Kevin (Ex Lover)

Chapter 55: I want to reconnect again, because it has been such a long time

Lights are low and the atmosphere romantic. I stand in front of Kevin at the end of the bed in a small intimate hotel room. I can smell him, his own wonderful scent. I look up and stare. He is so tall and handsome. Shall I make a move or – I get no time to think, his hand gently grabs the back of my head as his lips softly kiss mine. His tongue slides inside my mouth. The effect of Kevin French kissing me is not from this world… It feels like an electric erotic love shock running through my body with the speed of light. I can barely stand, my knees are weak… I fall straight into Kevin’s strong arms. He smiles at me and feels it too as he looks into my eyes. Greedy as I am, I kiss him again and pull his body closer to mine. I am relieved, so relieved. I still feel for him. I am turned on in an instant. My breath, his breath, accelerating. I can’t get enough of how his tongue dances with mine. I am totally under his spell.

It doesn’t take long before Kevin pushes me on the bed. I love it when he takes action. It makes him so manly and increases my hunger for him. We are lying on our sides now, still kissing. His hand secretly ventures and searches for my bare skin. As much as I want to melt together with Kevin, I know he doesn’t have the strength to make love to me more than two times. That’s why I answer his question, what I want, with that I want to enjoy us kissing this way as long as possible. I want to reconnect again, because it has been such a long time. And this slow tempo is so erotic.

We both try to resist to rip our clothes off. His hands are everywhere though, under my shirt, feeling up my legs squeezing my bum. He waits patiently for me to give a sign to move on to the next. And I do want to move on… I want to feel his skin on my skin. I take off his shirt and my own. He removes his jeans as I remove my skirt. Kevin kisses me fiercely after seeing me like this, in my black lace lingerie. I pull him closer. I feel his warm body, his sexy torso, his soft back. I start to rub his boxers. It makes him stop kissing me and moan. I can see he enjoys my touch, but I want him to lose this piece of fabric. I pull it down and see his wonderful hard penis twitching at me. I gently touch his shaft with my fingers. Kevin stops me and takes control. He lets me sit up in front of him, takes of my bra straps, one at the time. With one hand he opens the hook of my bra. He holds it and squeezes it, makes circles with it. The fabric of the bra is teasing my nipples. Kevin closes his eyes, opens them again and releases the hook. I am in front of him now with my perky breasts and hard nipples. I grab his head and push him between my breasts. I know how he loves breasts. He looks like he is dreaming. His fingers reach for my nipples now. He plays with them while I enjoy his touch. I take off my panties which distracts him a bit, but I steal his attention back with a kiss. While kissing him I guide him to lay on his back. I climb on top and let him enjoy my breasts this way. Kevin gets so wild, he growls like an animal, wanting to devour his pray. I spoil him circling my breasts towards his mouth. He pushes my firm ladies together with his hands against his face, looking like he is in heaven. Enough of that. I want to ride him, grind against his penis with my pussy, dry fucking… His knees are up, so I can lean against his legs. I wish he was inside me now, but choose to enjoy the journey towards it. Kevin doesn’t want to stop giving my breasts attention. He wets his fingers with saliva and spoils my nipples. I missed this, only he can do this to me. But the soft and gentle caressing switches to pinching my nipples. I look at Kevin with big eyes as it feels slightly painful and submissive. His mood is definitely changed. He looks hypnotized and focused, like he wants to see me small. The thought of Eric pops in my head. My strong Sir overpowering me, but it is Kevin now… I let it overcome me, the pain, the tormenting. Wondering if there is a little sadist in Kevin too. I can’t take it anymore and fall on Kevin’s chest, out of breath. He rolls me on my back and lays next to me, still touching me. His fingers reaching down. I see a change in his eyes again as he inserts two fingers in my sweet moist pussy. He whispers that I feel so good. He looks so aroused. Fuck he is beautiful. Kevin finger fucks me, staring at his fingers disappearing in me and then back at me. I don’t have to guide him anymore, this instantly feels so fucking hot. It definitely helped feeling submissive when he tormented my nipples a few moments ago, because I am surrendering completely now. I am losing it, my mind is exploding. I feel tears coming up and I know what that means… My body shocks and I squirt a little as I orgasm on his hand. Kevin stops and kisses me… He wants more, so do I!

He is on top of me now, rubbing his erect penis against my slit while staring at me. The way he dry fucks me, it drives me insane. I am locked into his gaze. What does he want? Is he going to slip his cock inside me without condom? I am too afraid to ask. I don’t want to kill the mood. Kevin said at the start of our adventure that he always wants to use condoms. He even placed them on the bed before we were naked. But still… The fantasy of Kevin going bareback with me… The thought of it… Hmm… I wonder if he dreams about it. I think he secretly wants to melt with me in the purest form, but is too afraid to risk a disease for his girlfriend. But his look, that look in his eyes… Like he knows I am begging him in my mind to enter me. This mental game… The craving, the heat, the erotic tension… I love it.

Kevin lifts my hips and lays down a pillow under my bum. He puts on a condom. I feel slightly disappointed, but my hunger to feel him inside me needs to be satisfied. With or without condom. Kevin presses his cock against my pussy lips. He enters me, inch by inch, melting with me. I feel him, I missed him. This connection between us is amazing, he literally fills my whole body. I let out a moan, a moan of erotic pleasure. Kevin loves it when I look at him while he melts together with me. He stays deep inside me and stares into my eyes. My mouth is open, breathing hard, because of the electric shock I just felt. I feel so warm and wanted. Kevin starts to slowly move in and out. My pussy is a bit tight now, but that is OK. The better I can feel his hard pulsating penis, shaping the insides of me. I love it slow, when he is all the way in, he holds on for a second and pushes his body weight on me, then pulls back, almost out again. Kevin is making sweet love to me. I am captured by his eyes and he in mine. I feel butterflies in my stomach, flying to the top of my head. After a while of intimate thrusting, I lift my legs up. Kevin embraces and kisses my legs, puts them on his shoulders. I want him closer to me and reach for his face with my hands. He comes closer, I feel all of his weight on me now, and my legs are almost all the way up to my face. Fuck, this is so good. It is so beautiful, our bodies and souls connected, melted together. I whisper to him that he is beautiful, that I can feel him, that he is such a delight and so attractive. It has a lot of effect on him, he fucks me with all his might, so deep and hard. I moan his name, holding his face in my hands. He can’t take it anymore. I feel his penis exploding inside me, his orgasm is long as he moans. His expression is so pure, so beautiful. Kevin collapses in my arms. My legs are down now. I let him rest on top of me, while I stroke his hair. He did wonderful, my beautiful secret lover. He kisses me and thanks me, then rolls off me. I find my way into his arms and cuddle up against him. We are both silent, enjoying what just happened.

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