Bob (Hubby/Cuckold/Puppy) · Kevin (Ex Lover)

Chapter 56: Did little Bobby lock me out of the house?

We are lying naked in each other’s arms, Kevin and I, underneath white sheets in a sweet little hotel room. Both catching our breath. Kevin won’t be Kevin, if he doesn’t share stories about his life. He needs it, since he is not a hero talking via text. I prefer texting though. It would give us more time during our dates for hot steamy sex. But that would cause distance between us. I accept this difference and am OK with this compromise. I lend him my ears, while we both stare at the ceiling.

Kevin tells me about his holidays and then about his health problems. He shares that an ambulance almost picked him up at one point. I am shocked when I hear this. He really needs to change his lifestyle. He ensures me that he is on his way to a healthier path already. I am glad about that.

Suddenly Kevin stops and starts to focus on me. He is a very good listener and asks me questions to get deeper into my mind. It silences me… He makes me think. For example when I talk about someone else, he projects it to me. He is so interested in knowing the real me. Maybe he liked our deep conversations during the previous hotel date.

“You know… My girlfriend would have stopped me already. She hates it when I dig deeper,” he says like he is missing out.

“I don’t mind. I love self-reflection and getting feedback.”

I feel sorry for this man, he is so damn cute when he is himself. What I can conclude from his stories is that his girl is into materials and status. She and I are two complete opposites. I think that explains his attraction to me, he can just be. For a few hours he can forget all the worries in his normal life. He cried last time in the hotel when I said that it is a fact that he is a cheater. It seems he has come to terms with it now. He still wishes that his girlfriend would approve an open relationship. Kevin already sees us having dinner together and yes… He means me joining his family for supper. Who knows what the future brings. I know Bob would not be happy about it.

Time really flies when I chat with Kevin. I am shocked to find out that it is almost 11PM. I want to melt one last time and turn my body to him. We kiss. My arousal is instant when I touch his tongue with my tongue. I am much wilder now than round one, because it feels like it is my last chance. Our lips are not even touching, just our tongues swirling around. Fuck that is so addictive… So erotic. I feel super horny now. I grab his face and lick his lips. My tongue reaching from his chin to right under his nose. Kevin shivers in arousal when I do that to him and in this state he can do anything he wants with me. Kevin wants to take me in doggy style. We are on our knees, tongue kissing each other like horny teenagers. His hand reaches for my pussy. I let out a loud moan when he starts to finger fuck me. I am surprised. I wasn’t expecting this. My mind was focused to turn around to offer my pussy for doggy style. I can’t kiss anymore, because I am so aroused and can’t stop moaning. My pussy is soaking, leaking… Fluid is running down my legs. Kevin is amazed and growls he loves me so slippery. He finger fucks me harder and harder and then rubs his hand on my slit. He wants me, he wants me now, grabbing his last condom as quick as he can. I look down at the bed sheets. There is a puddle of my juices on it. Oh my God! What is he doing to me…

I am bent over on my knees, ready to take Kevin in. He takes me hard. Pounding my pussy from behind. I have never been this wet during fucking. You can hear the soaking wet sounds filling the room. We fuck like rabbits, moaning, wanting… But it gets too slippery for me, I can’t feel him this way. I ask Kevin if I can come on top of him, so I can take control. He eagerly lays on his back. I kiss him while I let myself slide on his still hard cock. I start gently, straddling him, curious if I can cum while rubbing my clit against his body. My plan only lasts a few seconds, because I crave for hard fucking more. I get myself in a squat position so I can take him deep and hard. Kevin helps me, lifting my hips up and down. This feels so good, I feel him now… Oh how I love fucking his cock. Kevin is losing it, moaning that this is so fucking hot with me… I feel his muscles contracting. He looks like he is almost going to cry. No, it is not that… He is cuming, hard and loud. His penis pulsating in my warm pussy. I keep on moving, but Kevin stops me. He can’t keep up with me anymore and laughs about it.

“I am not that fit,” he says with a smile.

I laugh back at him and rest into his arms. I feel his beating heart against mine. He is so warm and smells good. He caresses my shoulders, back and bum, whispering that he loves how soft I feel. I lift my head and smile at him. I kiss his lips for a few seconds, just lips connecting. I look at him. Gosh, he looks so adorable and cute…

“Thank you,” I whisper.

“Thank you…” He whispers back.

