Bob (Hubby/Cuckold/Puppy) · Charley (Bull)

Chapter 67: I suddenly receive a love confession

Faith wants me to have patience. My period is over, but now I suffer from cystitis. I desperately want to feel Charley inside me, but Bob tells me to wait until my vagina no longer hurts. I know he is right. Charley also agrees with Bob.

I thank Charley for dating me, especially when I can’t fuck him. Charley thinks it is normal to visit and that it doesn’t matter what we do. He enjoys spending time with me, all the precious minutes. I am seriously falling for Charley when he says romantic stuff like that. Bob doesn’t mind my big crush on him and thinks we are adorable together.

Friday, our fifth date in one week time, still no fucking. The setup of a date is perfect though. A nice chitchat over dinner first, preparing my puppy on the floor, Charley and I enjoying each other and if I still have energy, I do a quick session with Bob. After the fifth date, I forced Bob to kiss me right after Charley left. He doesn’t like kissing me when I am wearing Charley’s scent, but I needed him to taste me, to let him feel he has seconds. Bob was so humiliated. He shot up another load of sperm while standing on his shaky legs. So wonderful!

The next date is already planned on Tuesday. Both Charley and I think four days is a long time waiting.

“I miss you so much already. It’s painful! The thought to wait till Tuesday is seriously killing me,” Charley texts me right after Friday’s date.

“Maybe Sunday evening?”

“I need to check with my girlfriend.”

“I can survive until Tuesday. I don’t want to take all the time of your girlfriend.”


“I will check with Bob. Frequency might be a thing…”

I am glad that Charley always checks with his girlfriend. Not to mention that she shares Charley with me.

The days seem long before seeing Charley again. Saturday night I suddenly receive a love confession via text.

“I never thought I could be intimate with such a gorgeous woman like you. You are so beautiful, inside and outside. I have my relationship and you have yours, so you know how I mean the following sentence. I love you! I think you are truly special, and I am so happy to have you in my life.”

“I know what you mean, you are so sweet. I love you too and that is a fact. I know you can give a lot of love, like me. We are both just not monogamous and that is OK. As long as our partners approve this adventure too.”

I don’t think we are confessing our love too soon. The moment felt right. If you think a week is fast, well… Bob and I confessed our love (saying ‘I love you’) the next day after we became boyfriend and girlfriend.

Bob doesn’t know if we can date on Sunday. We have dinner somewhere else. So, we both might be tired afterwards. He has a point. Charley understands Bob. I guess we have to wait and see.

It’s Sunday after dinner time. Bob and I drive home. Deep down, I know I shouldn’t be asking for another date with Charley tonight. Having an evening with Bob is a much wiser decision to finish the weekend, because I need to get up early in the morning and it is almost 8PM. But… I crave for Charley. He is like an addiction.

“How do you feel? Is it OK to invite Charley over?” I ask Bob carefully while I drive the car.

Bob turns silent.

“If you feel any resistance just say ‘no’ to me,” I say looking at Bob with big eyes, wondering what he is thinking.

“It is OK. Charley can come over, but we do need a time limit. Else it will be too late for us, especially for you.”

“Yes, I understand. Are you sure?”

“Yes,” Bob smiles at me.

“Could you text Charley that we are OK with him coming over? Because I can’t text and drive. It also saves time if you text him now.”

Bob grabs his phone and contacts Charley. Then he looks up to me and says: “You deserve this!”

I start crying and feel so blessed. I have the best husband in the world. I realize how precious this is. Also, how cruel my adventure with Kevin was. It was mental torture. Kevin never responded to my goodbye note after two weeks. It still hurts, but Charley is like a whirlwind crushing those sad feelings. I am so lucky that Bob found Charley.

We arrive home and within fifteen minutes the doorbell rings. I just had enough time to lit all the candles. Bob is in the shower.

Charley always wants to kiss me right away when I open the door. But we have a rule to keep everything behind closed doors. Neighbors might watch. I drag him in and close the door quick. We kiss, but he smells due to his work. He definitely needs a shower and will take one after Bob.

