Bob (Hubby/Cuckold/Puppy) · Charley (Bull)

Chapter 61: What a fun and romantic first date it was…

After the session with Eric I rush into the shower to get ready for my date with Charley. Bob is confused and doesn’t understand why I am in a hurry. He thought the three of us were going to meet each other in the afternoon. That was the original plan, but I do remember telling him that I want to meet Charley alone first. If Charley and I connect well, only then, I will introduce the two men to each other. This is my way of protecting Bob and saving him time. Bob doesn’t like the idea of me being alone in a big park with an unknown man on a silent early morning. Which I understand, but my gut tells me I can trust Charley.

“I can reschedule, it is not a problem,” I say.

Bob has his thinking face on. “I trust that you can take care of yourself.”

“Thank you, that is really sweet. I would cancel or reschedule any moment for you.”

“It is OK, go have fun my love. Keep me posted.”

I mail Bob Charley’s phone number and his true name. I also make sure my tracker app is turned on. This way Bob can see all my movements.

I walk to the car, but it is rather chilly outside. I need my winter coat!

“I’m sorry. I am a bit late. Need to change my coat. It is cold!” I text to Charley.

“Oops, I forgot mine. At least the sun is shining,” he texts me back with a lot of smiling emoticons.

“I can bring something warm for you?”

“I am not saying no to that!”

“OK, see you soon.”

“Take it easy all right?”

It already feels like the ice is broken. I look forward to meeting Charley now!

I drive to the park and notice only a few cars on the parking lot. I scan every car and see one with a different license plate. Charley lives just across the border, so it must be his car. I park next to him and wave shyly. He looks at me, all happy and gets out of his car. Oh my God! He is tall, taller than Kevin. Maybe 6 feet and 7 inches? Remember, I am 5 feet and 6 inches. We never mentioned height, well surprise! We greet each other with a kiss on the cheek and I hand over a warm vest. The poor guy is only wearing a thin button up shirt. But I like what I see. Most guys who are tall walk clumsy. He moves around like he is proud of his length. I love his hair, nice thick brown hair, with the front combed to the right. Eyes are light icy blue and he has a neat beard, rough and manly. And then his smile, he looks full of joy with eyes that sparkle. This is a man who loves life and is passionate. I can feel it. Charley looks way better in real life than virtual.

We lock our cars and start to walk. The weather couldn’t be more perfect. Lots of sunshine and the air is cold and oxygen-rich. I told Charley all about my experiences yesterday on Skype and now it is his turn. Charley tells me he has a girlfriend. How could I forget to ask? His girlfriend has autism, but saw Charley was missing something. She proposed an open relationship (one sided), because she wants Charley to be fulfilled. Charley didn’t want an open relationship at the start, but after giving it some thought, he gave in to it. He started with BDSM and no fucking, but that seemed to attract traumatized girls. The girls are good friends with Charley now and found themselves a healthy relationship. This means Charley no longer has sessions with them. After that phase he took steps to really have sex with other girls, but as soon as they got a boyfriend, things ended. So that is why cuckolding got his interest. To have passionate sex with the wife while the husband watches. He thinks cuckolding is perfect for him, because then he can build up a long-term sexual relationship with no worries that the woman will get a man and leaves him. He is already experienced with cuckolding, but finding a couple matching his needs is hard. The couples he has been with were old and done within half an hour or the experience was too harsh. He needs the whole erotic play and lovebirds with more energy. His conclusion is that most couples found the fantasy was more alluring than reality. Charley mentions one more thing. He is still seeing a girl next to his girlfriend and asks me if I am OK with it. Of course, I don’t mind, because we are both not monogamous and I also have Eric.

Besides all his sex adventures I also like what he is sharing about his personality. He seems to not like people, even hate them. I can’t help but laugh out loud. Charley would match Bob so well. The way we talk to each other feels natural, including the little moments of silence followed by shy giggles. I don’t have to think hard, take a step back or keep myself focused to listen. I can blur out anything I want, and he listens sincerely. Charley really overcomes me. I went to this date with no expectations at all and here it feels like he is a gift from heaven. There is nothing about him that frustrates me. I am really having a good time with lots of laughs and I desperately want to kiss him.

I am hopeless. We walked around for half a mile and I am looking for an opening to kiss him. I need to kiss him and test if we match. I stare into his eyes, longing for him, but he just smiles back and continues talking. Finally, a bench! We sit next to each other and I warn him about my injury. I look at him and smile like a fool.

“I feel like a stupid teenager…” I mumble.

Charley just smiles.

I can’t wait any longer. I feel warm and shy. I reach for his hand with my hand. His hand feels soft, he grabs my hand firmly with both of his hands now.

“There is one more thing we need to test,” I say.

Charley pulls me closer now and kisses me softly. His kiss is so sweet. It lasts for just a few seconds, because we both can’t help laughing.

