Bob (Hubby/Cuckold/Puppy) · Charley (Bull)

Chapter 68: Watch closely, you dog! Look at how your little wife is getting fucked!

I am so happy that I am allowed to see Charley again. Bob is the sweetest for understanding that the start of something new is so thrilling. I am as good as recovered from my cystitis, but keep it to myself and Bob. We will see how the evening goes. No pressure and expectations, that is what I want.

“Do you want me to wear something special?” I ask Bob.

“Doesn’t really matter, as long as it makes you feel sexy,” Bob says with a submissive face.

“OK, I will keep this tight jeans on with my black leather boots.”

The doorbell rings. I let Bob open the door for Charley, because I have to watch the food in the kitchen. I hear them greeting and talking to each other. I totally light up when I see Charley entering the kitchen. He looks ruggedly handsome and I feel a strong force of attraction. Charley moves behind me while I am stirring my dish. He pulls me closer and kisses me. For a few seconds we forget the whole world with just our lips touching. I am smitten, totally in love with this man. We smile at each other when our lips disconnect.

“I missed you,” Charley says.

“I missed you too, so much…”

“It feels like such a long time since I last saw you.”

“I know… It was only the day before yesterday, but it feels like a week.”

We get ready for dinner and sit at the dining table. Bob and Charley look very comfortable with each other today. They talk a lot. I stare at them and enjoy the feeling that I am wanted and loved by both men. Charley is not eating a lot today. He does say he likes it, but that he had a busy day and his whole eating pattern is disturbed. He caresses my hand and when our eyes meet I feel the intensity.

Bob goes outside for a smoke like usual and leaves us. Charley, who still holds my hand, grabs my arm now and is leaning in for a kiss. My heart has been racing the whole time and I feel a release of emotions when we kiss.

“I am going to take a shower quick,” Charley announces.

But I am not ready to let him go and hug him tight. I beg him with my eyes to kiss me. He concedes. I kiss him again and again. I let him go after a few minutes. While Charley takes a shower I light all the candles and prepare Bob for his seat on the floor. I wait with putting on his collar until Charley returns.

And there he is… Entering the room naked and ready to take me. I pet my little puppy one more time. I kiss him on his head while I put his collar around his neck. I return to Charley on the bed.

“Can my little Bobby remove my boots for me?” I ask Charley.

“Yes, that is OK.”

My little puppy comes close to the bed on his knees. He lifts one leg up and pulls the zipper slowly down. My dog looks at me… Stares at me… I can see his raging boner from a distance. One boot is removed. Little puppy starts at the second boot, but also removes my sock.

“Did I ask you to remove my sock too? I don’t think so. Go back to your place and take the boots with you.”

Bob is so humiliated. He moves to his corner like a true dog with his imaginary tail between his legs. I turn my face to Charley now and smile. Charley looks at me with eyes of wonder. Like he is saying, did you really do that to your husband?

Charley and I kiss. Bob has a good view of our sides.

“How is your cystitis?” Charley asks.

“It is no longer hurting…” I giggle like a little girl.

Charley bites his lip, “Mm, that is good…”

I wonder if Bob would intervene, because he told me to wait a little longer and take a few extra days to recover. I don’t hear any objections from my dog, so I see this as a green light to fuck Charley, if the opportunity presents itself.

I stand up and undress myself slowly. I look at Bob as I remove piece by piece. Charley can have a view of my round ass. I pull my jeans down and bend over for Charley. I still stare at Bob.

“Wow, I really did a number on your ass!” Charley proudly says, while he admires the bruises of his bite marks.

“Yes, you did!”

“Your left ass cheek looks still clean,” Charley bites hard in it.

“Ouch!” I scream, but also laugh.

“Now it is symmetric! Mine!” Charley says while he looks at Bob.

I turn around and throw Charley on the bed. I climb on top of him with my ass towards Bob. I give Bob my sadist smile and he knows what I am thinking. I want him to watch closely and see how Charley grabs and claims my ass.

“Yes, you are mine now!” Charley says, like he is reading my mind.

