Bob (Hubby/Cuckold/Puppy) · Charley (Bull)

Chapter 66: Charley seems perfect for us

What an emotional start of the week… Going from cloud nine on Monday morning to a dark place in the shades in the evening. I feel depressed that Eric broke up with me, but at least he was sincerely honest in his goodbye mail. I appreciate honesty very much.

Before Eric said his goodbye to me, I reviewed last Sunday with Bob and apart from Bob also with Charley. Bob wants to be ‘present’ for the time being. He feels comfortable watching us from a short distance. Charley worries about the length and frequency of the meetings. If it were up to him, he would like to see me often, like two or three times a week. It is already happening as we speak. I saw the guy on Friday (two dates) and Sunday already. The most important thing to Charley is that he doesn’t want to irritate or push Bob. His biggest fear is, Bob ending our adventure. The three of us come to an agreement to live day by day. Every party needs to be on board for a meeting, Charley’s girlfriend included. Bob understands the excitement of a new relationship and expects us to see each other often the first few months. We can’t predict the future. Maybe the NRE (New Relationship Energy) wears off or maybe we get annoyed with each other. Who knows? We are people and not written in stone.

I send Charley a text and give him a heads up of what happened with Eric yesterday. We have a date tonight and I don’t want to surprise him with my emotions. He deserves a fair warning. The minute my text is sent, I get a call from him. He wants to comfort, telling me to give it some time, that time can do miracles. He thinks Eric is crazy for letting me go. I am glad about Charley’s response on my situation with Eric. I don’t sense any sign of jealousy or hate. I also love that he calls me, instead of texting about hard times. Having someone who is also honest and open in a relationship is a big plus.

I could cry all day, but I rather take control of myself. There are things I need to do, like getting a test for diseases. Yes, STD’s and such. I call the doctor and can come over in the afternoon. Everything reminds me of Eric. I wanted to get tested for him, because bareback was the only option for us. Kevin ensured me he had nothing funny and I don’t think he had, but I never completely trusted the guy. So, it is good to have myself checked. I haven’t told Charley that I am going to visit the doctor. I feel like I am hiding this. My conscious tells me to at least text him.

Message is sent. I feel flustered.

My phone rings, it is Charley.

I pick up.

“Are you reading my mind?” Charley says.

Seems Charley was thinking about diseases too and the fact that we haven’t discussed the topic. Charley ensures me he has nothing, but wants to be sure for me… For us. He is going to do a test as soon as possible. I find diseases a difficult topic to bring up and I am relieved that Charley is brutally honest and doesn’t make it awkward. I wonder if he wants to go bareback with me, but… That is still in the future. Baby steps.

It is evening and dinner is ready. Charley is running late. I make use of the extra time and walk around the house in my high heel boots, teasing Bob. The sound of the heels on the hard floor drives Bob crazy. I instruct him to lay down on the couch bed and do a little dance myself. I forbid my dog to touch his raging boner. He can only watch, while I move my body in a sensual way. I know he loves how I sway my curves, but it is the eye contact that he really digs. Bob always mentions that my eyes can change shape from adorable to dominant sexy. It happens so naturally, because that is what a submissive man does to me. Bob’s whole being makes me want to dominate him. I can feel it in my veins. I feel no single drop of mercy. I just want to hurt and humiliate him for my pleasure.

I crawl on the bed and sit on top of Bob. Bob is not allowed to touch me. I love to tease him, I love the frustration and sadness in his puppy eyes.

“You can’t touch me. My body is no longer yours tonight. Charley owns me now,” I say to Bob with a sadistic tone.

Bob cries a bit.

“What a good boy. So obedient.”


I get off the bed and text Charley that my dog is already in a submissive state. He sends me a smiley emoticon.

Five minutes later.

The doorbell rings.

“Open the door for me dog!” I command Bob.

I find it delicious to humiliate Bob this way. Bob changes his state of mind and greets Charley like his normal self, which I approve. The evening starts like the previous date, with dinner together. It feels more comfortable, but still… Every time Charley looks at me, my heart skips a beat. When he gently strokes my hand, I want to grab him and kiss him passionately. I keep myself composed though and see this as a little foreplay.

Charley asks me to join him for a shower. I want to say ‘yes’, but look at Bob first. He approves. Charley kisses me fiercely and picks me up, carrying me to the shower, leaving Bob alone in the living room. I fantasized a lot about taking a shower with Kevin, but the fantasy never came true.

