Eric (Ex Dom)

Chapter 57: All men should make a woman really crave first

I have some bad news. I got injured during a workout. I inform Kevin that I can’t date for some time. I don’t see how. I can’t drive and having sex will be troublesome. I know Kevin will only worry about not hurting me. His reaction is sweet. He wants me to take care of myself first and says that we can always date later. Sigh, now I am the one who can’t date.

Is there any good news? When it comes to sex, not so much. I can still masturbate with the vibe and doing limited sessions with Eric is also possible.

It is Thursday afternoon. Bob is out. Eric and I see an opportunity to video chat. Suddenly I am naked and Eric shows me how hard he is. Fuck, I love seeing his tasty big cock. Eric wants to make sure I am not pushing myself because I am injured. That is sweet. I am sure I won’t. I don’t want to delay my recovery. I warn him that I can’t lay down on my back. Another thing is that we have an hour before Bob returns.

Sir wants me in position four and get the nipple clamps ready. I can’t put them on yet, because Sir tells me first what he would do to me while I am standing there naked and vulnerable.

“I pictured myself holding your wrists…

Kissing you…

And brushing your nipple with the back of my fingers.

Then gripping between my knuckles.

Pinching and tugging.

And then moving my mouth down.

Teasing your nipple with my tongue.

Then catching it between my lips.

Pinching it that way, then lightly with my teeth.

And harder, until you make a little noise… A little squeak.”

I close my eyes from time to time. I imagine Sir is doing this to me, teasing my nipples. I wish I could touch myself. The only thing I can do, is to keep on breathing.

“Now, put on the clamps for me.”

I do as told. It actually feels good to have the clamps on.

“Tug at the chain.”

I tug and I feel more arousal filling up my body. My nipples are enjoying the sweet painful pulls.

“I would return to kissing you…

And with us standing…

Letting my hard cock move between your legs.

The top of the head pressing on your pussy lips.

So quickly, giving you that touch.

That intimacy already.

Letting you feel as my cock throbs and jumps, lifting and pressing against you.”

I am still tugging the chain, but there is also action down there. Reading Sir’s words about his cock touching my pussy lips have a big effect on me. In my mind Sir is doing this for real. I can feel my pussy leaking juices. I am allowed to touch, to touch my slit lightly. Fuck, I am wet. I start to breathe even harder.

“I would tease that way.

Until I can feel wetness on my cock…”

Wetness? My pussy would be soaking… Like it is now! I love it when Sir works me up mentally, making me so hungry and needing his cock. All men should make a woman really crave first. It takes some time, but it is so worth it. Though Sir would not fuck me yet after feeling my juices… Sir wants to grip me by my hair, whisper what a slut I am and force me down on my knees.

“Do you have your small dildo there?”

On my knees and the small dildo? I bet Sir wants to see me deep throat his cock.

“Open your mouth for me…

Show me your tongue.”

I gladly do it in front of the camera now. Could it be I am in such a trance that I don’t feel shame anymore? I am thinking.

“OK baby…

Now, slide the toy in.”

I slide the dildo in my mouth, as deep as I can. My body response is as expected… I gag a bit, but don’t stop trying to do my best for Sir. I know Sir loves to see me struggle. My eyes are full of tears, running on my cheeks like raindrops on a window. I want Sir to experience the emotions I feel by looking into the camera. I sneak a bit to the screen to see Sir’s expression. Fuck, I can see that he loves it. Sir’s face looks like he is close to cumming. Which arouses me even more.

“Fuck… Baby.

Your sweet tears.

One more for me.

Yes baby.

Now make it nice and wet.

Good girl.”

Can I get penetrated? I hope. Yes, I can. Sir wants me to stand up and push it inside me, while tugging the chain. I can’t move the dildo in and out yet. I have to keep it in, turn around and bend over. I see my injured bruised ass on the screen. I know Kevin could not handle it, so I am more than happy that Sir can see past this.


In and out.


Being bend over and getting fucked like this feels so hot. My legs are covered with goosebumps, since I love the penetration so much. My whole body shivers. I can hear the soaking sounds of my pussy, while I pound the dildo.

“Very good.

Now take it out.

Turn around for me.

I want it back in your mouth.

Smack it on your tongue.”

I make sweet love to the dildo, but also deep throat and smack it on my tongue. I want to show that Sir’s dirty slut wants to do anything. Sir asks me if I can take the dildo in my ass. I freeze a bit. I don’t think I can. I am afraid it will be too close to my tail bone. Sir understands and thanks me for telling him.

“Now, I want you to get it back in your pussy.

This time rubbing your clit.


While looking at the camera.”

I want Sir to see all of me. I am slightly bend over, but this time Sir sees my face. I push the dildo, in and out, while rubbing my clit. Standing up has such a different effect on me. It feels like my juices want to flow down. Fuck, this is good. Being under Sir’s spell, doing everything to please him. I can’t stop moaning, I feel like exploding, my dildo is pushed out by a forceful amount of squirt. I came so hard.

“More,” Sir commands.

I keep fucking myself and open up my mouth. My tongue is out… Wanting to receive. Please give it to me, that is what I want to tell Sir. My eyes begging for Sir’s tasty white cum. Sir cums. It is beautiful. I am amazed every time and also happy that he always cums. It doesn’t matter what kind of session we have.

Guess the session worked out, injured or not. I can always count on Eric and his creativity. This was a quickie, but still everything I needed. I also feel proud that I can get aroused so fast and can let go sooner.

Seems Bob is on his way and is bringing a friend. I clean up and thank Eric. I wonder if Bob will notice what I did when he enters the living room.

To be continued. Follow me to get a notification.

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