Bob shrinks and watches us in his fetal position on the floor. I look at Charley again and see his eyes full of joy. I kiss him and totally lose myself. We completely ignore Bob and only have eyes for each other. His kisses are on a different level compared to Kevin. I feel sincerely loved and appreciated by Charley. It is not only lust, but also passionate love. I can hear Bob breathing hard when Charley and I swirl our tongues with mouth and eyes open. Our lips are not touching. Eyes closed is nice, but eyes open adds a lot more intensity of eroticism.

Charley rolls on top and overpowers me. He pins me down with my hands above my head. He forces my legs to spread. One foot is on the floor and one on the bed. Charley is so considered to give Bob a good view of my craving pussy. I quickly look at Bob to know for sure that he is watching. He is. Charley caresses my inner thighs and slowly moves towards my pussy lips. He puts his fingers in my mouth to wet them. This is so hot. With my saliva Charley circles his fingers around my clitoris, but not touching it. I am afraid that I can’t let myself go. I am afraid to be a disappointment, but then I remember Eric’s words. To just be. Enjoy the moment and if the body is not working as I want to, then accept it. I am worth it to receive pleasure. I am drowning in Charley’s eyes. My mouth is constantly begging for kisses, but Charley just leaves me craving and stares at me while he dips the tip of his finger in my pussy, spreading my juices on my already glistening pussy lips. He rubs my clit and repeats dipping. I can only surrender and moan. I feel my pussy dripping more and more. Charley notices it and slides his finger deeper inside now, venturing for secret spots inside me. I can see in his eyes that he enjoys the hunt. He is fixated on the responses of my body. Charley has very long fingers and I can feel him reaching deep. His finger tip arrives at my sensitive spot. Oh my God, I am squirming in pleasure. Charley’s response to that is choking me with one hand and fanatically massaging my sensitive spot. My pussy is getting soaking wet. Charley stops choking me and puts one arm under my back to lift me up a bit. With the other hand he finger fucks me hard with his middle and ring finger. So hard and fast. I scream and lose total control. I hear Bob breathing faster, he hears the soaking sounds of my pussy. Holy shit, I am cumming already. I can’t even edge. I squirt a bit, but it doesn’t stop Charley. He repeats massaging inside and finger fucking me with full force. I cum again and again, my pussy won’t stop flowing fluids. I am screaming, whining, crying… Such an ecstasy, an erotic cocktail of overwhelming emotions.

Charley stops, “Are you all right? Am I hurting you?”

“I am more than all right… This is so good…”

“You little fountain, you are my little pleasure girl. I love to make you feel good.”

Fuck, I am in sex heaven. Charley gives me a few more orgasms and then cuddles me hard. He looks at me like a boy in love. I know he wants to tell me that he loves me. I want to say it too, but I am afraid it is too much for my little puppy to hear. We drink something and have a break.

Bob gives Charley compliments, “She has never been finger fucked that way… Thank you for giving Anne that pleasure.”

“I absolutely love seeing Anne enjoying and I love giving her pleasure. It is addicting!”

I don’t want the break to be long. So, I kiss Charley after every zip he takes of his drink. Charley sees the hunger in my eyes and finishes his drink quick. We are still on the bed, on our knees, French kissing each other. Bob’s eyes are locked on us. Charley firmly finger fucks me again without any build up. Fuck, my fluid gates are opening up so fast for Charley.

“Shall we grab something?” Charley says.

I know what he means. He means a condom and I nod. Bob runs to get a towel for me and places it between my legs. Bob is sweet, but I think he misunderstood the condom with a towel. I laugh inside and look at Charley. Charley smiles back. Like we both want to surprise Bob with what is still coming. Charley’s fingers reach for my insides and I scream and moan, totally hooked to his hand to give me squirting orgasms. The provided towel is wet in no time.

“OK, it is time…” Charley says.

Charley goes to the bathroom to grab a condom.

I turn my face to Bob, while Charley is away. I whisper, “Oh my God! He is absolutely amazing, he is so talented!”

Bob smiles at me, “You deserve it. You are so beautiful. I love you!”

“I love you too. Thank you.”

Charley returns and puts a few condoms on the bed. He puts me on my back and kisses me. His penis is not stiff yet, but he puts on a condom anyway. I don’t think it is wise, but I let him try. Charley hovers above me to kiss me again, but his arms are shaking. OK, I call in a break and let him rest on his back. I tell him it is OK and ask him to relax. Charley feels bummed, that his hard day at work influences his performance. I can feel his disappointment, but I don’t share it. I am already grateful. Of course I am hungry for ‘real’ sex with him, but I am not running away and neither is he.