Here I am, in the bathroom with Charley, having all kinds of erotic thoughts. I want to soap his body, but then he announces he doesn’t want to use soap. I am bummed. I don’t need soap either, because this is my second shower today, but I would have gladly enjoyed another round for him. Our shower is far from sexy, we do kiss, but most of the time we are laughing. The water is making squeaky sounds when it pours between our bodies. Oh well, this is a situation where fantasy seemed more attractive than reality.

Good that the living room is romantic! Bob lit all the candles for us, such a good boy. We still can’t fuck each other and that is OK. I love the buildup, it makes me crave more and for Bob it is a good way to get used to the image of us on the couch bed. Bob is laying down on the floor with his tight collar and jerks off.

Charley and I are making out, French kissing in front of my puppy dog, naked… I am not afraid to wander into Charley’s eyes. I do think it hurts Bob, seeing his wife getting devoured by a big strong man. I trust Bob that he will use his safeword, if I would go too far. Charley dominates me in a sensual way, putting my hands up on the head board. Fuck, he looks so gorgeous when he is on top of me. I feel butterflies in my stomach. I could kiss him and stare into his icy blue eyes for hours.

“I am so thirsty, let’s have a break,” Charley says while he stops kissing me.

“I agree.”

“Do you want something to drink Bob?” Charley asks.

I am amazed how Charley feels at home. I wouldn’t want him any other way. Bob also prefers this behavior. Friends are always too polite and composed, which is frustrating. Charley seems perfect for us.

Bob is interested in Charley’s sexual past and starts asking about it. I am all ears. He said he didn’t have many sex partners, but I am kind of shocked when he starts telling everything. Seems he has a lot of experience, from single girls to cheating girls, from couples to threesomes. Charley gets silent himself. He had more sex than he realized. Then he says something sweet. He says he is glad that he had all this experience, because in the end it led him to me, to us. He wants to be long-term with us. Another thing got to my attention. Charley says with confidence that he can make any girl squirt. I am so curious, but I have to wait and see until my period is over. Then Charley admits that he doesn’t do oral. I am a bit disappointed, but tell him that I have my puppy to lick my pussy like no tomorrow.

I am happy that Bob and Charley are having a good time. Bob also shares how he met me. I secretly wish to kiss Charley, but I want them to chat too. It should be fun for all of us and I am happy to listen to the guys. Charley does ask me all about my adventures with Kevin. I share that I always met Kevin in a van.

“So, you were his van slut?” Charley asks me.

I turn silent and realize it is true.

Charley starts laughing. I guess he made fun of me.

“You are right! I was… His van slut,” I respond.

“A lady should never be treated that way. You know that you were the first girl ever who put money on the table at our first date?”

“No, but I think it is normal to pay a part.”

“I always payed everything for all the ladies. That is normal to me. I think it is cheap to fuck in the back of the car.”

I am truly glad that Charley is a bit old school and start to realize more and more how I deserve better than Kevin offered me. Bob explains to Charley that he wanted me to figure this out on my own, since Kevin was my first other man during our marriage, who I was psychically intimate with.

The evening comes to an end and I feel pretty tired from all the socializing. Charley gets dressed and has a hard time kissing me goodbye. It was a cozy and erotic evening. I don’t feel as depressed as the start of the day anymore.

To be continued. Follow me to get a notification.

4 thoughts on “Chapter 66: Charley seems perfect for us

  1. Anne,
    Your moving forward in your life in such a good way. You need to get past both Eric & Kevin quickly as you seem to have a real gem in Charlie. He is old fashioned in a great way, just what you need. Being a cuck myself, I understand the importance of Bob getting to know Charlie better… this chemistry will work fantastically down the road when you become fully (physically) committed to Charlie. As you move forward, the real trick is to balance your commitment with Bob while exploring your new relationship with Charlie. Keep yourself grounded and this can be the beginning of a possible long term relationship for all parties.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. You are really a sweetheart for supporting me, Orientcuck! You make me smile, thank you. I really hope this will be long-term. It sure looks like it is going that way.


  2. The shower is one of the places that is for me and my husband. We have a number of romantic shower rituals together, plus, it’s just some intimate bonding time set aside for the two of us.

    Damn, though, I’d be disappointed in the no oral from Charley, though.


    1. Bob and I still have to figure out what is our ritual. I know Bob doesn’t like it if I would go on a day trip or short holiday with Charley. And yes, that Charley is not into oral sucks. Maybe I should get my whip and force him haha, nah, that would freak him out.


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