Bob (Hubby/Cuckold/Puppy) · Charley (Bull)

Chapter 64: She is mine now

Sunday. Oh how I have been waiting for Sunday. The first thing I do is sending a good morning text to Charley. He is awake and asks right away if Bob is still OK with the situation. Charley really wants to know how Bob experiences everything. He wonders if Bob is playing the cuckold to please me. Of course that is the case, but he surely enjoys watching for his pleasure too. Seeing my desires for another man drives Bob crazy. I enlighten Charley as much as I can about Bob. Though I find direct communication better and share Bob’s phone number with Charley.

Charley proposes a scenario for tonight. Imagine the three of us in the living room. I prepare my puppy on the floor, then getting undressed by Charley. The idea is to let Charley unzip my boots and throw them to Bob. I like it, even though it is a small detail. Especially that Charley wants to please our needs and heat up Bob’s cuckold feelings.

I invite Charley if he wants to join us for dinner. I think it is a bit weird if he is going to eat fast food beforehand when I can feed him. He also wrote in his ad that he is looking for friendship. Eating together is a nice way to get to know each other. I cooked for three days, because I know he eats a lot. I discovered that on our first date.

Charley arrives early. He wears a normal shirt, which makes him look rough. I definitely like what I see. Seems that he was wearing his best outfit on our first date. I find it funny, since I dressed the other way around. I wanted to look as normal and natural (just a bit mascara) as possible. Today I am wearing tight jeans and my black leather boots to make Bob crazy. Charley greets Bob and then follows me to the kitchen. We kiss. His kiss sets me on fire in an instant. I can feel a tingle of heat going from head to toes, back and forth, until it rests on my cheeks resulting in a warm blush. How is this possible? Our tongues are not even connecting, just lips. I almost faint against his chest. Charley grabs me and smiles.

I finish up in the kitchen and announce to both men to take a plate with food. I want to sit at the head of the table, so that Bob and Charley can sit next to me. Bob knows about my plan. I don’t think I am exaggerating, because I need to set the unwritten rules of this ritual. There is no need to point out to Charley where he needs to sit. He naturally follows our lead and sits on my left side. I turn a bit silent and hate that I am shy with the start of something new. Bob feels me and starts small talking. He really is my hero. I can’t stop staring at Charley and most of all I wonder if he likes my dish. He likes it. Charley mentioned to me before that he is not afraid of awkwardness. And yes there is awkwardness. Our conversations turn silent from time to time, but Charley isn’t shy at all. He shamelessly stares and smiles at me in between the chit chats. He is bold too and grabs my hand occasionally.

Bob goes outside for a smoke after dinner. Charley makes good use of the situation and kisses me. Again… That magic feeling of our lips connecting. I feel weak. I am a mess. I want to be his. We clean up the dinner table together. Charley brought a dessert as a surprise, which is very sweet of him. Bob doesn’t like it and lets us eat the dessert together. In the meanwhile I assign Bob to turn on all the candles and make his little bed on the floor. Dessert was tasty, but I want to have Charley as a real dessert now.

Charley moves himself to the couch bed and observes how I prepare Bob.

“Come here boy. I have something for you,” I say to Bob.

Bob comes closer and presents himself to me on his knees.

“Good boy! You know what a good puppy like you gets?”

Bob shakes his head.

“A collar! Then you know I own you. You are mine and you are going to enjoy watching me,” I say to Bob with a humiliating tone while I pet his head.

Bob whines softly.

I guess he is afraid to bark out loud. That is OK. I grab him by the collar and drag him to the floor.

“Be a good boy.”

I turn around to Charley and smile. He stares at me with eyes full of wonder. Like magnets we are drawn to each other and the situation heats up quickly. Charley lays me down and kisses me softly. Is he going to do what we talked about in the morning? Yes, he is. I want to sit up for this and see the look on Bob’s face. Charley unzips my boots and looks at Bob. Bob’s eyes turn sad. Another man is touching his favorite boots, the boots he jerks off on when he is alone.

Charley throws the boots to Bob.

“Here you have something to play with!” Charley says to Bob.

Bob stares shyly at me. I give him a dominant smile back while I bite my lip.

“She is mine now,” Charley claims me.

Charley throws off his shirt and mine. My bra bites the dust too. I sit on his lap, my legs wrapped around his waist, while he pulls me closer. Our upper bodies are rubbing, feeling each other’s heat. Our kisses, animal! I want to eat him alive, my tongue is everywhere. In his mouth, on his face and neck. Hands caressing, exploring skin. But then a pause. Charley kisses me slowly, gently. I follow his lead and break up the kisses to stare into his piercing blue eyes. With our jeans still on, I rub my pussy against his cock. Charley starts grinding too.

“Feels good, sweetheart?” He asks.

I just nod.

The way he stares at me, so focused and passionate. I call it love drunk. I crave for this expression. His gaze is setting so much fire in my body, my soul even. My breath is accelerating, my panties feel wet. I am so close to an orgasm, even if it is just dry fucking him. But Charley stops me. The zipper of my jeans are hurting his cock. Oops, I must have pushed so hard. I apologize and kiss him.

