Bob (Hubby/Cuckold/Puppy) · Kevin (Ex Lover)

Chapter 54: What if my feelings are gone?

I might have a date tomorrow. I checked in on Kevin Saturday and he said there are no obstacles, but you never know. I am quite nervous, it has been more than three months. Has he changed? I have. I am super tanned from working out in the sun and I lost some winter fat. I try to not expect too much, but still… I look forward to our date. To kiss him again and hopefully melt together. Will he be strong enough, strong enough to not cum in an instant? Shall I buy oil to make our fantasy come true? Why am I so terribly shy when it comes to Kevin. Stop putting him on a pedestal. If I want something I need to claim it and make it my own.

It is almost midnight. I text Kevin my plans for tomorrow. I want him to keep me posted and if all the lights are still green in the afternoon… Then I will book a hotel room. I get a pretty fast response back. He just got home from his holidays and tells me the date is still on. I feel proud of Kevin. Let’s see if he can keep me up to date tomorrow and then I will compliment him.

I go to bed with Bob. He is feeling like a true cuckold again. He said he had a boner all day, that it was hard to hide it at work. I think he is more excited about the date than I am. I want to touch my little Bobby, but every part of his body is so sensitive. Normally I can firmly grab his balls, but just resting one finger on them makes him go crazy. I decide to work his mind, telling him stories about how beautiful the penises of the other men are. I know it is humiliating, but I do this out of love for him. He loves being tortured physically and mentally.

“Do you want me to come home again after work?” I ask with a dominant tone.

Bob nods.

“So you want Kevin to cancel on me? Is that it?”

Bob shakes his head. “No, that would be sad for my Queen…”

“You are really a sweet little cuck, aren’t you?”

Bob nods again.

It doesn’t take long before he shoots up a big load of cum and shivers from his orgasm. Bob curls up like a baby and I spoon against him, cuddling him to sleep. I know he is going to be a good boy tomorrow.

I wake up next to sweet Bob. I ask him if he could wear his collar when I come home tomorrow. No pressure.

I stand in front of my wardrobe now. What to wear? I decide to wear a knee height skirt and a simple shirt. The one Kevin liked at date four, though I doubt he remembered. Sneakers are my choice for shoes, because with my high heels I draw too much attention at work. Bob grabs me from behind and says he loves me very much. I say I love him too. We go to work together, knowing we both won’t travel back with each other. Bob keeps whispering to me how sexy I am, touching my legs secretly. I want to touch his raging boner, but that would make the situation worse. We arrive at the central station and kiss each other goodbye.

I set a deadline to check on Kevin after 1PM. I give him some time to sleep in after his long day of traveling. I am so focused on my work that I forget to check my phone. No message. It is almost 2PM. I can’t wait anymore. I text Kevin if I can book a room and yes I can. He is going to do his best to come straight after dinner. All the hotel rooms are very pricey, because it is the peak season. I have to book fast too, before they are all taken. I take the risk of booking an expensive room, since Kevin can’t respond anymore.

All done at work. Time to go.

Like our first hotel date, I want to make sure there is some water and food. I close the windows and put the air conditioning on maximum. I have some time left to eat at my favorite restaurant. While I am waiting for my food, I see two familiar faces entering. Holy shit, my parents. I instantly stand up and make a run for it, but I change my mind in a few seconds and decide to join their table. It would be heavy on my heart to leave them like that. I tell them, that I am here to visit a friend, but couldn’t resist a quick bite at this restaurant. They believe it and are blinded with happiness because of my presence only. But seriously come on. What are the odds to run into them here… We are both miles away from home and it is way passed their usual dinner time. I leave my parents as soon as I can and go back to the hotel. I tell Bob all about it and he can only laugh. He had a feeling something like that might happen one day. He wishes me a good time with Kevin. I also share my rendezvous with both Eric and Kevin.

I am back at the hotel. I freshen myself up and talk to Eric. I show him a picture of me in the hotel. We both wish it was us… And to be honest… As minutes pass by… I don’t know what to feel. I don’t feel excited anymore. The most important thing with tonight’s date is to reconnect. What if my feelings are gone? Do I have the guts to tell Kevin right away?

I say bye to Eric. I want my mind to focus on Kevin only now.

Kevin texts me. He is on his way.

20 minutes later.

He is waiting in front of the hotel. I text him that I will pick him up. I take one last look in the mirror. Yes, I look cute and sexy. I take the elevator down and walk towards the entrance. I don’t see him. I walk outside the hotel and there he is. Standing with his phone in one hand, staring at the screen. I take a second to observe him. He got a nice sexy tan from the holidays. He looks casual. Just the way I like it. He still could lose some weight, because his face is a bit chubby. Doesn’t matter! He is still handsome.

He looks up and smiles like a shy boy. I only say ‘hello’ and lure him inside. It is too dangerous to be seen together on a crowded street. We have some small talk in the elevator. He couldn’t believe I ran into my parents. Talking to him feels very comfortable, like we are friends. I try to open the hotel room, but I am standing at the wrong door.

“My gosh, I am so silly,” I say to Kevin.

Kevin just smiles.

We enter the correct room and stand in front of each other now.

To be continued. Follow me to get a notification.

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