I climb on top of Charley and kiss him. I look into his blue icy eyes while we interlock our hands. Kissing him is amazing and sexy. I feel his penis growing again and he smiles.

“Your kisses are magical, I want you now!” Charley says with a lot of enthusiasm.

He rolls on top of me and asks to open the condom package, so he can keep his penis hard. Charley puts on the condom. I feel excited and curious. I wonder how he is going to feel. Kevin was the biggest cock I ever had. I think around 8 or 9 inches. Charley might be 6 or 7? Charley spreads my legs and prepares my pussy. He finger fucks me to make it slippery down there and then moves his thumb up and down my entrance. It is like he is marking where and how he wants to enter me. Charley presses his penis against my vagina and slowly slides inside. Fuck, this feels good. His cock is on full force now. He pulls almost out and fucks only a few inches of my pussy, rubbing my G-spot. What a control! He slides all the way in again and repeats fucking my G-spot. This is amazing. Charley really did his homework on women. I enjoy every thrust, deep or not.

I lift my legs up to his neck. Charley kisses them and then grabs them. He lifts me more up, so that my bum touches his upper legs. He is on his knees now and holding my legs tight with crossed arms. What an incredible sexy view. Seeing his strong arms holding my legs while he stares at me. Fuck, I feel wanted and desired. Charley lets my legs go and puts them next to my neck. He starts to fuck me with all his might. I can feel every pound, all through my body and feel like I am in a different world. My eyes are rolling in the back of my head. I needed this so much. A man who can fuck my brains out. A man who wants to break me, but also loves me. All of this is happening in front of my puppy. Seeing this big man plunging like mad. Doing such nasty stuff to his wife.

“Did she used drugs?” Charley asks Bob.

I let out a silent, “No,” while I look at him with love drunk eyes.

Bob smiles.

Charley laughs at me. “You are really enjoying this, aren’t you?”


“Come here.”

Charley lifts me up and puts me on my belly. Bob can watch my side now. I stare at him while I am lying there. He looks so submissive and turned on. Charley sees us staring at each other and breaks the bubble. He lifts my hips and wants to do doggy style. Before entering me, he finger fucks me again, pressing my head into the bed sheets. I am losing it and leave a big puddle of squirt on the bed. Fuck, he knows my buttons. Charley’s cock finds my pussy. He pulls my arms and holds my upper body up while he fucks me. This is insane. I am floating, I am getting fucked, my poor pussy is getting what she deserves. I look at Bob. His eyes are so big. My queen mode gets activated by it.

“Watch closely, you dog! Look at how your little wife is getting fucked!”

It has an effect on both Bob and Charley. Charley grabs my arms tighter and fucks me as hard as he can now. Bob comes instantly, not once, not twice. Yes, he has three orgasms. One after each other. My little multi cummer.

The three of us take a break. Charley is all sweaty and I feel on cloud nine. Bob warns us. It is getting late. Bob and I need to get up early, but I am far from done and still have energy. Charley is amazed that I can still go for another round and grabs a pillow. He moves me on the pillow, like I am his little toy. I am lying down with my belly on the pillow. My ass is lifted and his fingers are really doing a number on me. I feel him making circles inside of me. He teases me with his cock and then stops. He respects the time limit. I feel frustrated, but it only means I will crave more for a next date. Charley puts on his clothes again. It is not a real success, because he gets interrupted by my kisses. Why is it so hard to say goodbye? I will see him soon again, but still… One last kiss. OK, this is really goodbye. Charley leaves.

Bob laughs, “You two are like silly teens in love.”

“I guess we are.”

I check on him if he is all right. Bob always mentioned that he finds kissing more intense than fucking, but he admits… After seeing today’s live action, the way we fucked was harder to watch than just kissing. Bob felt extremely humiliated and his ultimate humiliation was when I told him to watch closely. I kiss him so he can taste Charley, like last date. It doesn’t take long before he cums. Seriously, how often can my man cum?

To be continued. Follow me to get a notification.

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