Eric (Ex Dom)

Chapter 51: Sir wants to play a game with me

I wake up in the middle of the night and start crying. Being on my period makes me extra sensitive. I miss contact with Kevin. I check in on Skype to see if Eric is online. He is! Eric is shocked that I am up already (around 4AM). I tell him I feel emotional and that it feels like Kevin is ghosting me.

“Who knows what is going on with Kevin…?”

“Use me now?” I feel this is a good opportunity to use these emotions for a session.

“Baby girl, you have no idea how much I want to use you now,” Eric says with a smile.

“Are you available?”


I almost run to the sex room. I haven’t had a session with Eric in two or three weeks and I forgot the reasons to it. Doesn’t matter. I need Eric now. I need my Sir.

Seeing Eric on my screen always makes me smile. We have a chat first and wait until I need to visit the toilet. I also want to make sure Eric’s family is asleep, because I am up early today. Eric ensures me they are.

“OK, use me Sir.”

“You know the magic words.”

Before Sir tells me to take on position one I assume it already. Letting Sir know I am waiting for his orders and that I am eager to play.

“Good girl,” Sir smiles.

Sir tells me he wants to see all of me, that he needs me in all four positions. First my nipples need their decoration, the black clamps with the cold chain between them. Sir instructs me to put the cruel clamps on with my eyes closed.

“You will close your eyes, then lick your fingers, touch and pinch your nipple… Then apply the clamp…

Then do the same with the other nipple…

I want you to focus on the feeling.

With your eyes closed.

Once both are on, open your eyes.”

I take my time. Feeling my saliva on my breasts and nipples is so erotic. Such a contrast when I finally apply the clamp. I open my eyes again and return to position one.

“Very good little one.

I want you to remember that each of these parts is special to me…

They bring me pleasure.”

I show Sir the other three positions and I feel sexy doing it. I feel adored and wanted. I return to position one to wait for further instructions. Sir wants to play a game with me. I have to earn my pleasure with doing things for Sir. I am allowed to cum when I want to. I only have one request. The weather is very tropical, so I ask Sir if he can let me drink in between. I want Sir to take good care of me. I trust Sir will. Sir tells me to have a drink right away and keeps it in mind to give me breaks.

“To begin, lay on your back, legs spread, knees up.


Now, we will start easy.

I want you to grab the chain and tug on it until it starts to hurt.

Then relax.

If the clamps come off, that is OK.

You can put them back on.


I have the clamps on maximum power, because I want my nipples to become more sensitive. I tug and I tug. I wonder… Is Sir focused on a specific body part or is Sir watching the total image of me? After two minutes my nipples start to hurt.

“Good job sweety.

I want you to lick 1 finger and rub your pussy lips slowly.

You can lick again and keep going as needed.”

What is this? This reward is very generous of Sir.

“Next task.

I want you to take the crop and hit your thighs at 2 spots on each.

Lower and higher up.

About 1 hit every 2 seconds.

Medium intensity.”

I hit myself as instructed. I enjoy being watched. I admit I also look at myself on the screen. It looks pretty artistic, hitting myself with the heart shaped crop. I understand why Sir enjoys seeing me like this.

“A little harder.”

Yes Sir is all I am thinking.

One minute passed.


Well done.

I love seeing my little one with her legs spread like that.

Now, you may lick your fingers and rub your inner lips.

But avoid your clit.

2 fingers if you wish.”

Hmm, a reward again. I definitely want to use 2 fingers. I do touch my clit indirect, squeezing it with my inner pussy lips, my flesh pushed by my 2 fingers. I love to touch myself like this. It can drive me crazy and makes me hungry for more.

“You look so good, touching yourself for me…

Now, I want you to use the crop, lightly on your pussy.

Take 5 to 10 seconds between hits.


OK, this sounds more frightening. I brace myself for impact, keeping my lips sealed. I slap my pussy. Ouch! It tingles, but now I know I can handle this. So I continue.

“Stop,” Sir says after two minutes.

Yes, I am done.

“Wonderful… 1 more, slight harder now…”

Wait no. OK Sir, whatever you want… That is what I am thinking.