Stinky or not. I can’t resist kissing Charley. We are thrilled to see each other again. He looks so happy. Yesterday we told each other our love. Both of us still prior our current spouse of course.

Bob is done and welcomes Charley. Bob is good at making Charley feel comfortable, since Charley still needs a few minutes to get used to Bob. Charley hops in the shower, while Bob and I prepare blankets on the floor. I want a nice little bed for my puppy dog. I put on his collar and lay my good boy down.

“I love you very much. Thank you for giving this to me.” I kiss my little Bobby one last time.

Charley enters the room. Completely naked and ready. Bob and I are both stunned by his appearance. He is so tall and strong. Not to mention sexy! I instantly stand up for Charley and leave Bob on the floor. My God, I want to be fucked by that man. Why on earth do I have to suffer from cystitis…? Tough luck. I am glad Charley is not only in it for the fucking, but also the erotic play. I am curious how long we can keep this up before fucking our brains out.

I walk towards Charley and pull his body against mine. Passionate kisses follow. This is different compared to having dinner with each other first. I like action right away, but somehow, I miss the staring at each other, holding hands and undressing him. Seems I like playing house as foreplay. Charley lifts me up, showing Bob how strong he is. It is also easier to kiss each other with our difference in length. My legs are wrapped around his waist, while I hold his face to kiss him. Do you know the cover of the movie ‘The Notebook’? That is how romantic it was. Bob could never lift me like that. I am so attracted to Charley’s strength. I secretly hope he could break me one day. If you know what I mean.

Charley lays me on the bed, still holding me. One of his arms is underneath my back and one holds my legs up. My Bobby has a good view of Charley devouring me like I am his prey. Charley and I kiss and giggle. Both extremely happy and thankful that Bob gives us permission to enjoy each other. We stare like two teens with a major crush, our lips touching, tongues swirling. His kisses are smoking hot. Kisses that say, I love you and I crave to make love to you.

After a good hour, Bobs breaks our bubble and tells us it is late. He is right. I should be more aware of the time, it is not fair to Bob to take on the parent role. But I always lose total sense of time when I am with Charley.

Charley thanks Bob for letting us meet again. The date was short, but worth every minute.

To be continued. Follow me to receive a notification.

4 thoughts on “Chapter 67: I suddenly receive a love confession

  1. Wow Anne,
    When the time comes, your gonna have one wild time with Charlie. I’m sure it will push a lot of Bob’s buttons too! It’s only a matter of time before you go bareback with Charlie, so I’m curious, will Bob desire to serving both you and Charlie in the bedroom? Are you looking to show more dominance over Bob and push him out of his comfort zone? Will you require Bob to clean you after
    Charlie consummates your relationship? Sorry all the questions, but as a cuckold myself, I view your relationship through the eyes of your husband…I’m guessing that Bob wants you to dominate more and challenge him, what do you think…

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Questions are OK :). To be honest I don’t have plans yet. Bob and I just want to go with the flow, but I do realize I have a big influence on how things will go. For now we are curious on how Charley takes the lead, we want to feel his experience as a bull. My dream is to go bareback with Charley and have Bob clean my filled and sore pussy.
      Love, Anne.


  2. I guess I’m one of the people that thinks it’s not love until you really get to know someone, until then it’s just NRE… but you gotta do what works for you, and if you’re happy, that’s great.

    Is Charley okay with all the secrecy and such? I wouldn’t really like that, either.


    1. I am aware that it might be NRE, but I just love going with the flow and fall extremely hard. I guess it’s my kink, no matter the risk of being hurt. The four (including Charley’s girlfriend) of us, want to keep it a secret. We could tell friends and family, but that would cause a lot of damage. And the secrecy turns me on. I have a thing for doing stuff I shouldn’t do. I do share with one female friend, since she is not judgmental and open minded. Charley and Bob both know about me sharing and are OK with it. They like to keep it a secret too. Charley loves it how people see him as an asexual, when he is not. So, the three of us have peace with the secrecy.


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