“Who needs jeans anyway…?” I say to Charley while I rip his jeans off.

I strip in front of Charley. I slowly remove my jeans, giving Bob a good show of my firm booty. I quickly stare at Bob and smile. That horny dog is wanking like mad. Charley doesn’t allow me to have a moment with Bob. He pulls me back, but now I am laying on top of him, body on body. He lets my head rest on his chest and starts to caress my body with his fingertips. Soft and gentle touches, but also firm squeezes. Charley is exploring, gauging even. I love it when he grabs my neck firmly, followed by gentle strokes on my back.

“My hands and feet are sensitive,” I say.

Charley sits up and grabs my hands, massaging them. It feels good. He lays me down and let his fingers run down to my feet. He rubs my feet, squeezes them firmly. Fuck, I am losing it. His foot massage feels so close to an orgasm. What is this man doing to me? Charley stops and leaves me frustrated. I need to cool off a bit.

Charley and I spend the rest of our time kissing, staring and hugging each other. Both craving for more, but we won’t because of my period. It felt like a few hours. To me it is damn erotic and excited. I am totally hooked on kissing him. I have never used drugs, but I do think that it felt like drugs. It must be the NRE.

“I think this is enough for tonight,” I say to Charley.

“I wish I could fuck your brains out.”

“I crave for that too, but we have all the time in the world. I want to spend the rest of the evening with my puppy. I think he did a good job.”

“Yes, I understand.”

Charley gets dressed and then bluntly asks me to come with him on a full day road trip on Wednesday. I stare at Bob and then back at Charley. Of course I want to join. I am in the middle of my NRE bubble.

“We need to discuss it,” I say to Charley.

“Yes, we will let you know,” Bob says.

The room turns silent for a few seconds.

“You know. I have an answer already. The answer is ‘no’, not yet. It crosses my limit,” Bob says.

“That is OK,” Charley says with a smile to Bob.

Charley and I kiss each other good night. Bob lets Charley out, while I stay in bed. The minute the door closes, my little puppy jumps on the bed, begging for attention, but he smells Charley all over me.

“Could you brush your teeth and wash your face for me?” Bob asks.

“I rather not, but I will give you a break this time,” I say to Bob with a wink.

To be honest… I want to keep smelling like Charley. I will definitely ignore Bob’s wish in the future, but for now he needs a reward. I come back into the room and cuddle up against Bob. We talk about the evening and both still feel good about the situation. I do speak of my worries. I totally understand that it is hurtful to watch your wife staring like a teen with a crush to another man. Or maybe it might bore him when there is no ‘real’ action. But Bob says he loved every bit of the evening. I am surprised and glad. I feel luckier than yesterday.

I am also curious about Bob’s cum amount.

“More than ten times…” He shyly admits.

“Are you serious?”

“Yes, you are so sexy. I came even when you dragged me by my collar to the floor.”

“You are such a delicious dog!”

I let him cum one more time and kiss him.

I hop on Skype to check if Eric is online. He is. Seems he was eagerly waiting and is curious about the night with Bob and Charley. I tell him all about it. Eric expects me to forget all about Kevin soon and thanks me for checking up on him.

My phone lights up one more time. A text from Charley.

“It was a heavenly evening with you.”

To be continued. Follow me to get a notification.

4 thoughts on “Chapter 64: She is mine now

  1. Hello Anne,
    It looks like you had a wonderful start with Charlie and Bob, this may become a hot relationship. I half expected you to go further with Charlie but I give you credit for your restraint. As a cuckold myself, I think you might consider pushing Bob a little more out of his comfort zone, (he probably wishes you had). Perhaps, after Charlie left, you could have required Bob to cum on your boots while he is smelling the aroma of Charlie on your clothing… I think Bob is looking for you to push him into “sub space” more, don’t be afraid to take control… just my thoughts…

    Liked by 2 people

    1. I let Bob read your comment. He said, “hmm, yes I agree. You can push me more, you know you can.” And yes, I think I can, but I want to take it one step at the time. I don’t want to rush too hard :).


  2. Hello Anne:
    I like cuckold an femdom, I think im a masochism, But never told anyone
    My girlfriend cheated on me once, and she like big cock,maybe
    I forgave her, and i think i want to become a true cuckold. And I’m sure she’ll like it
    She is a strong and sexy girl, I’m looking forward to be humiliated,but i I’m afraid of losing my girlfriend’s respect.
    And I’m afraid of losing my girlfriend.
    Can you give me some advice? I don’t know how our life will develop.
    Normal marriage or Cuckold marriage.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you for sharing SSis S. Giving advice is difficult, since every situation is different. But one thing is always key, communicate with each other. Don’t make assumptions of what she will like, unless she confirmed it with her words. In my opinion a cuckold marriage needs a strong solid relationship as a foundation, where there is unconditional love and no fear of losing each other. Best of luck to you both.


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