Bob (Hubby/Cuckold/Puppy) · Charley (Bull)

Chapter 62: Like a good dog he lies down on the floor, staring at us with big puppy eyes

I really needed my nap. It was a short night. I had a wonderful session with Eric in the morning, followed up by a date with Charley. What a spoiled little girl I am. I call Charley to inform him that Bob is still OK with the situation. I want them to meet. Charley is really curious about Bob and asks if he can come over tonight. I quickly check with Bob. Bob nods. I am even more nervous now.

I log in to Skype and share the highlights of my date with Eric. Eric is happy for me and expects that things will happen tonight. I am not really focused on that. I just want the two guys to meet and get comfortable with each other. Charley’s girlfriend is expecting him home for dinner anyway.

Bob and I clean up the house. Make it a bit more accessible for Charley’s visit. We truly live like cavemen.

I hear the doorbell. Bob doesn’t know how to act and his back is hurting a bit. He lays down on the couch bed. He is so nervous. I open the door for Charley and invite him in. Charley and Bob shake hands, while Bob is still on the bed. The situation is so awkward. I sit on a chair on the side of Bob. Charley grabs a chair and places it at the feet of the bed. Bob and Charley do their best to have a small talk. It is a good thing that Charley works in a familiar town, so we have a common subject. I can see that Bob approves Charley. We have periods were we talk and some awkward pauses filled with my giggles. I stare shyly at Charley. Fuck, it is hard to not gaze at him. I feel like I shouldn’t, because my husband is in the same room. Charley looks so handsome and I feel extremely attracted to him. Bob notices the sexual tension between us.

“Don’t mind me. You two do your thing,” Bob says.

Wait what? I get errors in my head. Tonight supposed to be about the two guys getting acquainted and now Bob is telling me I can make a move? I look at Bob with question marks all written over my face and then look back at Charley. I do want to kiss him. It is the truth. But can I do it in front of Bob?

“I can’t. Or… If you go the other room…” I say to Bob.

Bob is OK and moves himself.

“Is it really OK?” Charley asks me.

“Yes, he has his safe word.”

I hear Bob closing the door, but then opening it up a little to listen. My heart is racing. I didn’t expect Bob to give me space to be intimate with Charley tonight. I am a bit flabbergasted, but decide to go with the flow. Charley takes his chance and kisses me. I stand up and sit on his lap. I straddle Charley, while I kiss him. Did we really had our first date this morning? Is this our second date already? Everything feels so unreal.

I look at the kitchen (we have an open kitchen). I see Bob peaking at us. I am surprised how I feel. I automatically switch to my Domme role. I want him to watch now. Seeing my puppy’s submissive eyes is a sign for me that I can carry on with Charley.

“Are you OK over there Bob?” Charley asks.

Seems that Charley wants to make sure if it is all right to continue.

“Yes,” Bob answers with a silent voice.

I smile and bite my lips while I stare at Bob and press Charley closer to my body. I turn my face to Charley again and have no problem kissing him in front of my dog now. Charley looks happy with Bob’s approval and continues to explore. He removes my sweater. I let him. I am drowning in his eyes while I caress his face. Seeing him in evening lights is different compared to broad day light in the morning. He still smiles a lot in between kisses, but I do discover his expression full of desire. I need that the most, the connection of two souls longing for each other. It is so erotic.

Charley has trouble removing my bra. I find it funny and offer help, but he is dedicated. He succeeds. I sit bare breasted on his lap now. I don’t feel shy, it feels natural. Charley lightly touches my back, stroking with his fingertips, leaving my breasts hungry for his touch. I want to feel his skin on my skin and open the buttons of his shirt. His torso looks delicious, together with his sexy big shoulders. I can see traces of an upper six pack and a small belly. I don’t think the belly makes him less attractive. I think it is cute and maybe it is just his form, since his back curves the same, but opposite way. I drop his shirt and pull him against me. Hmm, what a sensation for my skin. Charley stands up and carries me. I am surprised and laugh. I love it when he makes such manly moves. Bob must feel humiliated, because he can never lift me up like that and kiss me while carrying me. Charley squeezes my ass a bit and checks if Bob likes what he sees. I only have eyes for Charley.