“I am very grateful to you, that you share yourself with me.

Not only that, you are so respectful towards my relationship with Bob.

So thank you for that too.”

“Likewise. Thank you for always respecting my family too.

This is beautiful. Special.”

“You are.”

“We are… Together…”

Kevin needs to get going. I stare at him while he dresses and corrects his hair in the bathroom. He didn’t forget the money this time. It is Bob’s rule, that Kevin pays half of the hotel room. I feel like a hooker when Kevin gives me money while I am naked on the bed. The thought disappears when Kevin kisses me goodnight. Hoes don’t get passionate kisses like that.

I am alone now and feel drained, but still check if Bob is online. He is sleeping. I check Skype and Eric is online. He thought that Kevin was staying the night, but that can never be. Unless a rare opportunity presents itself. I try to share my wonderful evening, but it is hard to type. I am so exhausted. Eric wishes me a good night. I fall asleep in an instant.

4AM. I am awake. I don’t feel guilt like last hotel date. I was so sick with guilt towards Bob, because I was in a bed for the first time with Kevin. I rush myself to take the early train home. I do want to see Bob. I want to know if he is wearing his collar. Poor Kevin texted me last night, but I was KO already and it is way too early to text him now. I will text him later. I update Eric, while I travel. I feel aroused and send him pictures of my legs. Eric thinks I am such a slut. That is a compliment to me.

I come home. My key doesn’t work. What is this? Did little Bobby lock me out of the house? It must be a mistake! I slam on the door and get in Queen mode. I hear Bob barking. He whines, he is so sorry, while he unlocks the door. As soon as the door opens he runs to the bed in the living room. I get a glimpse of his naked little butt cheeks and… His collar. I am not mad anymore. I am proud. My cute puppy dog slept with his collar on! I enter the living room and sit next to him on the bed. I see he has been jerking off on my black leather boots. I laugh. Bob’s eyes are big and begging. I pet him on the head, reward him that he is a good boy. He shivers and waits for my story. I am quite bumped, because Bob planned a meeting with someone within a few hours. So I don’t have the time to give him the session he deserves. There is something special about the sessions after a date. The way Bob trembles, I haven’t seen it with anyone. Seeing his jealousy, his arousal and submissiveness all mixed together… It is such a treat to me. It sets my dominant side on fire.

I decide to give Bob a quick version of the story, because I want him to cum for me. His meeting can wait a few minutes. I hover above him and order him.

“Kiss me, taste him.”

“Woof!” Bob licks me like a dog.

“You have been such a good boy! I love seeing you with your collar on. So you want a little ‘bedtime’ story?”

Bob nods while he desperately wants to jerk off his hard rock cock.

I slap his hands. “No touching!”

Bob cries a bit.

“Don’t worry. I will do it. Surrender to me.”

Bob relaxes.

“Kevin fucked me. It was so good! He fucked me twice. He had no problem entering my pussy.”

Bob whines, feeling like a true cuckold.

“I needed it. He made me so wet… He could come on top of me!” Knowing I am hitting a nerve, because he can’t fuck me like that.

“You deserve it, my Queen!”

“You are not allowed to talk! You are a dog! Bark for me!”

Bob feels so sorry and barks with all his might.

I reward him, caressing his balls and jerking him off. He loves it. He cums in an instant. What a bad dog. I slap him in the face and refuse to give him a rest. I jerk him off again and order him to beg for it… To beg to cum.

“Woof woof woof!” Bob barks in a fast tempo, begging me.

I smile. I look at him with sadistic eyes. “Beg more!”

“WOOF WOOOOOOF!!?” Bob is in distress.

“Yes, cum for me boy! Cum for your slut wife who’s pussy is fucked by another man.”

Bob cums again and it is a shit load of sperm.

I kiss him on his forehead and thank him for being my little puppy dog. I also thank him for allowing me to meet Kevin. Because in the end, Bob has the real control.

To be continued. Follow me to receive a notification.

2 thoughts on “Chapter 56: Did little Bobby lock me out of the house?

  1. Bob’s training is coming right along. Next time you should get him a cage so he can’t jerk off unless you allow it. You can wear the key around your neck.

    Good girl!


    1. You mean like a chastity belt? I don’t want to do that to him. Since his cock is too sensitive for that, the man can come 10 times a day lol. But a real cage… I have been fantasizing about that! Would be perfect when Eric comes to visit.


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