“Good girl.

Put the crop down.

That poor pussy… Sore little clit…

You may go ahead and sooth your clit now.


My clit deserves some sweet attention. I can’t believe I actually hit myself on such a sensitive spot.

“Time’s up.

You have a drink now.”

Good thinking of Sir. Compared to last session this seems easier. Sir is being kind to me. For the next part, Sir needs me in position two with the plug in my mouth. I need to spank my ass cheeks with my hand, alternating with medium strength until Sir says ‘stop’.


I land my hand on my ass, feeling the impact on my skin. I enjoy it. I repeat it. Keeping the plug in my mouth is difficult. I have trouble to keep it in, because every time I hit myself, my lips open up.


It feels like five minutes have passed.

“I love seeing that little bottom spanked.

So pretty that way.

Now, I want you to get the lube, prepare, and slowly insert the plug in your ass for me.

Once in, work it in and out until I tell you to stop.


I grab the lube and hover the bottle above my ass. I squeeze the bottle on purpose in front of the camera while I am in position two. I want Sir to enjoy the liquid dropping on my split, to see the drops slide down towards my two tight holes. I take the plug and tease my sensitive star, slowly pushing it in and out. It makes me crave for anal fucking.


Leave it in.

I love it baby girl… So cute.”

The game continues. I have to hurt myself again in order to receive my reward. This time I am spanking myself, still in position two with the crop. As a reward I get to use the fairy wand. I get to enjoy the vibrations of the toy against my clit. It is nice, but I can’t relax and take pleasure from it. I don’t think it is possible to cum this way.

The spanking isn’t over. Sir wants me to use the spoon now. I need to put the small dildo in my mouth and show myself from the side in position two. I prefer spanking myself with the spoon. I know it is more painful, but it is easier to hit myself with it. I hit with full power. Drool is coming out of my mouth, because the dildo forces me to keep it open. I love being spanked, as much as I love spanking my little Bobby. My mind is thinking of his sad puppy eyes… The expression I love the most.

“So fucking good.


All done baby.

Are you ready for my cock baby girl?”

Ready for cock? Cocks is what I want. A cock in every hole. Being fucked and roughly taken by multiple men.

“I want you to be on your back, and very slowly slide in the small dildo.

You can use lube to make it slippery.”

“In where? Pussy?”


Oh my God, so obvious again Anne. Someone likes to be fucked in the ass. I bet Sir is laughing inside. But it is not a wrong thought, right? Sir didn’t mentioned where and the word combination of ‘small dildo’ and ‘lube’ often means anal action.

I am in luck. I can remove the plug and prepare my ass. I feel greedy. I want it. I need it. It hurts, my ass is so tight. I think it is impossible to just slam a cock in my ass. Not without damage. I need Sir’s guidance, his words, that I need to be brave and that I can do it. I keep moving the dildo inside, inch by inch, breathing harder, enduring it. Once it is inside I feel relaxed and can enjoy the pleasure of sexual ecstasy.

“I want you to use the wand.”

What? No double penetration? I am disappointed for a second, but obey Sir. I put the wand on my clit and keep fucking my ass. I am throbbing the dildo. Fuck, the feeling of sliding it in and out, so slippery, it is hot as fuck. My clit is overloaded with sensitivity, because of it. I don’t want to cum so fast, because I love being fucked this way. The fairy wand makes it impossible to edge. And then there is Sir’s cock on my screen. Fuck! All my muscles are contracting, my body shivers, and my eyes roll in the back of my head. I cum so loud, so hard, shaking for a long minute. What a feeling!

“Show me your mouth.”

Sir cums too when I show him my hungry mouth, my slutty shining lips and glistering tongue. What a waste of sperm. I need to taste it so bad.

“I love that sweet mouth.”

I am still amazed of the intensity of the orgasm and I think my ass will be bruised for a while. I don’t mind. I don’t mind at all, it turns me on when I feel the sting. I thank Eric for this session. I really needed some spanking after a long period of time. I just wish we could lay on the bed and cuddle each other now… Eric wishes the same.

To be continued. Follow me to receive a notification.





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