

I guess it is like drugs to Sir. He wants to see it! We video call again. I desperately grab my dildo and fuck my pussy. I give Sir a view from underneath. I can’t control my body. I find myself in such a sexual high from reading all those harsh things Sir wants to do to me, that I am too late to move to the floor. I squirt all over my laptop. This was not suppose to happen. Sir cums too. I love seeing his thick white cum ejecting out of his penis.

I am glad that we made the best of our session and I can’t believe no other man has ever tried to dominate me out of free will. Eric will be the first one that actually loves doing it.

To be continued. Follow me to get a notification.

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