I stand on the bed now and can look straight into Charley’s eyes without looking up. Our length difference is gone. Kissing him is easy this way and I make good use of it. We remove each other’s jeans. I laugh inside when I see he is wearing old school underwear. I am used to men wearing boxers, but I know Charley doesn’t really care about clothes as long as it is functional. His hands reach for my breasts. He caresses them, followed by a firm squeeze. Charley pinches my erect nipples, turning up the intensity, bit by bit. I guess he is curious when I said that I can handle a lot. Charley is really hurting me. I collapse on the bed when I finally reach my limit. I want to check Bob’s reaction, but Charley pins me down on the bed and kisses me. I get distracted and lose my mind. I love his taste and crave so much for more, but my period is in my way.

Bob moves himself from the kitchen to the feet of the bed. I feel glad to see he is aroused by us. Like a good dog he lies down on the floor, staring at us with big puppy eyes. I want to give him a good view and I know he loves seeing my ass. I lay Charley on the bed. I need to see how he looks naked, before I please Bob. I pull his underwear down and stare at his cock for the first time. I am surprised. I expected him to be bigger and try with all my might to hide my expression. I don’t want to make him insecure or crush his ego. He is still bigger than most guys in his slightly erect state and I shouldn’t judge yet. Maybe he can do magic with it, time will tell. I remove my panties. I feel confident, even with my tampon in. And secretly it is a distraction for hiding my expression. I move my body on top of Charley now and search for eye contact with Bob, hoping he is fixated on my ass. And yes, he is. Bob is in total ecstasy. I can see it.

“Damn, I would have fucked your brains out, if it wasn’t for your period,” Charley says while he continues kissing me.

Fuck, hearing that makes me even hornier.

“You make me lose my mind!” I say with rapid breathing.

Charley grabs and rolls me on my back. He positions me on the diagonal of the bed, giving Bob a good view. Charley crawls on top, our tongues connect like magnets. We stop kissing and gaze at each other. I am drowning in his eyes, but also my own heat. I feel his passion. I think I can stare endlessly at his sexual expression, his handsome face… All the tiny details, even how his hair slightly falls down off his face… Fuck, he is so sexy to me. Charley opens up my legs and lifts them up, spreading them in a V-position.

“Would you like me to cum over you?”

A Cartoon would show steam out of my ears, so hot hearing his words. I simply nod and feel like a good submissive girl. Charley gives a quick dominating look at Bob and then locks his eyes on my face. He jerks himself off on me, but doesn’t cum. I would have enjoyed his hot sperm on my body. Instead of cumming Charley thrusts hard against my vagina a few times, looking frustrated. I feel his frustration, my mouth is wide open, because I crave him so much. I experienced a tip of the iceberg, a preview of his brutal manly force…

“Let’s save something for next time,” he says.

“I agree. I think my puppy dog endured enough for tonight.”

The three of us relax and talk. I want to make myself comfortable on the bed, but Charley doesn’t let me.

“You think you are done with me?” Charley says with a playful tone.

Before I know it, I am lying on my tummy and receive a nice back massage. What a surprise. I can’t help but wonder if he is into oil, because Kevin and I never realized that fantasy.

“I have massage oil… If you like?” I ask with a slightly nervous voice.

“No, please don’t. Oil really grosses me out.”

Crap, he is not into oil. OK, be a big girl. I need to share my honest thoughts.

“Oh, that is a pity. It is my fantasy.”

“Sorry, I am really not in to it. Oil belongs on a salad.”

I hear Bob laughing. “Man, I agree with you. Oil is not my thing either.”

“OK, I give up,” I say a bit disappointed.

Charley’s hands reach my ass cheeks now. He starts laughing pretty hard.

“What?” I say insecure.

“Sorry, but you look like a pull cord doll.”

“Oh, you mean the rope of my tampon?”


Again I hear Bob laughing too. I guess they find it pretty funny. I am not laughing. I am glad though, that they can laugh after our first real cuckold experience. It makes the whole situation less awkward. I am also thankful that Charley naturally blurs out all his thoughts. To me it is very refreshing and I love the purity of it.

