Bob (Hubby/Cuckold/Puppy) · Charley (Bull)

Chapter 60: My Bobby mailed me an advertisement of a bull

I come home from a nice day at the spa, trying to forget about Kevin. I walk into the living room and notice that my leather boots are on the bed. Seems that my little Bobby used them to masturbate. Normally he puts my boots back with the other shoes and acts like nothing happened. He admitted feeling ashamed if he doesn’t clean them up. I told him that he shouldn’t do that, because I want to discover tracks of a horny dog. I reward him for giving me that joy with a pet on the head. Then I drag him to the bed and command him to show me how he masturbates when I am not around. Bob trembles and puts one boot up on the sheets. He says that he pretends that the boot is me. He rolls on his side and hugs the other boot, also laying down on the side against his face. Bob’s voice sounds so submissive and shy when he explains his masturbation routine. I love this intimacy and reward him even more by jerking him off and grabbing his balls.

A day passed.

Surprise surprise… My Bobby mailed me an advertisement of a bull with the title ‘Looking for a sincere cuckold couple, need the wife to enjoy intense sex.’ The ad is placed on a disgusting sex website. Most ads are so nasty that it almost makes me vomit. What is this ad doing on a site like this? I wonder. I wasn’t planning on a new man yet. I wanted to be cured of the Kevin fever before searching. Not to mention, my annoying injury is still bugging me. But… Everything in the ad attracts me… Allures me… My little Bobby knows me so well and I feel proud he went fishing for a bull.

The guy from the ad wants the wife to have a great sexual need and a craving to be dominated by a real man. He shares that he is experienced in cuckolding, which is a big plus for both of us. Bob especially loves that the potential bull wants to show to the husband that the wife is his mistress. My attention goes to the need to feel deep intimacy and that he wants the whole erotic play. Bob and I both like that he also wants a nice friendship, which means he is looking for something long-term. I do ask Eric what he thinks about responding to the ad. Eric supports me. He wants me happy and fulfilled.

I decide to respond and send the guy a message.

My husband showed me your ad. Wow, I am moved by all your words. We are a young couple in a very loving and unconditional relationship. Both athletic build and no shortage of attention from the other gender.

We don’t have much experience. If this is not a bother to you, then I will tell you about the adventures we had.

I long for a man who loves to explore a woman, to find all her spots. I want a man who drives my mind crazy, until I beg you to take me. A man who wants to really dominate me in front of the eyes of my little puppy dog, who loves to watch.

We need discretion and clear communication. I also need mental and physical attraction. If I don’t feel it, then I will tell you directly.

Bob reviews my response on the ad and approves. I click ‘send’ and wait…

Two hours later, a response! Yes! The guy is more than interested and it seems that he lives within half hour range of our house. I find this a bit scary, because it might be someone Bob and I know. Especially since he is the same age and has his company in our place of birth. Bob pushes me to continue and that I need to trust the guy’s discretion. The guy prefers to meet instead of sending mails back and forth. I am a bit flabbergasted by his approach. No way, I am not going to meet him when I haven’t even talked a bit. I propose to have a video chat on Skype first. He respects my caution.

We both log in and start the call. I can’t really see if he is handsome or not, at least he is real and not ugly or anything. We share our stories. I even tell him I have Eric. He is still interested after all the information and proposes to meet right now. I seriously considering and Bob even gives a green light, but it is almost midnight. I do a counter proposal to meet in the morning, so we both can get some sleep. Not to mention… I still want a session with my Sir.

Suddenly I have a date. I check with Eric if he is OK with it, else I will reschedule. He is fine. Eric will even pay close attention to the time during our session tomorrow morning. I don’t know if I am excited or not, but I can hardly sleep. Oh, and the guy’s name is Charley. Could he be someone who can please both Bob and my needs? That would be a first time experience.

To be continued. Follow me to receive a notification.

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