“Is this OK?” Charley asks.

“More than OK. I want more…”

Charley grabs my face and kisses me with more intensity. He even picks me up, puts me on his lap and cradles me. This is so romantic. I never had this experience. I love how he tastes, it turns me on. I can feel my panties getting wet from all the excitement. We stop when people pass by and when Charley’s phone rings. He warned me about phone calls, because it is still morning and he needs to be available for his company. Charley really got some balls answering his calls and kiss me while he is listening to his colleague. I want to find a spot deeper in the forest, because I can’t afford to run into someone I know. Although being in public does feel extremely arousing.

Before we move on, I send Bob a message that everything is going well. Bob wishes me fun. Charley and I walk deeper into the forest, hand in hand. Charley massages my hand while walking. My hands are sensitive, and I feel totally under his spell. Walking forward is so hard to do, because our lips find their way to each other every minute. Charley knows a solution. He picks me up and carries me with my legs wrapped around his waist and my arms around his neck. I can’t help but laugh, he is such a romantic. But it works. Charley kisses me, carries me and moves us forward. What a strong man!

Charley puts me down, because we are walking on an open road. I don’t want to be spotted like this and I want us to go into the forest again, ASAP! We find ourselves a valley with lots of trees. Charley picks me up again and walks me to a nice spot where we can lay down. He takes off my coat and his vest and spreads them as a blanket on the ground. The sun is still shining and it is warm enough to wear no jacket. It is beautiful here, looking up, seeing all the rays of sunlight through the green and brown leaves. The start of autumn is wonderful. Laying in Charley’s arms is even more wonderful. What is this? Is it NRE (New Relationship Energy)? I feel like a little girl in love. We kiss, chat, hug and laugh. He even slaps my ass hard (not my injured part), so hard that the sound echoes through the forest. I can’t stop laughing about it.

Our bellies are growling after a few hours. We really need to stop kissing and find us some food. I text Bob quick that we are going to eat something and then finish up. At the parking lot is a nice restaurant. I ask Charley to release my hand, just in case of familiar faces. We find ourselves a table, but it is in the shade. Charley grabs the table and puts it in the sunlight. Is he for real? This man doesn’t care about opinions of other people. I like it, I like it very much. We eat, drink and enjoy ourselves. We share pictures of our hobbies. Charley gives me a quick peck on my lips in between. I am a bit shocked about it but melt when I gaze into his eyes. Charley is a rebel. I quickly scan the area and it seems there is no one I know. Else I would have lectured him. Charley continues expanding his territory and caresses my hand lightly. If we were not in public, I would have grabbed his face and kiss him all over.

We finish our lunch and walk back to the cars, I want to keep seeing Charley for sure, but I must discuss things first with Bob. If it was up to Charley, we would see each other tonight after his work again. We stand between our parked cars and say goodbye. We kiss and can’t stop, almost eating each other up. Charley presses me against my car and lifts my hands up, so I surrender to him. But I start laughing, because that move was kind of clumsy. Glad he is laughing too. He cuddles me, then lifts me up and puts me on the hood of his car. I can’t get enough of our tongues swirling and dancing. It is so erotic. I shouldn’t do this with him out in the open and so close to home, but I am soaking wet! I think my wetness is almost visible in my jeans. We really need to say goodbye now. I stop Charley for his own good. He really needs to get to work and I have a sweet puppy dog waiting for me. Charley asks me to call him when I have talked to Bob.

What a fun and romantic first date it was… I am amazed about the instant chemistry with Charley. We just click. Both of us live the life we want and we are not sensitive to peer pressure. Normally, I need more time or work very hard to keep a conversation going. And it is definitely not my style to meet a guy only after a short chat. But… Wow, this was so spontaneous. I especially like the fact that his girlfriend is on board and approves his sexual adventures. I am happy that Bob pushed me. I needed that.

I come home again and feel absolutely drained. I share all the details with Bob and say with confidence that he would also like Charley. Bob trusts my judgment and tucks me into bed. I quickly text Charley that I will call him later, because I really need a long nap.

To be continued. Follow me to receive a notification.

4 thoughts on “Chapter 61: What a fun and romantic first date it was…

  1. Wonderful new beginning… you may be on the avenue that you have been looking for awhile. It will be interesting when Charlie meets Bob for the first time, this could be the start of a real cuckolding
    Adventure for all involved. BTW: I have been followed your story from day one, never cared for Kevin and The way he wanted to meet you in his van, I thought he was cheap….
    Good luck with Charlie and Bob of course,

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks Orientcuck for still following me. And yes Kevin was cheap. I can see that now, I was blind. I learned a lot from that adventure and really want a true cuckolding relationship now, for all involved indeed. Bob deserves to watch and I want to give him that pleasure.


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