We wrap the meeting up. Charley has a hard time saying goodbye again, but leaves when I tell him his girlfriend is waiting. I put on my leather black boots when Charley closes the door.

“You think you are done?” I say to my little puppy.


“Stay on the floor. I love seeing you there. Such a good boy.”

Bob whines.

“So tell me… How often did you cum?”

“Six times, my Queen.”

“You are a born little cuck, aren’t you? Did you enjoy the show?”

“Woof woof!” Bob barks and nods.

I reward him by trampling with one boot. With one foot I stand close to his balls and with the other I step softly step on his face or neck. My horny dog cums again. It is the seventh time. I get mad, since he didn’t begged for permission. I lower myself and grab his face.

“BAD DOG! How could you?”

“But you are so sexy. I can’t help myself!”

“You are not forgiven. Bark hard for me, cry for me.”

Bob whines and barks with all his might.

I step on him again.

“Woof woof woof woof!?” Bob begs to cum.

“That is a good boy! You can cum…” I smile and feel satisfied.

I see Bob rolling his eyes and feel his body shaking underneath my boot. Having power over him feels so good.

“I am proud of you. So proud,” I say to Bob while I turn from Queen mode to my sweet self again.

I kiss and hug my wonderful husband. We both analyze what has happened. Bob feared that he might attack Charley, afraid his instinct would force him to hit Charley in the face. Bob is glad it didn’t happen. He fully enjoyed the whole experience and handled it pretty well. I am amazed too. I was afraid of not being myself or that I would have trouble to let go while Bob is watching. That was the case when Bob watched me when I had virtual sex with Wesley, my first virtual bull. Tonight’s build up from Bob in the other room, to the kitchen and then on the floor in the living room was perfect. Making love to Charley in front of Bob doesn’t feel like cheating. Even though I had permission for dates with Kevin. It always made me feel guilty afterwards. Tonight was our first real cuckold experience, having my loving husband close to me was perfect. Sexually enjoying together made me feel complete and so loved. Both of us are eager to continue with Charley.

I log in to Skype to share with Eric what happened this evening. I do check if he is OK that I tell him about my new adventure. Eric answers my question with a ‘yes’ and even asks for specifics. He is glad for us, since it is more rewarding and fulfilling than the Kevin adventure. I also logged in to review our morning session and thank him. I really needed to feel his control again.

Before I go to sleep I text Charley.

“You are beautiful. Thank you for the unexpected wonderful day.”

“I enjoyed you so much. It is absolutely blissful with you.”

We might see each other again upcoming Sunday…

To be continued. Follow me to receive a notification.

8 thoughts on “Chapter 62: Like a good dog he lies down on the floor, staring at us with big puppy eyes

  1. Great start on your new journey. As a submissive cuckold myself, I love the way you treat your husband with loving domination but always with respect that he is your life partner. Charlie sounds
    Interesting, I’m curious to see how much he will try to take control of you and Bob. Continued good luck on your new adventure.

    Liked by 2 people

  2. Great action and Bob seems to be growing into his role nicely. Remember there is nothing wrong with having sex when you’re on your period. Just put a towel under you. Depending on your flow, it will often be barely noticeable. Just yank on the string and go for it.


    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yeah, I am so happy that Bob is handling the situation so well. And I don’t mind having sex on my period. But I need to get tested first and I want to get to know Charley more. Within time we might 😊.


  3. Too bad he wasn’t into period sex- I happen to love it. Heightened sensitivity and all that, plus no worries about lubrication LOL. I’ve got a Mirena in though now so I don’t get periods at all anymore.

    While your dynamic in particular doesn’t work for me (my husband is submissive, but not a cuckold- he’d much rather be part of what’s going on, or else leave us be), it’s still sexy to read about!


    1. Thank you! And yes, I am extra aroused etc. during my period too. I won’t see ‘no’ if they want to fuck me anyways. I am sterilized, because I have no wish for children and the hormones of birth controllers were killing my libido. Can’t have that hehe. About the dynamic, it is were my Bob and Charley feel comfortable with for now. Though I would find it smoking hot to have a threesome with them some day. Baby steps still :).


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